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Another day, Friday morning did not go to class, under a whole day of rain, that is to say afternoon aerobics do not have to.

So today is to stay in the bedroom inside, where also did not go to sleep in the morning to nearly 12 points up, breakfast did not eat, now seems to have been accustomed to the morning to eat breakfast.

The stomach has not yet felt pain, now nearly 12 o ' night, nothing to sit in front of the computer has not known what to do.

Sometimes I often think, what is love, how to love, How to love.

I really want to have a good chat with her, but every time we talk about it, we will avoid it and never respond positively.

What do I get when I do this, and how can I be happy when I want to be together?

The original enthusiasm is also 1.1 point of being exhausted, I do not know now to her count is not love, calculate not like, has not the original impulse, not the original desperate, want to calm down for a while.

Two days to chat is also less, and chat content also not like, also not much reply, it seems just the original heart, the feeling will be with the passage of time and 1.1 O.

Disappointment is accumulated at 1.1 points.

And I am now accumulating more and more disappointment, I do not know when will give up.

Offsite, not together the hardest.


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