2014 Global Domain name Volume report: Net increase of 614,000 77%

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IDC Commentary Network (idcps.com) January 09 reported: According to the domain name statistics agency webhosting.info the latest data, IDC commented on the overall publication of the 2014 annual global Domain name registration Total report. According to the report, 2014, the total number of global domain name registration increased to 136 million, the annual net increase of 614,918, but the 2013 growth of 2,681,290, compared with the decline of 77%, the decrease is obvious. Next, follow the IDC review network to follow the relevant data statistics report:

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(Figure 1) 2014 Global domain name registration distribution map

1, the distribution of global domain name registrations was not stable and fluctuated during 2014. At the beginning of January 2014, the journey began with a total of nearly 135.4 million, until the end of December with 136 million. During the period, the total number of domain names was three degrees over 136.2 million, respectively, appeared in April, September, November. And from the domain name Net increment curve analysis, knew May to July, October, December This 5 months appeared the negative growth, in which December the biggest decline, net minus nearly 204,000. In addition, in the month that the domain name realizes the rise, February the biggest gain, net increase about 324,000.

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://www.idcps.com/uploadfile/2015/0108/20150108042046887.png "style=" border:none; vertical-align:middle;width:434px;height:400px; "alt=" 20150108042046887.png "/>

(Fig. 2) January 2014-December global domain name registration data

Looking at the data in Figure 2, we know that the 2014 global domain name market Fierce competition, the total rise and fall, the final end of 136,006,570 domain names to achieve a net increase of 614,918, the chain last year's 2,681,290 increase, reduced by 77%. Among them, the total number of domain names for 5 months is negative, and the decline is more than 70,000, especially in December, the net minus 203,893 domain names, the most obvious decline. A closer look at the gains, excluding 2 March of more than 300,000 and November only a net increase of more than 20,000, the rest are more than 100,000. From this perspective, the total number of global domain names increase or decrease, development is very unstable.

To sum up, 2014 global domain name total success achieved growth, a total net increase of 614,918, but compared with the monthly rise and increase in 2013, the growth momentum is greatly weakened.

2014 Global Domain name Volume report: Net increase of 614,000 77%

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