2015 China SDN/NFV Conference Special Report

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2015 China SDN/NFV Conference was successfully opened in Beijing today, the conference by the China Communications Society, China Association for Communication Standardization co-organized, gathered in the domestic and foreign SDN field of Big Coffee, This includes academic experts and industry chain representatives. Small series Lucky in the scene to enjoy the feast, not to the small partners also do not regret, small series will be the first time to release guests of the speech content, more wonderful please pay attention to Sdnlab.

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1. openness, innovation, Synergy and landing : SDN Industry Alliance helps SDN mature

Vice President of China Institute of Information and Communication, Secretary general of theSDN Industry Alliance Liu Do

2. End-to-end OpenFlow hosted virtual client solution for PTN Networks

Nick Ilyadis , vice president and chief Technology officer, corporate infrastructure and networking group, Bo Tong

3. The development and challenges of SDN/NFV

Chairman of the Information Communication Network Technology Committee of China Communication Society

Ms. Zhao Huiling, chairman of the Network and Exchange Technology Committee of China Communication Standardization Association

4. Open-source initiatives for customers

Ayush Sharma , senior vice president, Carrier IP product line, Huawei Corporation

5. the next challenge to network virtualization

Atsushi Takahara , executive Director, Network Innovation Laboratory, NTT Corporation, Japan

6. Industrial chain collaboration for NFV 's network transformation success

Lynn Comp , marketing Director, Intel Corporation Data Center Division

7. ONOS: Open-source SDN operating system for service provider Networks

ONOS board member , Open Networking Lab Executive Director Guru Parulkar

8. ONF2.0: More than ever

Open Networking Foundation Technical project manager Rick Bauer

9. NFV and SDN killer applications: The next generation of mobile cores

OPNFV Board member Anthony C.K Soong

2015 China SDN/NFV Conference Special Report

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