2015-7-30 self-control, high self-discipline

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People's time and energy are limited, for most people, the age of more than 30 years old, the energy will be much worse than before. It's not perfect for everything or most of what you want to do. So it has to be something, something not. It is not so easy to do a few things that are limited, and it requires a high degree of self-discipline and self-control.

How important is self-control? My understanding, self-control is the emotional quotient, okay? Around the advanced people, able to maintain a healthy body (body), in the work of excellent, but also in the title and academic qualifications to win a raise. How did they do that? From the surface can not see a person's heart, and his usual efforts. Many people get a doctorate, write a lot of articles, get subtropical high / the title, other things also no delay. Everyone has the same time, why can some people do it?

    1. The healthy body and stamina of continuous fitness is equivalent to a lot more effective working time than others every day. Whether you admit it or not, the difference between energy and productivity (output) is great at different times of the day, or in different situations. Sometimes afternoon or night, obviously not sleepy, do not want to sleep, but also do not want to do a bit difficult work, the reason is the energy is not good, this has physical reasons, there are reasons for rest. So to learn in a day, different time, different energies of the situation to assign themselves different tasks: morning energetic time can do challenging mental work or study work, afternoon energy is bad when can tidy house or forge body, evening energy general time can read deliberate come, write idle text, or practice words, Night running and so on. Sometimes when you take a nap and feel energetic, read the paper or write a paper. Some people are born energetic, a day of energy good time more, less time to lose, the same day, is more than other people produce more. So the continued fitness and health of the body to ensure that the energy and high output of the role of self-evident it? So any time, fitness is not a waste of time, but in the accumulation of energy, to ensure that they have more effective production time. and muscle growth can effectively prevent aging activity, so fitness must become a lifelong habit.
    2. The effect of high self-discipline on output. What is emotional quotient? Nothing but the ability to control their emotions, so that they do not be emotional about, and by reason to determine their own actions. Far do not say, said around these capable, its high EQ business are embodied in a high degree of self-discipline, and the good control of their emotions. Don't like a person what to do? Low-eq people are very clearly showing their likes and dislikes. High EQ people have no obvious preference for anyone. High EQ people will meet different people on different occasions, have reasonable, the most favorable response to their own. Of course some people say, people do not have a true temperament, contrary to their own inner life, what is the meaning! Maybe everyone's value orientation is different, I think, high EQ business people are only the interests of the people?
    3. The importance of feedback to yourself. Why is it so difficult to carry out many important tasks, long-term goals and good wishes? Because of a small step at the foot, no feedback on their own, do not know where they go, do not know there is far, do not know what the impact of today's efforts. Because there is no timely feedback, a lot of plans to execute the abortion. So how do you give yourself feedback? One way is to share, do not want to share with friends, on the internet and share with netizens, to obtain the encouragement of netizens; another is to record, to record their daily efforts, a period of time (such as a year later), look back at the time of their own, review their records, there will not be a year of idle feeling.


2015-7-30 self-control, high self-discipline

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