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In a complex business society, you want to start a business, do not understand the economy, do not understand the business, do not understand the world, do not understand the edge of the law, you only have courage, only dream, only naive, only empty.

This20The economic knowledge required by the commercial society that movie companies can learn and the economic frauds that occur every day. This20Movies are videos that children in English countries must watch in learning business knowledge. This includes the Wall Street, which Harvard Business School has always ranked first, and the Wall Street, which Wharton Business School ranked first 《Trading place. Stanford asked business students to read 《Boiler Room.

In a word, after reading them one by one, we understand the essence of Western commerce.


1,Wall Street(Wall Street)(1987)


Internal transactions are illegal. The key is how the violation can be concealed at the same time. I don't know how this film can enter the stock market.


2,Glengarry Glenn Ross(Kingdom)(1992)


When real estate enters the slump, what are the sales consultants of American housing agencies busy? How do they use databases and sell real estate at the door. How can we package real estate in the shortest period, aim at the housing needs of newly-married families, and aim at investment needs? After reading this, we can see that the current US real estate slump is certainly not a problem.


3,Trading Places()(1983)


Economy is synonymous with transactions. As long as there is a transaction, you need to learn to assess whether the transaction is cost-effective, and you need to look into the secrets of the other party. Transactions have learned three core rules. In any country in the world, the essential rules are applied wherever there is a transaction.


4,Boiler Room(Boiler Room)(2000)


It is hard to imagine that illegal transactions are almost inseparable from the securities market. One19A young man, who is so close to seeing the manipulation of wealth, is just a random choice.


5,Pirates of Silicon Valley(Legend of Silicon Valley)(1999)


Ratio Er gates and Steve Jobs' views in all aspects are opposite. They only share one thing, which is to block the film as much as possible. How are high-tech companies in Silicon Valley? How did it evolve into today?25What types of market rules are used by young people, and how they allow market rules, customers, and competitors to form a community. Conspiracy one by one An endless stream of ideas hangs over Silicon Valley.


6,The Coca-Cola kid(Coca-Cola boy)(1985)


It's not the cool boys in the earthquake, it's the cool career of American boys. As a marketing practitioner of carbonated drinks, he had to answer a question: Why didn't there be a bottle of Coca-Cola in a remote Australian town? Marketing is an indispensable part of the business. Especially in entrepreneurship. A boy uses cola to create a career.


7,The secret of my succe $ s(Road to development)(1987)


Any young man's dream includes at least two absolutely common things: Money and beauty. I woke up tomorrow morning and found that you are just a North float, but how to realize these two indispensable elements of your dreams when you fall into a small water drop in the vast ocean of Shanghai. And look at the journey of Kansas boys in New York. If New York can represent near100The center of human business activities, then, any21Young people of the century have to face the hustle and bustle of big cities. Beautiful women can make you realize the dream of money. Similarly, money can also make you taste the temptation of beautiful women. Pursue the money and beauty you dream.


8,In good company(Advantageous cooperation)(2004)


If you want to become a global company, how can you not watch this film? At least5More than once. Large companies grow up through acquisitions. Will you buy it? Do you know what the sales director thinks after the purchase? Do you know what the salesperson is talking about? Lenovo acquisitionIBMThe core cause of failure is that the film is not understood at all. Do you understand? Where are you a member of the company when a business occurs between the company and the company?




Can the American sales methods be used globally? The sales experience of American sales in Spain allows us to learn the sales values, the way sales handle customer culture, and how sales grasp customer relationships.


10,Jerry Maguire(Mr. Sweet)(1996)


To do business, you must be honest. This film provides two classic phrases for American culture, which are popular in the United States for a long time.Show me the moneyLet me see that money is true. This applies to any business. How can we see the money? Under what circumstances, you will forget this point, and the customer usually advises you to forget this point. There is no strong friendship in the business. You are starting a business. Lessons that must be kept in mind before. It is not easy to establish relationships with major customers for sales purposes. Be careful10Again.


11. office space(A worm at work) (1999)


The company reduced its size. when the company was preparing to lay off the job, the buddy did not know it. Moreover, on the day when the job was laid off, he decided to ask for leave for one day. His friends in the two offices are already on the verge of being disconnected. However, the friends decided to implement a mysterious plan to transfer money from their company accounts one after another. Of course, by means of Trojans. However, since this buddy was not feeling about office work, he was left behind because he was very relaxed and indifferent to layoffs.

Practical Teaching Materials for office political courses. In a market economy environment, when a company encounters a crisis, the essential motivation for layoffs and the core significance of employees' roles to the company are the basic rules of the commercial society that must be learned.


12. The Corporation(Deconstruct enterprise) (2003)


18Century U. S. Law officially passed a business can be an individual organizational behavior,21The Company Law of the United States has affected the world in just over two centuries. To a similar description. This legal text affects the organizational structure of human society. The title of a legal person prevails across the world, and the world is affected from every angle. Personal greed, personal indifference, and personal desires expand and expand without end. The deepest essence reveals the commercial rules of capitalism, and relentlessly reveals its ills and opportunities to defeat.

Mandatory courses for commercial law, Monopoly Law, and corporate governance.


13. The Insider(Shocking insider) (1999)


When trade secrets are entangled with huge currencies, Al8226;The Host starring pasino faces a dilemma. In a capitalist commercial society, What Can money be exchanged without any constraints? The essence of a commercial society is the free exchange of currency. As long as you are willing to exchange anything, you can even exchange secrets that are harmful to the public. Can a scientist's conscience be acquired with money? Is it true that the rich Chinese saying in the old Chinese saying can make the ghosts smooth?

The commercial value in transactions, the pricing principles in transactions, and the role of commercial reputation in transactions are all vividly displayed in this film. Business students must understand the inevitable outcome of money governing human society, and the irreversible properties of such results.


14. The Hudsucker proxy(Shadow tycoon) (1994)


A film with a slow narrative style. A box-office movie, a commercial movie, or a movie that the public cannot understand. The boss of a company has committed suicide, which seems to be in line with the current trend in the shortest period. However, when the boss commits suicide, the company is still thriving. The real right figures on the board of directors are starting to act. The purpose of the action is, of course, selfish desires. What about supervision? What about integrity?

Corporate governance and board operations are rare practical teaching plans for this film. Learn it, learn from the dark, and use it to manage your own large enterprises.


15. Antitrust(Anti-Monopoly) (2001)


Is it easy to establish social trust in commerce? Who is trustworthy and who pays for it? Is it trustworthy to give you a chance to hire? The large software company in the film implies Microsoft, and the boss of the company uses Bill Gates as the prototype. A talented software engineer graduate hired from Stanford and then dealt with a software release date that has been severely postponed, however, trust suddenly becomes a problem, a company, legal, individual, and professional between the complexity .

Students of any subject should go over five times. After graduation, some big companies stare at you like a crocodile, instead of using a crocodile-like mouth, but wrapped up with attractive salary and loose treatment, are you ready to give me a hug?


16. Rogue Trader(Devil salesperson) (1998)


Learn the banking business, especially the best teaching materials for investment business. What is a business model that can collapse a century-old bank overnight? How is the life of a clerk brilliant? How can we skillfully use cheap employees who do not know business? How can we take advantage of rare opportunities in large banks?

Do you still remember what lison did in Bahrain? Should not forget2008A lever that runs rampant on Wall Street in years. How can I miss learning about finance, investment, and basic banking operations ?!


17. Other into les's money(World of money snatching)(1991)


Commercial Law, enterprise merger, business litigation norms, business processes, and merger and reorganization processes. It is also an adaptation of true American stories. The free business market in the United States is full of conflicts and contradictions between self-interest and altruistic behaviors. It also happens that different people's thoughts, motivations, and various dazzling means can be learned in these conflicts and contradictions.

Commercial law students, business students, legal students are required.


18. Disclosure(Scum)(1994)


Michael Douglas's film is always unforgettable. The subject of this film is sexual harassment in the company's office. An executive faces the opportunity of being promoted. The key person to being promoted is his college girlfriend. His girlfriend's motives are not simple. Everything happened in the office, but he met in court the next day.

Commercial Law, office behavior, corporate group interpersonal relationship code of conduct, corporate executive promotions are rare teaching materials, vivid Lei Ren's teaching plans.

What we can't miss is Douglas's endless stream of words and enthusiasm.


19. What Women Want(Male) (2000)


Reveal what a female thinks in the most ingenious way. The handsome guy, who is naturally envied by God, thinks that he is engaged in the advertising industry and has no chance to be promoted. The boss is still a female. In an accident, a small car accident gave him the ability to read the minds of women. He actually found out that women think so.

Commercial psychology, female behavior, and advertising are all highlights of this film.


20. barians at the gate(The barbarian at the door) (1993)


When a Master Sales Expert sells a product to his company, you should be careful, because you face a golden opportunity, that is, the opportunity to make a fortune. Optimistic about the stock of his company, buy immediately, no matter more There is little money to buy, because he watched the company's stock 40 Push 100 One night is not long. One night makes the rich richer, and greedy is the unavoidable topic of commercial capitalism. It cannot be forgotten that, every time greedy encounters integrity, why is it always greedy to win. Modern company politics, company value, investment opportunities, and sales skills are all shadows.Throughout the film.

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