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Rather than purely commercial websites, designers are more likely to favor projects that allow them to do their creative work freely. From the web design point of view, "ordinary" site is also the need to use the creative to stand out, especially the product promotion site, there is enough space for designers to play their crazy pull cool ideas. In fact, if you're looking for creative inspiration for web design, then these promotional sites are just what you need.

The next 20 promotional sites we recommend include a fine product promotion page, an atmosphere-appropriate promotional page, and a few creative personal promotional sites. None of these sites is a beautifully designed model, and more importantly, it includes well-designed interactions and dynamic effects. If you have the time, each website is playing carefully, definitely lets you benefit greatly!


This unique website is a promotional page on the theme "Game of Rights", a famous HBO series. Sarit Evrani uses the free code to Webydo to create this site, presenting 10 different modes of death in 10 different roles in the form of parallax scrolling.

Batman:arkham KNIGHT

Friends with superhero plots, or DC Comics fans will definitely love this site. This site is not simply sliding up and down, but also can slide left and right, a large number of beautiful original paintings are accommodated in this very exploratory browsing view, so that users can be filled with the thrill of discovery. BAT Car 3D View page I can't stop, really.

The ART of texture

This beautiful website shows the fascinating side of Lawrence's art through Tom Lawrence's own story. Scrolling down, you'll see the complete process of Lawrence collage art between video, text, and pictures. From beginning to end, users have a very high degree of participation.

The Universal typeface

This web page, created by the famous ballpoint pen company Bic, explores the world of handwritten fonts for us. This site will not only answer questions in the audio and video at load time, but can also filter for various handwriting fonts by choosing gender, age, country, and right-hand. At the same time, you can upload your own fonts.

The Stylepit lookbook

This street shoot style guide website has quite good interactive animation, you can choose automatic scrolling can also manually control scrolling speed, and then click on the Cross logo to view the product picture, price, collocation, if you like, you can immediately click to buy.

Festival DES Batisseurs

Quebec's "builder's Day" allows anyone to be a builder of the day, and this site is to advertise the festival. Website design atmosphere, with a flat style of design to carry a large number of pictures and video information, it is worth learning for reference.


This is a typical brand promotion site, personalized tonal processing, coupled with the slide animation presentation, combined with the effect of parallax scrolling, so that the entire site and brand personality together. This approach makes browsing more enjoyable and does not affect the way users find the information they want.


Excellent design and can provide dry resources of the site is not much, fortunately this site is one of them. See the name to know, free icon font, gorgeous layout, flat design, bright colors and simple animation, this site is worth looking over and over again yo.

Transitions 1020

The site, which is the site of Nokia's promotional Lumia 1020, or sponsored by the clothing brand Burton, is used as a background, combining people from different places and their stories, quite fascinating.


The site with a compact layout of the integration of a large number of media and information, different page layout in different pages staggered, navigation bar is very unique to the screen in the middle of the picture, when the user scrolling page, the navigation bar naturally mixed and suspended at the top.


This travel website, called Brooklyn Brewery, has done a very good job of attracting the attention of users. The most important information in the first presented on the site, scrolling down, you can see a variety of fresh and interesting activities scrolling, dynamic effect very eye-catching. In addition, the site's texture and color matching is also very beautiful.


This is the Ayr 2014 spring and Summer new promotional website, as a high-end women's clothing store propaganda station, with this slide-style presentation is very reasonable. Each picture in the site is illustrated with a specific route for the store, and even with promotional code to make it easier for you to get a discount when you buy it.

DOCK by Crestyl

The overall tone of the site is very retro, but the 3D animation between the picture and the page will make you feel stunning. The navigation bar animations are overly natural and very elegant.

Aether CONE

When you open this website, you will realize that this is the legendary tall. Large-picture background, slender modern fonts and carefully tuned layouts, scrolling with a sense of pause and experience excellence.


The site was designed by John Boilard, a producer of the National Poster Retrospecticus campaign, which originated from his love of basketball. Basketball crosses a variety of baskets, each of which represents a different place, and clicking links to the corresponding location on Google Maps is very interesting.

ART of the CAP

The station passes the athlete's story to make every limited edition Olympic swimming cap meaningful. The Web page shows the source, design, artists and athletes ' ideas and experiences of each swimming cap through pictures, videos and more. How much power does the story and the design combine? Look at this and you'll understand.


This is a new project on the Kickstarter of Mijlo, who has contacted a number of professional creative people and designed a very unique handbag. The user can view the thumbnails of various creative and interesting pictures directly on the homepage, and can also click on the form of slides to browse.

SHURE Microphones

This is the Shure Microphone propaganda page, the website layout meticulously, the design is very in place. Whether you are in the studio or not, these beautiful photos and elegant presentation forms will stop you.


The site is the website of the PUSHPA project, which is meant to arouse social concern about the survival of women at the bottom, to oppose abortion and to popularize knowledge. The gorgeous picture, the beautiful background and the beautiful color matching are very good.


This is called "tundra" of the Toyota pickup website, the overall presentation form like Google Street View, you can browse the courtyard of different objects in the information, display form is worth learning.

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