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We recommend 20 open-source project hosting sites. I hope there will be more such sites in China.

1. SourceForge

SF is well-known. It hosts at least 0.28 million open-source projects and downloads more than 2 million a day.

2. GitHub

GitHub hosts public and private projects that use the GIT version control system. At present, the website hosts more than 1.7 million storage projects, including many open source software.

3. Google Code

Google provides free open-source project hosting services using the subversion or Mercurial version control system. It provides 2 GB of storage space and integratesCodeView tools, wiki, and issue tracking. The Google Code site also provides a large number of googe's own APIs and other development tools.

4. Eclipse labs

Also Managed by Google Code, eclipse Labs is an open-source project storage built on the ecipse platform. Note: These are not official eclipse Foundation projects.

5. Bitbucket

Similar to GitHub, Bitbucket hosted public and private projects. On this site, if there are fewer than 5 Users in open-source and private projects, they are free of charge. It hosts more than 48 thousand projects, most of which can be searched on the site.

6. Launchpad

It is maintained by the East canonical of ubuntu, And the launchpad is intended for projects running on Ubuntu. It hosts more than 21 thousand projects that use the bazaar version control system.

7. codehaus

Codehaus defines itself as "a collaborative development environment for open-source software ". Hosting needs to be reviewed to see if it meets the site's statement.

8. rubyforge

You can guess from the name that it hosts RubyProgramThere are more than 9000 open-source projects hosted by Alibaba Cloud.

9. Tigris

Tigris is highly focused and limited to "creating better tools for collaborative software development ". It currently has 700 projects.

10. Berlios developer

Berlios developer provides free hosting services for various types of open-source projects, and supports many languages. Currently, it hosts over 4600 projects.

11. savanhannah-GNU

Savanner defines itself as the "Center for the development, maintenance, and release of the official GNU software ". It hosts 410 official GNU projects.

12. savanhannah-non-GNU

In contrast to savanhannah-GNU, savanhannah-non-GNU hosts more than 2800 open-source projects.

13. GNA!

If you have accessed the savanner project, GNA! It will be very similar because it uses the same software and also pays attention to GNU-related projects. Currently, it hosts 1350 projects.

14. codeplex

Managed by Microsoft, codepex provides open-source software developed by Microsoft and someCommunityProject. It provides over 20 thousand download items.

15. java.net

It was first founded by Sun, and java.net hosts and links a large number of Java-related projects. It also includes many blogs, forums, and other Java Community resources.

16. gitorious

Gitorious provides free hosting services for open-source projects that use the GIT version control system. It hosts some well-known software, including opensuse and QT related projects.

17. tuxfamily

Tuxfamily provides free hosting services for open-source software, hosting more than 2300. Note: This is a French organization.

18. knowlegeforge

Knowlegeforge is relatively small, hosting 250 projects. It is supported by the Open knowledge foundation and uses multiple version control systems.

19. OSOR

OSOR is an EU site that hosts 200 open-source projects with over 2500 linked projects. This site contains searches and news related to free and open source software.

20. ow2

Ow2 (the objectweb forge) provides open-source project hosting services related to basic software and currently hosts 188 projects.

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