20 important experiences in optimizing a website

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1. Try not to use the entire page with flash or pictures to achieve, so se can not find useful information on the page

7. To all


9. Try not to use mouseovers, preferably in CSS with hover to achieve

10. Try not to apply multi-level

So high that it can be used flexibly.

12. The number of connections to a page is no more than 100, and Google believes that only the first 100 are useful

13. For search engines, the weight ratio of each element of the page.

Internal connection: 10 points.

Title Title:10 points.

Domain Name: 7 points.

The beginning part of the first paragraph of the page: 5 points.

Path and filename: 4 points.

Similar keywords: 4 points.

The beginning part of each sentence is 1.5 points.

Content: 1 points.

Title attribute: 1 points. (Note that it is not

ALT flag: 0.5 points.

14. Try to use HTML format, if you really want to use the database, to minimize the length of parameters

My site has previously shown that the goods are using an ASP file passed through the parameters, the result of this ASP file can only be included in SE 1 pages, and the rankings are not found; Later I changed the dynamic page into a Yintai page, with HTML format, each product an HTML page, the results of the increase in Google more than 5,000 pages, and each of the products in the Google rankings are basically on the first page, a search is also. The number of visits from one search has multiplied. A search is basically only interested in HTML files, the dynamic page is not too cold.

15. Reverse Connection:

Google attaches great importance to the reverse connection, you can increase the reverse connection in the following ways:

A: Friendship Connection, the best to find PR high, and by SE included a lot of pages, ranked by the front of the connection, do not and seems to be very high PR, but at one glance it is cheating website connection. Also do not and PR status bar is a gray connection, such a site may not be included, but also may be punished; In addition, the connection also does not necessarily have to connect your home page, you can also connect some of your other important pages, such as the site map and other pages, home outside connection not too much, not more than 40. It's best to be within 20.

B: Log on to the site, like DMOZ, Yahoo and other directories to make all the stops to land, but not every two days on the landing once, the other web site landing more the better, as for if the site, you can look at your competitors in Google's reverse connection, in Google input "link:www ****.com ", you can see the other side of the site's reverse connection, you can go into the search results, in each page also apply for your connection, you can easily find a lot of links to the site.

C: Message board message: Similar web site landing, but the wording must beScientific, otherwise there is no meaning, generally I wrote this:

<a Href=http://....> Website Name
Site name

Site name http://.... Application and your station friendship Link J

D:blog Blog

Now the blog is also emerging in China, can fully use, you can register an account to promote your site, you can also directly comment on the content of the basic and Message board format like

E: Forum Advocacy

I don't have to say that, anyway, don't let people see it is advertising on the line

16. Internal connection

Many people only value the external connection, do not know that the internal connection is also very important, my basic idea is that all the pages contain the home page and other important pages of the connection, and the page related to the pages plus connection, and ultimately make all of your pages can interconnect.

17. Domain Name and filename

Se value the domain name and the name of the page, but in many cases, the domain name has not changed, had to modify the filename, try to make your file name contains the name of the page keyword

18. Do not cheat with the means to cheat SE, even if the success of a moment, will not succeed forever, will certainly be punished. The so-called good and evil at the end of the newspaper, only to earn early and late. Moreover, the legitimate optimization of the site can also achieve this effect

19. The impact of Web site speed

Site speed on the ranking of SE is also very influential, slow access, will let se crawl your page when the loss of patience, so as to reduce the amount of information on your page, so that your ranking, if your server is very slow, you should consider changing the server should be faster

20. Often update your important page, even if only the replacement should be the picture or not, this will let SE understand your site update quickly, vitality, to your attention will increase, ranking of course will improve. My Site basic 2 days Google update once

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