2 kinds of wireless router restart method

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Method One: Press the reset key on the router to reboot

General Router interface has a rest reset key, if you need to restart the router, you can click this button.

It should be noted that the router reset key do not hold, long press the reset key will cause the router to restore factory settings.

  Method Two: Restart the route in the router setup

Method One can restart the router, but it is inconvenient, because if the router resets the key 5s, it will cause the router to revert to the factory setting. And the following in the router setup, operation restart the router, simple and convenient, the specific methods are as follows.

1, first in the browser, open the router login address:, and then press ENTER to open, and then enter the router management account password, login can, as shown in the following figure.

* Note: Some of the router's landing address may not be, if this address can not be logged, please check the router on the surface of the nameplate label.

2, landing router Backend management interface, click on the left side of the menu at the bottom of the "System Tools", in the Expanded System menu tool, click to open the "Restart the router", and finally to the right of the restart operation, click "Restart the router" can be, as shown in the following figure.

Finally wait for the router to restart the completion, restart completed, we again connect the router to the Internet.

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