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Recent notebook market is calm, the old products have upgraded Haswell platform, and at the same time manufacturers are actively promoting the design and development of new notebook products, it can be said that the second half of the notebook market is still quite worthy of attention. What products do we focus on? Which is worth paying attention to, believe that the combination of their own knowledge of the product will have different tendencies. But anyway, the following 6 products are bound to become the second half of independently star products, absolutely not unknown.

ThinkPad X240

The ThinkPad x and T systems are all upgraded to Intel's newest Haswell platform, so they can be up to 17 hours in battery life. At the same time, Power Bridge technology allows the user to replace the battery directly without connecting the power supply. ThinkPad X240 as an upgraded version of X230, the entire body weight less than 1.36kg, and the fuselage thickness is only 20.3 mm. It uses a fourth generation Intel processor and has a built-in 1TB hard drive. In X240 's body, Lenovo proposed a "floating PC" (floating pc) design concept, in addition to the beautiful appearance and texture, its purpose is to plug in a small body large enough screen. This slightly unique ThinkPad features a full HD anti-glare touchscreen and discrete graphics, as well as a fourth generation Intel Core processor. Or the cool business fan, or the calm atmosphere of the black, thin design and new hardware will make the X series continue to be brilliant.

Apple's new MacBook Pro is not released

As early as this year in June, the Haswell processor has been launched, Apple MacBook Pro products, as positioning more than the MacBook Air performance products, MacBook Pro will be at some point in the next upgrade update, this is almost a guaranteed update. In addition, since the previous update MacBook Pro product line has retained a variety of mold design situation, and has been to the same series of products to pursue the same appearance of character, Apple is likely to cancel out of the traditional fuselage of the thick MacBook Pro product appearance, directly cancel out the silly big useless optical drive, Instead of unifying the MacBook product into a new retina-thin style, Apple's MBP has always had no reason to be expected.

Surface Pro 2

A recent news that Microsoft will be held in this month's 23rd conference to update its surface products, including the WINRT system with the new surface RT is nothing to expect, the system factor for surface this product is very important. But surface Pro 2 still deserves our attention. The new Surface Pro 2 will update the Haswell processor, which should be pretty sure. In addition, it appears that Microsoft will also be named Power Cover with its built-in battery keyboard accessory with surface Pro 2 new. It is learnt that with power cover, surface Pro 2 with the Intel Low power Haswell processor will guarantee full-day battery life. In short, the new surface second generation product, especially the more practical surface Pro 2, is the time to play out a bit more eye-catching tricks in the face of poor sales of surface generation products and weak market performance.

Lenovo Miix Flat/pc two in all

Miix tablet/pc Two in one computer undoubtedly from the appearance aspect is very flattering, the fashionable beautiful design, the colorful protection set is satisfies the pursuit of the young man who pursues the individuality esthetic. In terms of hardware configuration, Lenovo Miix is powered by the Intel Clover Trail Atom z2760m dual-core processor at 1.8GHz, 2GB memory, and 64GB SSD. The screen aspect uses the 10.1-inch 1366x768 resolution IPS screen. Bare metal weight and 580g in the house, while the battery life can reach an astonishing 10 hours, or quite practical design. In general, Lenovo's Miix flat-panel/PC two-in-one product is a thin and portable field of a rare and refined, whether you can get the market recognition, look at the computer before you like it.

Sony VAIO Fit 13A

Sony also made a lot of effort on the body's workmanship. The machine is all-metal in design, and the metal wire drawing process looks very strong in metallic texture. The most innovative design of the machine is the fuselage screen in the middle position with a hinge, the user can be in normal use of the state of the direct flip screen, turning it into a tablet device.

The machine uses the 1920x1080 resolution IPS screen, but the angle range is quite broad, even in the middle of the flip process can be more clearly observed on the screen display content. In addition, the machine is equipped with a chocolate keyboard, accompanied by a white backlight design, practical aesthetics is the biggest advantage of backlit keyboard. In terms of hardware configuration, the Sony VAIO Fit 13A is also not disappointing, with the latest I7-4500U dual-core four thread low-voltage processor, 8GB memory, and HD 4400 core graphics on the Haswell platform, the overall configuration is quite good. In addition, the machine is equipped with a WIN8 64x system, the screen supports 10-point touch, a random pen with a gift, for the user's precise control has a certain help. As another way to subvert the deformation of the product, it is absolutely worth your attention.

Dell Latitude 7000

With a new generation of Intel low-voltage I3/I5/I7 processors, the Dell Latitude 7000 series of ultra-high-profile/notebook products, with a weight of only 1.3kg, offer 12-inch latitude 7240 and 14-inch latitude 74,402 sizes Users can choose to purchase according to their own usage requirements. It is worth mentioning that the series has passed the stringent MIL-STD 810G military test Standard certification, I believe that the quality of the fuselage is guaranteed, and the body palmrest part of the support of NFC is also a very innovative design.

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