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Introduction: This article will introduce 20 Web site speed testing tools. Web page performance determines the user experience to a large extent, and ultimately the success of the site can be determined. Although we all know the importance of improving the speed of browsing, many times we don't know what elements are dragging their hind legs. The tools you'll find here will help you determine the speed bottlenecks on your Web pages, allowing you to identify problems, solve problems, and design efficient websites.

1. Page Speed Online

Google's page speed online has enabled Google's Web performance optimization program. Enter your website and run the page analysis. At the end, Page speed will make a comprehensive score, giving you a summary report of the net solution: You can click to view it individually. It also includes the speed test on the mobile phone side.

2. Pingdom Tools

Pingdom provides server, network and web monitoring. Its summary report is more detailed: each object on the page has a separate report (image, video, script, style sheet, etc.), which also includes a Web cache. The details in the report include download speed, page size, and protocol 3 submitted. Free Website Performance Test (Browsermob)

Browsermob products, providing Web page load testing and monitoring services. It reports more information (see figure). Another feature is that it pings your site from 4 locations around the world, giving you a comprehensive report. Gives you a global perspective. 4. Which loads faster?

This tool compares the speed of two Web sites, and the last available report is a relative piece of information. Such tools are useful: for example, Google and Bing to compare the pros and cons of both. Similarly, you can use it to compare yourself and your competitor's website. It is worth mentioning that it is an open source tool. 5. Webpagetest

This small tool is to load your Web page into a browser to test their page load speed (browser includes Chrome,firefox and IE). Users can also choose the speed at which to open your Web page from different locations around the world. The more advanced feature is that you can choose the user-side speed and whether or not to include "blocked ads", you can know the performance cost of running ads on the Web 6. Web Page Analyzer

This is the oldest of all these performance tests, built in 2003; Based on the test report, additional performance comments are provided. 7. Show Slow

Server application Showslow Open source Web version, you can add the need to detect the Web page, show slow to help you with the three major test tools (Yslow,pagespeed and Dynatrac) timing test. Although this tool is free, it needs to be registered. 8. Site-perf

This is a bit too technical for web designers, whose data reports are based on the number of packets sent and the routers they pass through, and no summary of the Web designer. But for the technician, it's a little bit simpler. But it has a feature that provides a user name and password to be monitored for pages that need to be logged in. 9. Load Impact

This is the most powerful of the 20 tools. It can be used for stress testing: simulating users with a virtual device, observing changes in Web page performance as users increase. You can test the durability and efficiency of your Web pages. Ten. Octagate Sitetimer

This is the most intuitive of all tools, and if you want to know which element of your page is dragging your hind legs, run the tool. It's a graph that tells you how long it takes to download each page element. The other 10:

Web Site Performance Test (Gomez) – Real-time detection, in-depth to include the lookup domain name time.

webslug– compare two websites thus giving a summary of the relative performance advantages and disadvantages

webwait– simple tool; how many times do you want to ask, it shows the time difference between pages

Website speed Test (searchmetrics) – Provides Web performance reports based on network speeds.

gtmetrix– a tool site for testing with YSlow and pagespeed. Summary Report at a glance, applicable to external reports.

Website speed Test (Webtoolhub) – in tabular form, can be used in business proposal books.

Yottaa Site speed optimizer– needs to be registered. Can be used in business planning books, the summary report is very beautiful.

Zoompf free Web performance scan– requires e-mail registration. It will sweep your Web page and summarize the elements that depend on the performance of the page.

Site Speed checker– can define the test and then place it on up to 10 pages.

Free web site Speed test – can test 10 pages together to see the difference between them.

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