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There are users need to install ADSL broadband Internet access, do not know how much speed of 2 trillion, computer knowledge network www.pc6c.com for everyone to answer:

The general download speed is 200-220kb/s 2 trillion =2048kb. (2MB=2048KB) but the speed of 2 trillion refers to 2 trillion bit (2048bit), so 2048 also divided by 8 of the speed is actually 220kb/s about

Speed theory download rate of 256kb/s, but the actual can achieve 200-230kb/s is very good, most of the 160-220kb/between.

Bandwidth and download speed of the unit is different! When your bandwidth is 2M and so on is 2048KBPS, then the ideal file download speed should be its one-eighth, that is 256KB, but especially in the transmission equipment such as cable, usually to the influence of 220KB is normal!

If 2m broadband 4 PCs are used simultaneously, as long as there is any person downloading or watching online video class, the game players can not open the page is very normal, it is recommended that you get multiple switches, from routing to switch in separate, so as to ensure that the four above the same time have the average bandwidth use, At that time, you can have 50kb/s download speed! Because the switch is 1 people with 1 people all accounted for 2 people are half, three people three points of the machine.

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