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The 2012 Spring Festival is about to begin, with a total of 40 days starting from January 8 to February 16. Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "on a good job in the 2012 Spring Festival Notice" Preliminary forecast, the national passenger traffic volume will reach 3.158 billion people, an increase of 9.1%, of which 235 million railway people, 6.1% growth. "Notice" said that next year's Day, the Spring Festival is close to the Spring Festival before the student flow, migrant workers, family visits and the flow of overlapping, high concentration of passengers, travel spring work organization is more difficult. In this regard, the NDRC said that the work of the Spring Festival is related to the people's livelihood and social stability, relevant to the interests of the people, regions and departments should attach great importance to do a good job during the Spring Festival. According to incomplete statistics, the country will have more than 25 million cadres and staff services in the Spring Festival.

As the largest and most influential network phone brands, in order to provide some help for tourists planning to return home, so that passengers easily easy to order to train tickets, Ariton network telephone during the spring festival will be opened directly with the domestic Railway Bureau telephone booking system to form a "communications" dedicated channel, These for the need to rush home for the Chinese New Year visitors to the main city of China train ticket booking telephone special access channel, can greatly improve the rate of passenger telephone booking. To this end, the reporter devoted to this a series of detailed interviews, please the industry from the following aspects of the 2012 Spring Festival Network telephone booking The advantages of fast and easy train ticket analysis, hoping to give you some help.

Main booking method of train ticket

It is reported that the 2012-year Spring Festival train ticket pre-sale is still mainly through the ticket window pre-sale and telephone booking two ways, which from the broad sense, telephone booking methods are divided into traditional telephone booking and network booking two ways. According to data from previous years Spring Festival, through the station ticket window ticket groups are mostly from migrant workers, the Annual Spring Festival ticket window are tens of thousands of of the queue of troops, ticket pressure is quite huge; and telephone booking is mostly students, white-collar and other young generation choice of a way, relative to the train station to buy train tickets in the most traditional way, Telephone booking has a unique advantage: do not go out, just pick up the phone call into the booking hotline can book tickets to the train, both convenient and fast, but also can be in the first time to get others to return the "recycled ticket", in many cases, passengers can even easily grab the hot and tight lines of train tickets. Of course, from the two-year telephone booking mode, the traditional telephone booking all the way to a serious blockage: many people through fixed-line/mobile phone booking hotline has been busy, many people even have to call for 24 consecutive hours to enter the booking hotline.

In this context, with high-definition call quality and low cost advantage of the network telephone booking train ticket mode is also taken out: compared with the conventional fixed-line, the network telephone itself is using the Internet access channel, can most effectively avoid the large number of booking passengers at the same time the traditional telephone lines caused by the busy and busy problems, Using its relatively independent telephone access channel to significantly increase the number of tickets to the train ticket to the rate of booking, therefore, the Internet phone booking method appears quickly favored by young people.

Internet telephone booking advantage of train tickets

As the largest network phone brand in China, Ariton network telephone opened the train ticket booking special Channel One of the biggest advantage is that can completely avoid the landline and mobile phone busy traditional telephone network, the use of Ariton Network telephone Hong Kong International line, can be achieved with the target booking telephone point-to-point direct dialing, telephone direct access to the one-time, According to international practice, Ariton Network telephone priority high, under the same circumstances, booking hotline priority to accept Ariton Network phone! And the latest generation of Ariton network telephony software using soft keyboard calls, eliminating the traditional dialing, waiting and so time-consuming, 1 minutes can be quickly repeated calls and calls 6-12 times, Thus more than the regular phone call booking hotline one step ahead. In general, Ariton network telephone fast dialing booking hotline can be summed up to three points: rapid and repeated dialing, priority access, telephone access rate and high success rate. These advantages are certainly attractive to the 30 million members of the Ariton network call.

Of course, Ariton network telephone not only has the feature of Fast train ticket booking hotline, but also has the incomparable advantage of traditional fixed-line/mobile phone in telephone charges. At present, Ariton network calls domestic so long short-distance telephone charges low to 0.05 yuan/minute, new user registration can get up to 100 minutes free call, mobile phone users mainly download Ariton network telephony software, The use of mobile phone login registered Ariton account can be dialed by the major railway administrations of the train ticket telephone booking hotline, including Guangdong/Beijing/Shanghai/Zhejiang/Jiangsu/Fujian and other countries can use Ariton network telephone easy and convenient to order train tickets.

From the success rate of the Ariton network telephone booking train tickets with the use of ordinary telephone booking train tickets, internet telephony software to call booking phone can be easier, faster, the rate is also higher, is a traditional way of booking outside of an effective extension and supplement. This will enable students, white-collar workers, workers and other personnel to greatly improve the Spring Festival train ticket booking efficiency, the first step to obtain a tight train ticket, but the author believes that only to solve the domestic Spring Festival train ticket votes tension, or even the fundamental problem of short supply can really solve the "one vote difficult to seek" situation.

More booking process with the use of the way, you can log in Ariton 2012 Spring Festival Booking Special topics: http://www.alicall.com/chunyun/

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