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In the past few years, the beautiful landing page has witnessed a real shift in design trends. Whether it's iphone apps, web apps, services, or real-world products, the barriers to landing page design are escalating.

I think a lot of startups have played a big part. In a start-up world, the opportunity to give a first impression to a user is only once, so how to show the product is critical. And in order to compete effectively, some of the larger brands in this respect also have to go snacks, and this competition has created more and more exquisite marketing pages, these pages can effectively display products, explain product features and benefits, and encourage the feelings of customers, so that they have higher expectations.

I have collected some of my favorite marketing page design, these designs I feel the integration of a lot of thoughts and Kung Fu, hoping to bring some inspiration to everyone.


Forest is an application that can help users focus their time and attention in 30 minutes. The landing page looks looser and almost minimalist, but it still explains the simple and upper-class idea of the product.

2) MOTO 360

This is Motorola's first shot into the smart watch market, and its Moto 360 is the company's flagship product, so be sure to show it in an innovative, fun way. Scrolling landing page you will see a dynamic UI display of the watch assembly process. One of the more flattering elements is that the watch picture shows the actual exact time.

3) Instapaper

Instapaper is a relatively successful reading reserve application, which is characterized by its simple and concise application interface. Its landing page is also a product of the big, although there is a large number of white space, but it shows all the necessary information, there is no mess of things.

4) Ring

The ring is a doorbell product, not in the Internet circle. The built-in camera allows you to see the front door from your phone, and even detect the movements around your house and send you an alert. This is a novelty idea, so it may need to be explained in detail, and its landing page fully and elegantly shows all the benefits of the product.

5) Gumroad

Gumroad can provide online sales services, and users can also collect through their systems. Its landing page on a lot of design best practices: There is a clear direction (large "free set up" button), the use of clever words to guide the operation, and cooperation with the big website logo, but also useful illustrations to draw the overall process.

6) Rdio

Rdio offers an online music service with a well-made landing page. The page is elegant, concise, and uses a lot of white space and a large number of full screen pictures, creating a bold design to attract eyeballs.

7) Intercom

The intercom service can help users improve the efficiency of sending e-mail to customers. The landing page uses a relatively complex concept to understand how the product works and what the benefits are. What I like most about this design is the simple way to show the old ways of working and intercome.


IPhone6 's Landing page uses its iconic marketing style-a large amount of white, giant, easy-to-read text and a high quality picture to foil the white background. Not only that, but the company has added a relatively subtle animation effect-when scrolling down the mouse, the phone moves itself in parallax form. All of these elements together constitute a beautiful, easy to understand and have an Apple-style landing page features.

9) Shyp

Shyp is a service designed to simplify parcel shipping. The process is to first use mobile phone applications to take photos of items, ready to ship, and then Shyp will be responsible for the rest of the work. Considering that this is a more unusual idea, it requires more complex explanations to show the simplicity and immediacy of the service, which is the function of landing pages. When the user scrolls the mouse, you can see the step-by-Step service flow and understand how simple and convenient it is.


Squarespace can help small businesses that don't write code and create websites for self-employed individuals. Its landing page uses a huge background picture, dynamic display products. This kind of advocating simple landing page, if placed properly can play a very good role, and Squarespace has done a beautiful, simple and good use of these three points.


Disqus can be embedded in the code to help all parties to the site to add comments at any location. Disqus has been advocating creative, ingenious and well-designed landing page, and its latest landing page version has added a new element: personalization. It creates an unusual, fun, and playful commentary slide with the title section of the home page, which brings another charm to the overall beautifully designed page.


Creating a simple and elegant landing page seems simple to do, but campaign Monitor is an extraordinary shot. This is the simplest but most beautiful page I've been impressed with. It is also in the most correct rhythm: a strong title, a properly written presentation that accurately illustrates the benefits of software, a prominent operational guide, and a well-known company name that is using its software.


Human is an iphone app that tracks fitness levels and calorie intake. Its promotional product landing page to some extent adopted the Apple design style, the use of large text, a large number of white and huge rough pictures. Its simple design is in place, no nonsense, and looks very good.


Circle is a newer service that can help you buy things with Bitcoin. The company landing page has several aspects to do well, such as placing the registration form in multiple locations instead of jumping out of the page alone. In addition, it employs several other design tips. Mouse scrolling, the background picture on the use of a more intelligent parallax effect, but the large picture does not stay in place, but will shrink to the vision, creating an unusual sense of movement.


Dyson formally unveiled the veil of the Dyson 360 Eye of its robotic vacuum cleaner. Its landing page displays its unusual products in a wonderful and unusual way. The page displays the finished product in a conspicuous position, and the mouse scrolling uses an interesting animation to show each part so that the user can look at the inner structure of the vacuum cleaner carefully. In the end, this is a very informative and interesting product display landing page.

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