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We deal with web browsers every day, in fact, seemingly simple browser contains a lot of unexpected features or small eggs, these features some very practical, some are dedicated to the existence of funny, to see what are the tall browser skills!

Note: The following are only available for Web browsers such as Chrome/firefox

1, Ctrl+shift+t Open the Recently closed tab page

2, in the picture hold s point click right mouse button, start Google image search related pictures

3, the picture drag and drop to the search box, you can search related pictures (measured in the open Google Image is effective)

4, enter the URL, press CTRL + ENTER fill full. com

5, hold down the CTRL key (Mac user Press Command key) Click on the hyperlink, will open the page in the new tab

6, enter the following code in the Address bar, you can turn the Empty tab page into WordPad (Chrome/firefox Effective):


7, and the tablet can continue to toss, for example, into dark tones (night mode). Enter the following code (Chrome is valid, Firefox is not valid):


8, do not jump Google.com.hk forced to open google.com, just enter: GOOGLE.COM/NCR

9. CTRL + N open a new browser window

10, turn off Facebook's video autoplay: Open Settings page facebook.com/settings, click on the left side of the bar, select off.

11, Gmail in a contact with the endless, you can click More (many operations) pull down the mute (ignore) The message dialog screen

12, in the Address bar directly search for an actor's bacon number (performing arts industry six-degree separation index), enter "person name +bacon numbers" can

13, in the Google search box entered "Google in 1998" can open the retro version of the Google homepage

14, in the Google search box input "Do a barrel roll" and search can Google page performance a bucket roll action. The same eggs have "tilt", "recursion" and "anagram" (the following two tests are not valid)

15, in Google image search "Atari breakout" will open a retro play bricks game

16, in the Google search box input "Zerg rush" will activate a related game StarCraft, with the mouse click to eliminate the screen "O"

17, keyboard business daskeyboard.com in order to promote its website made a small egg, click its footer connet destroy this site will appear after a triangular arrow, you can use the direction key or WASD control, by the space shooting to "destroy" page elements.

18, small series favorite digg.com also have an egg, in its home page input Konami code (up and down about BA) There are strange things happen, there will be familiar with the soul of the fight Luo music sounded.

Wired.co.uk and Nast UK also support Konami code.

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