15 tools to help you develop faster web pages

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The following are 15 useful tools that can help you develop faster web tools.


1. yslow for firebug

YslowCan evaluate the performance of a website, based on Yahoo! Developer Network's best practices for High Performance Web sites. Each rule is scored from the A-F to assess whether your website is properly performing performance optimization. For example, do you reasonably reduce the number of HTTP requests on each page, and whether the CSS and JS files are compressed. You can read Ajax performance analysis to learn how to use yslow.

2. firebug


FirebugIt is an excellent browser-based Web development tool for debugging, testing, and analysis of web pages. Firefox users will not be unfamiliar.

3. fiddler 2

Fiddler 2Is a browser-based HTTP debugging tool that helps you analyze inbound and outbound traffic. Users can set up to view the report and debugging details. Read "Fiddler powertoy-Part 2: HTTP performance" on msdn to learn how to analyze HTTP requests.

4. cuzillion

CuzillionIt is a cool tool to help you view the interaction of page components. The goal is to help you quickly check, test, and edit web pages during structured pages. It will provide you with clues on some basic issues. It can be used with yslow.

5. Mon. itor. Us

Monitor. UsIs a free web-based service that provides you with a set of tools to monitor performance, whether the website is accessible, and traffic information.

6. IBM page detailer

TheIBM page detailerIs a tool for directly viewing the Web components being downloaded.

7. httperf

HttperfIt is an open-source tool for adjusting the HTTP server performance in Linux.

8. pylot

PylotIs an open-source performance and expansion tool.

9. pushtotest testmaker

Pushtotest testmakerIs a free and open-source platform to test scalability and performance. Similar to pylot.

10. wbox HTTP Testing Tool

WboxIs is a simple free tool to test HTTP software, under GPL (V2.

11. webload

WebloadIs is an open-source professional tool that uses JavaScript to test performance and code.

12. dbmonster

DbmonsterIt is an open-source application that helps you adjust database and table indexes and monitor database performance. Supported databases include: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL and (probably) any database that supports the JDBC driver.

13. octagate sitetimer

TheOctagate sitetimerIs a simple download time detection tool. You can visually see the status of all the content on the page being downloaded.

14. Web page Analyzer

TheWeb page AnalyzerIs a simple and extensible web-based testing tool that helps you view the website information.


Site-Perf.comIs a free web-based testing service that helps you view the loading time of your website.

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