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(Original: MOFA Mao 2007/09/10)
Some time ago, I was confused about my work and the future.
During this period, I successively published some articles.
During this period, I almost lost confidence in software production and worried about the programmer's survival status.

Of course, for China's software industry, we can only think about how we can adapt to its development and how to find a way out.
How to find your own sky in the fog.

Current Situation of programmers in China:
1. The personnel structure is unreasonable.
2. extensive knowledge of the personnel, but not refined
3. The trend of low-cost programmers is becoming increasingly apparent

The root cause of the above problems is:
Too many Chinese people!

An important cause of low costs for programmers:
1. Due to the slow development of China's software industry, the technology gap between China and Europe is very obvious in Japan.
Therefore, China does not have the ability to develop large-scale independent software products. The development of Chinese software is mostly concentrated on the construction of enterprise-level applications and portal websites.
2. With the increasingly simplified enterprise-level development (technical level), the demand for software talents is getting lower and lower. In the past, most people seem to be competent.
In the past, the threshold may be for a bachelor's degree in computer science. Now, as long as you have been in college, it seems that you may have graduated from software or information management,
It seems that it is easy to develop programs. (This is definitely not intended to belittle these majors)
3. The above two conditions, coupled with one of China's largest national conditions-"Too many people, a huge pressure on the", determine another way out for Chinese software-"software outsourcing"
The software outsourcing industry has increasingly become the darling of software development, and the term "software outsourcing" has frequently appeared in various journals.
Because of its particularity, the software outsourcing industry has a low threshold and does not require strong technical capabilities.
The nature of software outsourcing is no different from that of construction engineering outsourcing.
Most members are not experts, not management, but workers, which we usually call migrant workers. China never lacks migrant workers. In order to relieve the pressure on employment,
The country will continue to cultivate such "talents ". Isn't there a lot of magazines, that is, how many 100,000 of outsourcing talent gaps in China?
These hundreds of thousands are not technical talents, causing migrant workers!
Do you think that the current price for programmers is getting worse? Do you think the success rate is lower when you ask for a higher salary?
Do you think it is difficult to find a job?

In the ten-day discussion of sex workers, there is such a sentence from local sex workers in Hong Kong: the damn North sisters (Mainland China) Can't live until the price is so low.
With the simplification of enterprise-level application development, the intelligence of tools, and the increasing size of practitioners, Chinese programmers may feel increasingly sad.
In the past, decent white-collar workers will gradually become common workers in the software production pipeline. Working overtime, with a low salary.
I predicted that within five years, the threshold for software outsourcing is high school students. The monthly salary should not exceed half of the average social living standard. Therefore, there is no future for software outsourcing companies to take technical routes.

So how should we actively face this situation, because it cannot be controlled or changed.
The enterprise-level development mentioned above is increasingly simplified, and is only limited to the technical level.
On the contrary, the business of enterprises is becoming increasingly complex and the style is becoming increasingly difficult to grasp. In this case, the current SOA is also very popular. As a result, design personnel are becoming more and more popular. Work is becoming more and more important.
Then, can we transform ourselves into business and design-oriented people.
At the same time, when there are too many software workers, do the corresponding management personnel need to be added? Can we consider developing on management?

This is evident in software outsourcing companies.
Outsourcing in Europe and the United States, India, a large number of software workers, a large team, people who need good business understanding to understand the needs of the packaging company, understand the design of the packaging company. After understanding it, pass the information to the Code worker.
To complete. In the process of code production, we constantly supervise and control the products produced. Make it proceed in a normal and orderly manner as required.
Outsourcing to Japan is now very popular in China. As analyzed above, China is suitable for outsourcing. However, due to factors such as language and culture, amsan is obviously not advantageous in outsourcing in Europe and America.
Therefore, outsourcing software to Japan naturally becomes the best choice.
Outsourcing of software to Japan is also a talent that requires business control. In fact, business style engineers and actual treatment, including their position in the company, are obviously much higher than ordinary Code workers.
There are two reasons: first, there are very few people in China who know both technology and design experience, and are proficient in Japanese. This kind of talent is an odd shortage.
Second, there are too many Chinese people and too many software workers. The general quality of these software workers is poor, and they do not understand Japanese. How can we ensure that these employees can understand the style correctly? That is to give these people
Communication Bridge to guide them to complete the product as needed.

The people mentioned above are the real hopes of China's software outsourcing industry! Is the foundation of the outsourcing industry.

Over the past two years, I have been paying too much attention to technology and have always placed technical capabilities in a high position. I used to look down on people with poor technologies.
This is also the root cause of my confusion over the past two years, because over the past two years, I have increasingly discovered that it is difficult to get through the technical path of the software outsourcing industry.

I even feel that people who have gone through the Business System Engineer path, who are far away from the program, or even graduated from a Japanese major, do not understand the technology themselves. The degree of reuse and position are much higher than those of code workers.
In the past two years, many people have only cared about the program itself, regardless of the business. After all, they are still a migrant worker. Such a person can catch the hacker around me, of course, including me.

On that day, I suddenly realized that it was a high realm of software engineering to keep away from coding because the technology could not work.
It was too late to wake up with limited qualifications, but in any case, I finally woke up.

I am not complaining about the above problems. I also know that there are still many capable people who can take the technical route well. But for me, due to limited talent, I still want to give up technology, taking the business route.
I believe most people who read this article will find that they are not suitable for technology and do not need technology for software outsourcing. Chinese software has no technology.

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