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1. Stop the DNS service.
2. Open the Regedit program to find the key Hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\services\dns.
3. Right-click the DNS folder and select Export. Name the file dns1 and press ENTER.
4. Now locate the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\DNS Server.
5. Right-click the DNS server folder and select the Export command. Name the file dns2 and press ENTER.
In the previous steps we created two note table files, called Dns1.reg and Dns2.reg respectively. Save them to mobile storage or to other media that are not on this server.
Open the folder \windows\system32\dns and copy all of the suffix. dns files. Also saved to the media where you store the. reg file. Now that you have completed the backup, restart the DNS service.

Recovery of DNS
If your DNS server fails, then you can quickly find another machine to replace it, set the steps as follows:
1. Establish a Server2003 system. Give it the same name as the replacement machine, using the same DNS suffix and IP address.
2. Install the DNS service in its system.
3. Deactivate the DNS service.
4. Copy all files with the suffix. DNS to the \windows\system32\dns folder of this machine.
5. Find the two files with the suffix. Reg. Double-click them, one at a time, and confirm that you want to install them in the registry.
6. Restart the DNS service.
Now you have a replacement system for the original DNS server. Remember, if you just want to transfer the primary server role from one machine to another, just copy the *.dns file to the target computer, and then run the New Zone Wizard and tell it you already have a zone file.

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