15 kinds of characters that lead to the unsuccessful webmaster

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As long as there is eat and wear, belly full body warm, feel satisfied. Such people have no desire for life, how can they create wealth and success?


Your own is always the best, even think you should be the standard of others to follow. Such people disdain to communicate with the outside world, they do not know how far social progress, how can there be higher pursuit?


This person's life is based on past experience, no one walked the road he was afraid to go, no one did things he did not dare to do. Such people may have already seen their current situation as inferior to others, or even very far away. But they are not to create wealth to catch up, but always think of Mashiqianti. Therefore, the new things do not get, the old things instead of lost. Such people will never dare to take a further step towards a new life, it is not poor to blame it!


A man of conservative character has a cowardly element, but here the cowardice is another person. The main feature of such people is not nostalgia, but timid, always afraid of that. What kind of success does not take the risk? Therefore, this kind of person always helplessly sees the other people to be rich, but oneself is anxious to be at home round and round, anxious dozens.


One is the body is lazy, the other is the brain is lazy. Lazy people do not want to do, the brain lazy people do not want to do. People who are lazy are always thinking about different things, and they often come up with fresh thoughts and ideas, but they don't do anything. The lazy brain is doing the same job all his life, but never thinking about changing anything. These two kinds of laziness generally rarely appear in a person, because the body and the brain are lazy at the same time, ending only death.


As I have said before, making money is turning other people's money into their own money. How can people who don't deal with people make money?


Self-thought is a person, generally do not deal with the relationship between the people around. If you are not in good relationship with people, you cannot form long-term cooperation. How can you be a big deal if you don't work well with people?


One is narrow-minded, the other is narrow vision, the third is the narrow knowledge structure. Narrow people generally have serious narcissism, this kind of personality, it is difficult to get along with people and society, and the most vulnerable to people. This kind of person is a born loser, without foreign aid, but also poor and sleepy.


Do not want to dedicate, just want to get advantage, such people will not be successful and wealth, but only own-Shang, self-pity.


A man who succeeds in a little achievement may succeed, but soon loses all that he has gained. Such a person is the easiest to make mistakes, every mistake is the accumulation of his failure. This kind of person's psychology is most fragile, both can not withstand the joy of success, and can not withstand the blow of failure. Therefore, this kind of person's ending is usually with the pitiful and inferiority complex accompanies, the negative mixed the world.


This kind of person is not popular anywhere, although his tone is very big, the ability may be very strong, but will certainly invite the person around accusation, so Shing, the soldier loses the Wujiang river. Finally have nothing, become ridiculous tang. Quixote, insane, boasted, while playing the miserable role of a beggar in life.


Negative people tend to give people a false impression of not making a profit, but in fact, under his appearance, is extremely negative mentality. Nothing to do, nothing to do. Even with a strong ability, life will be nothing. What is more frightening is that he thinks he is very clever, knows everything and can see through everything, so he looks down upon others. He is the easiest to get old, his miserable the most desolate, because he has the ability to acutely feel poverty and failure.


Gullible people tend to give people an illusion of character and self-cultivation, but credulity is his human weakness. For example, credulous friends, credulous subordinates, credulous partners, including credulity of their own wisdom, or credulous knowledge, or credulous strength, or credulous power, or credulous judgment, or credulous opportunity, or credulous education, or credulous experience ... Even some people believe in the gods ... You know, it's a very clear thing to make money in business, and it's a matter of interest and risk. Therefore, credulous character is the easiest to cede benefits to others, or to the success of the failure.


The other side of credulity is too paranoid, which is a big taboo. The biggest feature of paranoia is the ability to put aside the power to help yourself, thus creating a difficult situation alone, so that success is more and more distant from itself.


Impulsive people tend to be passionate. The impulse to get up casually promise, loose lip. But a promise that is not honoured will greatly impair one's own credibility, and when it is rashly leaked out of one's own business secrets, others will headed. One disadvantage of impulse is that it is easy to make a decision, or suddenly decide what to do, or suddenly decide to undo what plan. This rash behavior, in itself, is likely to be a failure-there is no need to wait for the ending to happen.

Whether you have all of the above flaws, but understanding is not a bad thing, because it is everyone's responsibility to avoid vice.

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