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PowerPoint enables you to produce wonderful presentations that are often used in school teaching and company product presentations. Here we share 18 common PowerPoint presentation tips.

PowerPoint Automatic black screen (temporary screen)

In PowerPoint display courseware, sometimes the students need to read their own discussion, when in order to avoid the picture on the screen affect students ' learning attention can click "B" button, at this time screen black screens. Students will return to normal after the completion of the "B" key after self-study. Pressing the "W" key also produces a similar effect.

Let the slide play automatically (do not open the PPT to play again)

To allow PowerPoint slides to play automatically, just right-click the document while playing, and then perform the show command in the pop-up menu, or change the file's extension from PPT to PPS before you open the document, and then double-click it. This avoids the inconvenience and hassle of having to open the file each time to play.

Automatic thumbnail effect in ppt (when you want to show multiple pictures with a PPT)

Do you believe that a single slide can be used to demonstrate multiple pictures and then click to achieve the effect of automatic amplification, click again and then restore. Create a new presentation, click Object on the Insert menu, select Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, insert a picture in the inserted Presentation object, change the size of the picture to the size of the presentation, and exit the edit state of the object. Narrow it to the right size, and press F5 to see if it fits your requirements. Next, just copy the inserted presentation object, change the picture in it, and arrange the position between them.

Add company logo for PPT

When you use PowerPoint to make presentations for your company, it's best to add the company logo to the first page, so you can indirectly advertise the company for free. To perform the view-master-slide master command, in slide master view, place the logo in the right place, turn off master view and return to normal view, and you can see that the logo is added to each page, and you can't change it in normal view.

Generate a synopsis of content using key combinations (automatically generate summary catalogs)

When we make a presentation with powerpoint2003, we usually gather the titles of the next few slides together, and make them look more intuitive by listing them as content profiles on the first or second slides. If you use copy paste to complete this operation, it is a bit troublesome, in fact, the quickest way is to select more than one slide, and then press Alt+shift+s can be.

Quick positioning Slides

When you play a PowerPoint presentation, if you want to fast-forward to or back to slide 5th, you can do this by pressing the number 5 key and then pressing ENTER. To return to slide 1th from any location, there is another way: press the left and right mouse button at the same time and stay for more than 2 seconds.

Find free pictures with clip art (too useful, easy to find clip art)

When we use powerpoint2003 to make a presentation, we often need to look for a picture to be used as a help material, in fact, this time do not need to log on to the site to search, directly in the "clip art" can be done. The method is as follows: Insert-picture-clip art, find the search text column and type the keyword for the image you're looking for, and then select Web Collections in the search in Drop-down list and click Search. As a result, all of the found are free pictures provided by Microsoft, do not involve any copyright issues, you can rest assured that use.

Break the 20-time undo limit

The Undo feature of PowerPoint provides a great convenience for editing a document. However, the default number of operations for PowerPoint is only 20 times. Execute Tools-Select, click on the Edit tab, and set the number of times you want in the maximum number of operands to cancel. Note, however, that the number of PowerPoint undo actions is limited to a maximum of 150 times.

Mark with brushes (multiple tagging, increased presentation and visibility)

When you use powerpoint2003 to show slides, in order to make the effect more intuitive, sometimes we need to mark the scene on the slide, what should we do? Right-click in the open presentation, then select pointer Options-Drawing, so you can pull up the brush to write and draw on the slide, When you are finished, press the ESC key to exit.

Objects are also used in format brushes

In PowerPoint, to make a text box with the same format (such as the same fill effect, line color, text font, shadow settings, and so on), you can set one of them, select it, click the Format Painter tool on the Standard toolbar, and then click the other text box. If you have more than one text box, simply double-click the Format Painter tool and then "brush" multiple objects consecutively. When you're done, click Format Painter again. In fact, not only text boxes, other such as AutoShapes, pictures, WordArt or clip art can also use the format brush to brush out the exact same format.

Quickly select multiple objects (objects are quickly selected when they are covered with each other)

In powerpoint2003, it is not easy to select several objects stacked together, especially if they are in the lower stacking order. However, we can click the triangle arrow on the right side of the Drawing toolbar (Toolbar options), point to Add or Remove buttons-draw, and then select Select Multiple objects, add it to the Drawing toolbar, and click it to open the Select Multiple Objects dialog box. All we have to do is select the corresponding objects in the list of objects in the dialog box. The addition of this button can also be done: Click the menu command "Tools-Customize", click the "Commands" tab in the Open dialog box, and then select "Draw" in category, and in the command bar, choose "Select multiple Objects" and drag it to anywhere on the toolbar.

Prevent being modified

Click "Tools-Options-Security" in PowerPoint and set "password to modify" to prevent the PPT document from being modified. In addition, the PPT can be stored as a PPS format, so you can double-click the file to play the slide directly.

Play PPT in window mode

While holding down the ALT key, press the D and V keys in turn. This time you can play the PPT in the window mode.

Skillfully use the keyboard to help locate objects (essential skills, rapid drawing and typesetting)

In the PPT sometimes use the mouse to locate the object is not very accurate, hold down the SHIFT key while using the mouse horizontal or vertical moving objects, you can basically close to the line translation. Holding down the CTRL key and using the arrow keys to move the object can be accurate to the pixel point level.

Skillfully arrange multiple objects neatly (essential skills, quick drawing and typesetting)

You inserted multiple objects on a slide, if you want to quickly arrange them neatly, hold down the CTRL key, click the objects you want to arrange, and then select Draw-Align or distribute, and then choose an appropriate arrangement in the list of permutations to achieve a neat arrangement of multiple objects spaced evenly.

PPT Edit show two not mistaken

Can you play the slide and edit the slideshow as shown? The answer is yes, just hold down CTRL, click Watch Show on the slide Show menu, and the slide will zoom out to the top left corner of the screen. When you modify a slide show, the demo window is minimized, and you can see the corresponding effect when you switch to the demo window when you finish modifying it.

PPT2007: Hide Overlapping pictures

If you insert a lot of beautiful pictures in your slides, they will inevitably overlap when you edit them, prevent us from working, how to make them disappear for the time being: first click the Start tab, locate the Edit feature group, and then click the select → select pane, and the selection and visibility appears on the right side of the work area pane. In this pane, the shapes on all current slides are listed, and the "Eye" icon on the right side of each shape is clicked, and the eye icon to the right of the shape you want to hide is hidden.

To copy slides from a presentation, first select the slides you want to copy in the outline or slide options in normal view. If you want to select multiple slides in order, press the SHIFT key when you click, and then press the CTRL key when you click, if you don't select the slides in order. Then on the Insert menu, click Slide Copy, or press the Ctrl+shift+d key, the selected slide is copied directly to the selected slide.

Unlimited package of sound files into ppt files

The slides can be packaged into a computer that does not have PPT installed, and if a sound file is linked, the default is to package the sound material less than 100KB into the ppt file, and the sound material over that size is used as a separate material file. In fact, we can package all the sound files into the ppt file by setting. Click Tools-Options-General to change the link sound file to no less than 100KB, such as "50000KB" (maximum).

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