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through the initial involvement of PHP today, I learned the construction of simple Web pages and coded edits of information.

First of all, we know about the foreground development of HTML, CSS, JS effects, as well as the background development of PHP,. NET, Python, node JS, SQL Serve (Microsoft), Oracle (Google). Individuals can build servers in Windows7 or Linux system environments via MySQL, PHP, and Apache.

Then there are some simple concepts.

HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol (full name Hypter Text Transfer Protocol)

HTML Hypertext Markup Language (full name Hyper Text Marked Language)

A simple way to create a Web page is to first create an HTML-formatted text document and then manipulate it in sublime

<title> Page Title </title>



/* Width */


/* Height */


/* Background color */

Background-color: #FF0000;

/* FLOAT */


/* Clear FLOAT */

. clear{width:0px;







<div id= "Second" </div>

<div class= "clear" ></div>

<div id= "Third" ></div>

<div id= "Fourth" ></div>


This allows you to edit a simple page code, such as a separate edit block color, to edit its ID individually.


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