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In the past few years, because of work reasons, I was fortunate enough to participate in some of the famous sports brand website and app design, in the process, I spent a lot of time and energy to study sports sites and apps, for the whole market has a clearer understanding. By contrast, I find that the vast majority of the Premier League, NFL and NBA site templates are so similar and outdated that some teams and club websites break the rules and create refreshing quality products.

Today's article, I will list my favorite sports websites and apps, and make a brief analysis of them. These products in typesetting layout, image processing, user experience, usability and ease of use, there are many unique, I hope this list can give you help!

In many sports websites, I focus more on the sports information of relatively intensive sites, such as clubs, teams and players of the personal site, fans can regularly get relevant information updates, news and tickets related information.

Brand sites such as Reebok and Nike often give you a refreshing visual design. Next, we specifically see what each site has a bright spot.

Manchester City Football Club

This is the website of Manchester City Football Club, which is what we used to say. As a professional football website with a history of several years, it has not yet been advertised, of course, thanks to the club owner, who has a lot of money behind it. The overall design of the website is beautiful, bold and clear, brand sense is extremely strong, it is obvious that the designer of the website played a great deal of effort in the visual and brand creation at the beginning.

Arsenal Football Club

The most impressive club site on design skills, usability and content building should be Arsenal's. The Web site uses the popular response design, and the amazing thing is that, no matter what the device view, the site content of the layout design is surprisingly consistent and pleasing, the reading experience is very good, this is very rare.

FIFA official App

FIFA's official app is designed to be crisp and UI typesetting is very prominent in similar products. The vivid characters, the handsome big picture and the refreshing icon together create the joyful use experience of the app. It is worth mentioning that the design of the app is similar to the Arsenal's official website, but it's not a bad thing--similar beauty does not constitute plagiarism.

Formula 1 Official website

This is the official website of Formula One racing, the overall design is beautiful, responsive, visual design is rich and not monotonous, interactive interesting and powerful execution, the introduction of animation elements for the entire site to create a fascinating experience.

Adidas website

Adidas ' website also uses a lot of exquisite and tension-rich images to create an atmosphere, and if you study every banner and each title of the site carefully, you'll learn a lot of design tips to attract the attention of your users.


Sports brand Le Coq Sportif official website design is very modern, flat and clean style may be the most refreshing and simple one in this list. The overall structure of the site temperature, clean layout design and high quality picture selection makes the entire site readable very high.


Bold and clear typesetting, in the background of dark tones, so that the content of the site to stand out visually, designers also use a lot of excessive dynamic effect to present the interaction, for the whole site temperament plus a lot of points. From the website design and function, we can clearly observe the designers and developers in the process of completing the entire site, there is a highly coordinated cooperation.

BBC Sport App

For British sports fans, the BBC's Sports app client has made it a very simple thing to focus on the game. As the world's leading media giant, the BBC has been relentless in refining their digital products, and their app is adhering to their usual style: refreshing, practical, and good user experience.

Amir Khan World

This is the official website of boxer Amir Kahn, the website's color scheme is taken from Arsenal's official website, the layout bold, the appearance walks the typical simple wind, this also makes the designer chooses the picture texture to be more outstanding. This site has won a number of awards, but a little thought you know why: A complete brand image design, exquisite animation and interaction to make the site's quality and temperament has been significantly improved.

Nike move

The application of the Nike move and the design of the website are renowned for its smooth and textured UI design, which not only looks beautiful, but also is very comfortable to use. The app uses intuitive but colorful graphics to present dynamic data.


With Nike and Adidas Bead Jade in the former, Puma design in the maintenance of its own brand style, it can be said that the overall design is completely traceable. Puma's web site and app design is powerful, interactive and content is rich and interesting, picture quality son Needless to say, combined with refreshing typesetting, but also the same kind of design leaders.


Makura Sport's website uses vertical parallax scrolling design, sharp images and domineering typography to combine to bring a noticeable visual impact. The website does not have a lot of text content, but reliable interaction and complete navigation design makes the whole website quality feel full.


Suunto is a Web site that sells outdoor sports equipment, a refreshing look and bold design that is refreshing. As a product sales site, a large number of product details and a clear description of the content of the site, the response design so that you can be on the small screen as well as lossless access to the product information.

Showtime Sports

The content of this website is very impressive. Dark tones of my heart, this content presentation can be said just right, you can clearly see here in black background, the content of the site is very prominent.

Life Fitness Sochi2014

Frankly, this is not a brand new site, but as a website for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, designers have used very good parallax scrolling design and interactive performance. Of course, high quality multimedia resources are the cornerstone of the whole design.


This is actually the second Nike home product that has been shortlisted for this list, and nike+ is known for its bold and minimalist UI design, which is reasonable and easy to use in mobile applications.


This is another app site for a fitness class. The combination of bold visuals and ease of use, coupled with the combination of apps and large communities, has done a good job of functional perfection. Bold picture selection and streamlined color scheme, make the website visual design fascinating, give a person a self-confident, direct first impression.

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