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I. Analysis on the reason why cannot be opened

There are many reasons why cannot be opened, and the solutions are different in each case. Next we will analyze the input one by one192.168.1.1 vroThe reason why the page cannot be accessed and a solution is provided.

1. First understand192.168.1.1What is

IP10.0.0.0- class), class), class) are Intranet reserved addresses. Therefore, ip192.168.1.1 is a reserved Intranet address, which is also a majority of brands.VroSet the default ip address of the page. Some ip addresses are and other ip addresses, but they are basically vrouters such as 192. 168 ).

Next let's take a look at what causes the vro Management page to fail to be opened:

2. Check whether the input is incorrect and cause to fail.

Many netizens entered the wrong address in the address bar of the browser. As a result, the router cannot be entered. the following error addresses cannot enter the router:

  1. Www.
  2. Http192.168.1.1
  4. 192.168.11
  5. Http //
  6. Http \
  7. //
  8. Http:
  9. 192.168.1 .. 1
  10. Www.
  12. Http192.168.1.1
  14. Http.
  15. 192.168.com
  16. Www.192.168.com
  17. Http192.168.1.11
  18. Www192.168.1.1
  19. Http; // should use a colon instead of a semicolon ;)
  20. address cannot contain spaces)
  21. address cannot end with a number .)
  22. 192. 168. 1. The 1ip address must use the English period (.) and cannot end with Chinese characters. Or fullwidth ·)
  23. Http. // // It should be written as http: //. Use a colon instead of a dot.

The correct access method is to enter http: // or http: //, which can be omitted. Enter or directly ). Note that the default IP addresses of vrouters of different brands are also different, and users are generally allowed to modify the default IP addresses. For specific access addresses, see the instructions. In addition, it should be noted that the default port is usually 80, so the access address omitted the full port address is http: // If the port value is modified, you need to write it completely, for example, http: // 8080.

3. What should I do if I confirm that the address is correct but still cannot be opened at

1) Check whether ping192.168.1.1 is normal

When cannot be opened, the web page cannot be displayed when is entered in ie, which may be due to a network connection problem. You can run the ping command to check the problem: click "start" in Windows, select "program> attachment> command prompt", and enter "ping192.168.1.1" in the Command Prompt window that is opened. Note that there is a space after ping and ping192.168.1.1 is written directly. The correct result is not displayed ), if the result is similar, it means that the ping fails, indicating that the router cannot be accessed from your computer.

2) ping may fail in the following situations:

The vro is not powered on. For example, the power adapter is not powered on, and the router switch is not turned on. After power-on, the vro lights up.

If there is a problem with the network cable connection between the computer and the router, such as the loss of the crystal head, the network cable breaking, and the loss of the network card, it will lead to a failure to connect, of course, it will not be able to log on. Change the root network cable or access the vro on another computer. If it is enabled, the network cable or network card has a problem.

The firewall prohibits access to the vro192.168.ip192.168.1.1. You can remove the prohibition based on different firewall software settings.

The network settings are incorrect. For example, if the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway of the local machine are set incorrectly, the router cannot be connected. For more information, see the vro manual or the following configuration method.

What if ping is okay but login to fails? Check whether the entered user name and password are correct. Regardless of the username or password, you may encounter the problem that cannot be opened.

4. What should I do if I forget my vro account or password?

Generally, vrouters have the reset function. Taking TP-Link as an example, there are many network interface interfaces on the back of the router), there is a small hole marked with "Reset", in the case of power-on, with a thin wire or toothpick and other hard sticks can be) into to hold down, do not put, and unplug the router power. Then power-on again, connect the network cable connected to the Internet to the WLAN port of the router, and connect your computer to the LAN port of the router. Then, you can reset different vrouters with different resetting methods, please refer to the instructions ). After resetting, connect to and enter the initial user name and password. If cannot be opened, the fault is generally removed.

1) default account password

Common default values of and are as follows:

Username: admin Password: admin

Username: admin Password: 123456

Username: admin Password: 1234

Username: user password: password

Username: root Password: root

More common vro default initial usernames and passwordsClick here.

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