200 or so computer chassis to buy which good?

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200 or so computer chassis to buy which good?

For DIY installed friends, when buying a chassis may exist such entanglements, too cheap to worry about, poor quality, and expensive and not willing to buy. In fact, the chassis equivalent to the skeleton of the computer, it will not affect the computer performance, but do not recommend to buy the following poor quality of the chassis, so as to avoid all kinds of deformation, incompatible, can not go back line and so on. Now buy chassis are popular selection of side-through, support to go back line, support SSD models, the following script home small set for you recommend 6 paragraph 200 of the computer chassis recommended, these chassis are equipped with side-through design, product quality has better protection, sales and Word-of-mouth mature, can be said to be cheap, Hope that the recent installation of a friend to help.

200 about the chassis which brand good 6 cost-effective 200 or so computer chassis recommended

About 200 PC chassis recommendation: Aviation Ka Bai

Reference Price: 129 RMB

Air Gadabei is currently a very high sales of the pro-people starter game box, with Meng Meng's lovely shape, the most suitable for those who like to Meng things and like the simple family or office clan.

In addition, the air fine great White chassis also perfect support ATX type (compatible with ATX,M-ATX,ITX motherboard), thermal performance is outstanding, the most important is the price is very close to the people, so the new product will certainly attract many friends of the favor, the recent desire to install and want to find a different chassis, aviation Ka The Great White is also a good choice Oh!

Aviation Ka Great White chassis

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Aviation Ka Great White has 2 main features, one is acrylic side through, and the other is partitioned open structure, easy to heat dissipation. In addition, the appearance of a rather fashionable, the price of the people, by the popular and mainstream gamers welcome.

200 computer chassis recommended: First Mataric side through version black

Reference Price: 149 RMB

First Mataric side through version of the Black game box is also a higher sales this year, a hundred-people-friendly chassis, with wide Grand/drawing panel/side through/u3/support ssd/380mm long graphics card/back line design, and support long graphics and water-cooled radiator, etc.

First Mataric side-through version of Black game box

First Mataric side through black using drawing process panel, simple and generous, the top USB 3.0 interface, support SSD installation. Large hardware structure, all black treatment, with 28mm North Line space, 3D three-dimensional cooling air duct, strengthen the heat dissipation.

Editorial Reviews:

First Mataric side through version of Black in line with Thain in the game tank image, for the player's accessories to provide a solid protection. The main board uses the current popular ATX-II architecture, the main electricity competition, the price is very high. The design of transparent acrylic board on the side of the chassis greatly improves the visual effect of the host, while the ATX-II architecture expands and the heat dissipation is improved.

200 computer chassis recommended: Jinhe Athletics Master G3

Reference Price: 169 RMB

Goldenfield Athletics Master G3 is also this year DIY installed users choose more than one model products, using the current popular full side design, supporting the back line, SSD installation and so on, and the price is not expensive.

Goldenfield Athletics Master G3 chassis features: Full-area side-through design, open ATX-II structure, large size design, compatible ATX,M-ATX,ITX plate type, strong compatibility.

Goldenfield Athletics Master G3 chassis

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