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With the listing of the Intel fourth Daicouri processor Haswell, PC vendors have also begun to methodically release new products or update their existing models. Among them, at the 2013 Taipei Computer Show, Asus showcased the new G750 game book, an obvious change is the cancellation of the 14 and 15 inch models, only 17-inch version, more accurate positioning. We've also got more information about ASUS G750, so let's take a look at the simple hands-on content here.

The fuselage has a wide interface, weighing up to 4.5 kg

Asus G750 body material mainly by the engineering plastics, chassis slightly rough, the top cover part is delicate some, only part of the key and the overall outline of the use of metal wire drawing process, although the overall texture is more general, but in the big screen game is still more common design.

Asus G750 has a 17-inch 1080P Full HD resolution matte glare screen, and ASUS officials say the screen's color performance has been enhanced to help the game. The keyboard features a seamless design and backlight function. Underneath the keyboard is a large touchpad design with a better sliding feel and a variety of Windows 8 gesture operations. Asus G750 has a fuselage weight of up to 4.5 kg, a large fuselage with a full interface design, four USB 3.0 connectors, a VGA interface, an HDMI port, a mini DisplayPort interface (optionally upgraded to Thunderbolt), An Ethernet port and headphone and microphone jacks. In addition, card readers and DVD-burning optical drives are also provided (support for upgrading to Blu-ray drives).

In addition, at the bottom of the fuselage, you can see an exaggerated polygon subwoofer speaker, also built-in Audiowizard audio software, can provide a variety of preset configurations (such as racing, FPS, etc.), to provide a more immersive game audio experience. ASUS G750 will also use a 5900 ma lithium battery, thanks to Nividia's Optimus Technology, you can switch to an integrated Intel HD 5000 video card while playing a normal operation, with a Nividia independent video card for longer battery life.

A variety of optional configuration price from 9600 yuan

ASUS G750 will offer different configurations and prices ranging from € 1199 (about 9600 yuan) to € 2099 (about 16085 yuan). The lower version will be equipped with Intel Core I7-4700HQ processors, 4GB memory, NVIDIA gtx765m standalone graphics, and 750GB 7200 rpm drives. The mid-range model will use a stronger Nvidia GTX 770M graphics and hybrid storage (750 GB SATA hard drive +256 GB SSD). and the highest version has 32GB memory, Nvidia's fastest graphics card GTX 780M, a Blu-ray optical drive and 1TB SATA+256GB solid-state hard disk storage collocation.

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can also open the expansion slots at the bottom of Asus G750 to see two hard drives and memory slots, so you can purchase a lower-fit model and upgrade your own memory or solid-state drive with high customization. Asus G750 will soon be on sale in overseas markets, and friends interested in the machine are also concerned about recent detailed reviews.

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