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1. Surfing online earning:

This type of online earning is very popular among Internet users, because it makes normal online (surfing) activities, such as watching news, reading advertisements, playing games, online trading (e-commerce), etc, it is organically combined with making money on the Internet, allowing netizens to earn additional income while surfing the Internet. Newsbar, China's first large-scale online earning Company, belongs to this category.

2. Register Online earning:

Registration to make money is now the most reliable and high-income way to make money. You only need to complete the registration task (offer) provided by the company, and wait for a period of time (usually a week) to get the reward. Generally, a registration task is between $0.1-$0.3, which is a high income in online earning. For example, Clixies, an online earning company, is a typical professional earning company, and its offer can be paid when you complete the task! A rare company! It is worth doing!

In addition, many email companies also offer registration to make money, but some of them are not open to Chinese people. In addition, some companies often require you to maintain a period of activity to reward you. In addition, such earning methods have certain requirements on English proficiency.

3. Online earning:

The main method for making money by email is reading emails and clicking. Many companies now offer registration to make money. The method of making money is to receive an email from an advertising company every day, and select a link marked with a payment prompt. Click this link to open a new page. Generally, it is required that the page be opened at a time of no less than a certain time. After the time exceeds the time required by them, it will show your paid information. This kind of advertising mail is usually provided to you in two ways: one is sent to your registered mailbox; the other is placed in the company's "Insite email box ". You can choose either of the two methods. In addition, when registering an email company, enter as many "interest" items as possible to receive more emails. Another way is to log on to the company's member area and click the ad link to make money. Such ad links can be clicked every day and paid every day, unlike the Mail click only once. If you only participate in one email site, the benefits are limited. However, if you participate more, the total processing time per week will not be much. Therefore, you can use the same email address to register multiple such sites. After some time, you can receive a large number of checks. The specific operation can be combined with the method of making money by clicking the class, and several browsers (depending on your computer) can be opened at the same time to run several companies at the same time, you can use the period of time that you wait after clicking to operate different companies, but you cannot use several browsers to run a company at the same time. This is cheating!

4. Click online earning:

The so-called click advertisement to make money is similar to making money by receiving emails. Instead of receiving emails, we need to log on to the homepage of the advertising company and click some of the ad links listed on their websites. After clicking an advertisement and following the prompts for a while, you will have about 1 cent of income. You only need to spend a very short day, and a month is a considerable amount of income.

5. Search:

The so-called search class makes money. Simply put, after you join a seo/seo.html "target =" _ blank "> search engine company, you can get a piece of code or Portal Page, then, you can place the entry page address or code in your home page space or in a forum that can be viewed by a viewer. When someone else searches through this code or entry page, you will get a corresponding reward based on the number of searches.

6. Traffic:

The initial statistical significance of traffic is to identify the statistical unit of the number of visits to a website. Because of the significance of traffic, advertisers take providing access sources (traffic) for a website as a service, guide those who want to promote their websites to buy traffic to promote themselves. The unit to be purchased is subsequently identified by an English CREDIT. The original English intention of CREDIT is CREDIT. For example, credit card: credit card. Therefore, it is often misunderstood by Chinese friends that traffic is identified by credit. Actually not. Because CREDIT also means "points" in English. For example, the CREDIT point of a university is also a CREDIT point. In traffic statistics, CREDIT is the meaning of the idea, a statistical unit! Advertisers can access these customers in two ways to meet the needs of advertisers: 1. Exchange, commonly known as traffic exchange. You can view my website and my website; 2. Members earn money: when the exchange cannot meet the demand, it will attract some members to do not exchange, but simply watch others' websites to earn points and then convert the points into money for compensation. Here we refer to the traffic to make money mainly refers to the second type above. A smart Internet leader also regards the first traffic station that can only be used for exchange as a profitable relay station. Why? The reason is that he can exchange some links to show the number of times that he can collect the money, or the recommendation link of a site that he has already participated in to develop and deprecate the website.

In fact, most online earning projects also have these types of projects. Many of them can be classified as above, so a lot of online earning is done through the above methods. No matter what kind of online earning, everyone must have a persistent belief to do it. Only in this way can we achieve the final result. Otherwise, it is really difficult to do well in online earning.

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