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Good-looking or technical what is Daniel's experience? To feel the today's 15 goddess-level designers, strength and beauty have. What other goddesses are around the students, hurry up and they come out. ^ ^

In the male-dominated web design world, their female peers are increasingly refreshing their sense of being. In fact, we can now find a lot of high-level women web designers. Their ideas, innovations, new ideas and techniques for designing websites are generally highly rated.

Below are the top female web designers who have made a great achievement in this field and have gained widespread praise for the quality of their work.

Rina Miele

Rina Miele is a great full-time freelance professional designer. In addition to Web design, she also makes logos, design fonts. As a freelance creative director, Rina can capture inspiration from every detail. She has worked with a number of very influential brands in pop culture,--VH1, the NBA, Allure Magazine and Atlantic Records, just to name a few.

Kate Hatchett

Kate is a web and mobile interface designer. She had worked in the Hedgehog lab when she was a student. With its astonishing design talent, Kate has invented some groundbreaking designs that have been widely praised.

Rita Deraedt

This is an expert in pixel terms. As early as in high school, she had been interested in Photoshop, since then the web design has been her forte.

Rita likes to focus on every detail when creating a Web page, and is focused and sleepless at design time. This is why she was shortlisted for the. NET Award.

Meagan Fisher

Meagan likes fonts and textures, which we can see clearly from her web design work. By browsing her latest work, we can grow a lot of experience, and those new designers can learn a lot from it.

Janna Hagan

Janna is the winner of the 2011. NET Young designer title. She thinks a web designer must create a real life experience. Her book "A Student ' Guide to Web design" is well worth reading.

Janelle Hitz

From her many years of design Web pages, we can find her talent in web design. Her impressive work can also inspire people. She particularly likes chicken, even her website is named.

Ribbons of Red

Ribbons's talent is recognized in the design world. She is the winner of the American Design Award, the ' killed Ideas ' popular favorite award, the Ohio Country Park Web Design Award. She often has a variety of fantastic ideas in web design.

Hannah Donovan

Hannah loves music, which is also reflected in her web design work. We can learn from her work on the impact of music on web design.

Jessica Hische

Jessica likes to be creative and prides herself as an artist when she was a little girl. The little girl used her chalk to plan her web design career. She has some very professional advice on how to create a design job and how to take the first step in a design career.

Liz Andrade

As a web designer, Liz has come up with a lot of very good work. She also runs the management of Cmdshift Desgin--This is her studio, which is designed to provide you with a plan.


The other is a creative web designer. Although she likes to immerse herself in her web design, she is also very interested in many other activities. Including the design of Web pages and other works, we can also from her "about" page to find her recent favorite activities. In fact, these activities have long been lined up: reading, playing arcade basketball, mountaineering, volunteer activities, personal projects, random travel, performing arts, movies, music, dancing, singing, musicals, collecting dolls and DIY furniture and so on.

Larissa Meek

She is a good web designer. Her work has been widely praised for its richness of creativity and high standards of quality. She is helpful and helps a lot of new web designers and provides solutions to the various design issues they propose.

Antonea Nabors

She believes that a good design should have a certain functional aesthetics. She prefers to try the iphone and typesetting problems.

Irene Demetri

Irene was the December 2010 champion of the CSS Design awards and became one of the judges of these awards in 2012.

Hillary Hopper

Hillary's main job is to design the user interface for mobile games and mobile apps. We can see her design talent from the fact that she was nominated to be one of 50 top designers in shack.

Please do not judge by appearances and speak by strength.

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