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I will the new century blessing and hope, quietly put into the heart, let them follow the growth of spring seedlings, send you full year of rich and fragrant!

• New Year's greetings to ask a good: Qi son everywhere Shun, heart happy laugh, wish New Year's Day joyful laughter!

* New Year's Day, to ask you a good, work one by one shun, life step by step high, good luck from the sky down!

* New Year's Day to say that the beginning of a fresh, new start, everything from the beginning, vegetation germination, a good beginning is half the success, I wish you will always be successful.

• Round of the Circle of personnel round the family, Tuan Yuan round, the United States more beautiful, and and Meimei. May the whole family be happy, peace and happiness!

* Wish you in the New Year: Month month to make new money, every day happy Huan, always happy, divided to see wonderful, Seconds of happiness!

• My dearest friend: Wishing God bless you on the occasion of the coming year! Guanyin Bodhisattva protects you! God of wealth hold you! Cupid Shot you! The gods have kissed you!

* Close your eyes, my little wish will come to your window in the new Year's Night Bell, and your dream of the new year to gently overlap ...

* Lost the hearts of confusion, wiped away the sadness of the eyes, I wish a happy New Year! New Year new way, go, flowers are blooming in front of you!

• When you see this information, luck has come to your head, the wealth of God has entered your home, the wealth has been not far from you. Bless your friend: Happy New Year!

* Trouble is temporary, happiness is forever! A smile, will instantly change everything! The new year is starting again, please look ahead, the bright future beckons to you!

* Happy When you have your blessings, frustrated with your comfort, meet you is my happiness, life has you I have contentment, in the new year, let us together to bless each other, Happy New Year! Happy forever!

• A New Year, a new beginning, a heart of blessings, a new starting point! Blessing is a true mind, not the words of the confession, wish you a Happy New year, all the best!

* May the sweet accompany you through every day, may the warmth with you through each time, may peace with you passes each point, may happy and you pass every second! Wish you have a good mood every day in the New Year!

Some things will not fade because of the passage of time, some people will not because of the uncommon face and forget, in my heart you are my forever friend. On the arrival of the new year, good friends peace and happiness!

* Each snowflake falling, every fireworks ignited, every second time flow, each miss transmission. All the blessings I want to send you ... Happy New year!

I asked the trouble, it said it does not love you, never ignore you, I hope you do not romantic! and health I tell you: it secretly love you for a long time, and the same life! Happy new year!

• New Year weather forecast: Large area before and after New Year's Day will be under the banknotes, north-east China dollar bills, northwest renminbi, central China South Pound, the southeast part of the check, the region has gold bars.

* Poly-Hi-la-ya sunshine, the wind of the ends of the earth, the Gangdise Shan of the blessing, suck Bill Gates Wealth, as a gift to you, I wish you a happy New Year!

• Fortune LU Group Fragrance treasure, everything Changlongqing, red robe plus body line, master the Universe step by step, grain harvest Spring willow, feast words harvest.

Wish you health in the new Year like a tumbler, career soar like flying kites, love sweet like mu Spring breeze. Good luck every day, good fortune every year!

• Wish you: safe and sound throughout the season, 12 months a year, health and wellness, 52 weeks a year, brilliant colorful, 365 days a year happy every day.

I wish you a Happy new year, a bright future, best luck, good fortune, happy family, prosperity, many happy returns, returns, happiness, Gunton Henton, Dream repeatedly!

• I wish you a Ruiqi, two gas Yong and, Samsung Arch households, the Four seasons of Peace, five-star high photo, Liushingwang, in short, Happy New Year, all the best!

• Wish you: A prosperous New Year, Baiwujinji, five blessings, prosperity auspicious, windfall handy, fortune prosperous, Rise and go, business is booming, Dongchenci, congratulations on the rich!

On the arrival of the new year, I have only one sentence to tell you: I did not eat breakfast today, I did not eat lunch, after work I went to you! Prepare the Silver!!

* Wish the New Year: Spring Breeze permeated you, family care about you, love you, God of wealth to favor you, friends loyal to you, I will bless you, Lucky star forever according to you!

* Wish you all the joy of hope, every little thing can bring you sweet feelings and endless happiness, wish you a happy New Year!

* Original you in the New Year: work smoothly, earn a thick stack of 冥钞; become a heroic hero, live in the hospital; Happy every day! The heart is cracked, you still not dead?

* is a new year to write a love poem table: The river in the water ah rushing, my love for you ah no end. You are my heart, my liver, you are three-fourths of my life!
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