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Thursday, October th, 2006 @ · by Samuel Chen
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It is a typical Six Degrees of Separation networking website. However, unlike other networking websites, it is a good implementation or understanding of the Six-degree theory. On LinkedIn, you cannot add friends at will. You must have a legitimate reason, for example, if you are a friend of the other party's friends, a friend of a colleague, or a business relationship, you even need the other party to write some evidentiary documents for you. The other party will decide whether to contact you based on your reasons, which is in line with the Six-degree theory. Instead of making friends with others, it is quite in line with the mentality of people in reality. A distinctive feature is to display the number of connections (contacts) and comments in a graphic form.

LinkedIn.com provides several reasons for joining:


1 5 18

1. Get introduced to the people you need
2. Find professionals your friends can vouch
3. Keep up with friends and colleagues
4. Don't miss professional opportunities
5. Build your relationships

After joining, you must first fill in your own materials, such as work experience, learning experience, and social activities. In the search, you can find people related to you through these materials, for example, if you have participated in an activity together, you can try it.

Click here to visit the LinkIn homepage.
Similar websites:


As an example, domestic counterfeits:

If weaklink.com is used to copy the link, the highlight is that the degree of separation between the two is increased.

There are also many websites that may not be remembered by Samuel.

Separated by 6 degrees

Six Degrees of Separation





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