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The slide effect is usually used to display album images or featured recommendations. A beautiful slide is more attractive to visitors. In this article, 15 jquery slide plug-ins are collected to make your images more beautiful and make your featured content more attractive. If you are a WordPress user, You also forgot to view the five WordPress recommendation Article slide plug-ins we introduced earlier. 1, gallerific

Galleriffic is an image display tool created by using Mike alsup's jquery cycle plugin, including thumbnails, image titles, descriptions, and other details.

2, zoomimage

Zoomimage presents the image effect in a charming way. The thumbnail link pops up a large image on this page, and you can drag the floating image at will.

3, easyslider

Easy slider allows you to slide images or any other content horizontally or vertically. You can also customize styles through CSS.

4, The slider from Barack Obama's website

A drop-down slide Menu Control image magic light from the US President Barack Obama website.

5. codaslider

Codaslider has a good sliding control effect.

6. jquery slider II

The layout of jquery slider II is very consistent with the operation habits. It lists the Thumbnail Control List with a scroll bar at the bottom, and then displays the large image browsing on it, which is very suitable for advanced album.

7, beautiful Slider

Beautiful slider: You can see how great this plug-in is. Yes, the effect of this plug-in is no inferior to that of flash, and the overall performance is smooth, the text display effect is more creative and unique.

8, loopedslider

Loopedslider is another slide plug-in for Rolling switching any content. It is easy to use.

9. spacegallery

Spacegallery is a brand new jquery plug-in. clicking the current image will automatically zoom in and disappear, and the subsequent image will be displayed forward, with a sense of time machine.

10, jquery Popeye

11, noobslide

12, accessible news Slider

13. smoothgallery

Smoothgallery is one of the best JavaScript slide effects and can achieve different slide conversion effects.

14, jquery multimedia portfolio

Jquery multimedia portfolio is a jquery-based slide effect plug-in. In addition to displaying images, you can add different types of multimedia files.

15, s3slider

S3slider is a simple and practical smooth slide effect. This plug-in is applied to countless WordPress professional theme templates.

Original: 15 jquery image versions usels for slideshows and galleries
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