2000 Yuan to buy what computer host configuration good?

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2 sets of 2000-Price AMD APU Configuration program, interested computer enthusiasts together to see, welcome to Pat Bricks.

2000 Yuan to buy what computer Configuration good? 2 sets of cost-effective APU Computer Configuration recommended

accessories name brand model reference price
processor ¥899
heatsink boxed auto --
video card > Now the strongest RADEON R7 is the single core --
motherboard gigabyte f2a88xm-ds2 fm2+ ¥399
memory Wei just 8G DDR3 1600 ¥319
hard drive Toshiba Q300 240G SATA3 SSD Solid State hard Drive ¥419
chassis > Great white box (side-through) Zhenhua War Butterfly 300 power supply (rated 300W) ¥129
monitor AOC I2360SD 23-inch widescreen LED backlight IPs LCD ¥699
Mouse Pack user optional --
Reference price 2969 $ (with display machine)
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Computer Hardware Reviews:

processors, although AMD is about to launch the next generation of Zen processors, but the current installed optional CPU is not much, for the APU platform, the best choice for the current or a10-7890k, it is the AMD platform is currently the strongest APU processor, especially the built-in strongest R7 core, Its performance can meet the needs of most mainstream network games, users do not need to buy a separate video card, called a top two.

a10-7890k processor

Specifically, the a10-7890k using the original four core four thread design, the default frequency up to 4.1GHz, speed up to 4.3GHz, built-in enough to match the unique display of the R7 core graphics card, with 512 flow processor, the core frequency 866MHz, need not alone to meet the majority of the mainstream network game needs. In addition, a10-7890k also equipped with a new Wraith radiator, with better thermal performance.

Motherboard, a10-7890k flagship APU processor is the fm2+ interface, the best match is the a88x motherboard, this set of small and Medium-sized series recommended is gigabyte F2A88XM-DS2 motherboard, the current main board promotional price of only 399 yuan, the first line of mainstream brands, the use of solid materials, high cost performance.

Gigabyte F2A88XM-DS2 Motherboard

Other hardware aspects, the current memory and SSD prices are not cost-effective, compared to the national Day, memory and SSD average price rose nearly hundred yuan, I believe that after the double 11, the price will fall, the configuration of our choice of the price relative to the people some of the Granville just 8GB memory, but also equipped with a 240GB solid-state drives, Want to save the budget friend, SSD can first on the 120/128GB version, subsequent SSD price increase hard disk expansion capacity.

Computer Configuration Reviews:

For the current low-end entry-level installed users, the current most powerful APU platform can be said to be one of the hot, this set of less than 3000 flagship APU installed scheme although no independent graphics, but the game performance is not low, to deal with the mainstream 3D game without pressure. Flagship APU+8GB large memory, 240GB solid-state hard drive + 23-inch large screen display, the overall configuration specifications are not low, interested friends, may wish to consider.

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