2015 in the run-the first project summary after entry

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from the year of the month to the year 7 months 1 days left, in Shijiazhuang for more than half a year, from the beginning of the project to the end. Experience the excitement of the first commitment to the project, but also experienced the hardships of a person outside. When I left some sudden, I would like to have helped my friends in Shijiazhuang to eat a good meal, said some of them appear to be some "disgusting" words, good way individual. And the reality of a lot of things will always come to an abrupt surprise, so that the original plan has been postponed, this time it has given me a distant future.

Just as I suddenly received a business trip to Shijiazhuang, in the project at the end of a sudden receipt of the company's email notice again so inexplicable to the road ...

The project was a source of income for the company, and for me it was part of my life experience, part of the growth, part of the harvest, because it was the first project I was involved in.

Taking advantage of my first fresh feeling, while I still have that feeling, I want to write my feelings and harvest for everyone to share.

I was the year of the 4- day entry, then coincided with the APEC meeting, played 1 weeks of soy sauce, rest a week, really happy to die. At the end of the week, the project manager said he would send me a task recently to familiarize me with the relevant technology. Did not expect the next day to the company, the manager informed tomorrow to negotiate business trips, and immediately after the talks.

The next day, we'll find someone in the place. K, talk for a while to say: the matter all said almost, ready to prepare, tomorrow will go. Ask me again if you don't understand.

My brain hasn't turned around at the time, so fast! I don't know how to feel.

One month to get up early 5, hurriedly rushed to Beijing West station, sat high-speed rail at nine o'clock in the morning to Shijiazhuang, 10 points to the place. Then find the project leader of party A to wait for his orders ...

The project began with a rush and a slight surprise.

In my opinion, a person's growth can not be a few things, and the emergence of things without some people. Reasoning, this feeling-based text or decided to appear in one of the characters to unfold.

As a novice, I thought I would get on the horse right away and start doing something specific (now think about how whimsical it was). The fact is not so, to party A, party a task first arranged for me to find a station, they are responsible for the project of senior engineer, he came to me to explain the task here. That's how I met the first person who worked here-senior engineer.

Senior Engineer This person, some lazy, some temper, and sometimes very friendly, enthusiastic. Now I do not know how to evaluate a person's good or bad, the person itself is too complex. Only by now my cognition really can not define the person's good and bad, perhaps the person to say good and bad originally had no practical meaning, the key is his existence value.

The story of the senior engineer begins formally.

When he first came, he thought I was an expert, speak more polite, when found I actually did not so special, attitude changed, and occasionally in front of me say can let before do this project people come.

Originally a short time really difficult to tell whether a technical personnel really have material, and I can in this period of time to quickly learn to make up for their shortcomings and then get rid of the dilemma, really good imagination. But the accident so unexpectedly, may be God see my wind is really some moist, so the heart of discontent hum a few sound, so the world for the color, my small sail in an instant between the rocks.

just came to party a less than one months on the spread of big things, the cause of the matter is unknown, I remember when I was just beginning to contact with some things and the day of the accident I and senior Engineer is the computer room installed operating system, the afternoon 3:40 Inspection Center Call said is the system has a large-scale fault network, request explanation. The afternoon of the computer room to find the cause of the failure. Look at the log, look at the alarm analysis, finally found several reasonable explanations. But how did it happen, why it happened, why it didn't happen before, and now it's happening, and these problems haven't been fully understood until now. Because I have just come to party a many physical environment do not understand (generally to party a they will first let you do small things, and so you touch more, will let you do more concrete more practical things, perhaps distrust it), this situation, did not find fault in a short time, give the explanation that meets their requirements. So I was severely blamed by senior engineers, although the evening I to two points to the corresponding failure analysis report, the next day timely submission, but still be senior engineer cold faces to stay.

Then the senior engineer began to say, do you know where the former man is, can you let him come? Tone cold heartless.

I heard the whole person is not good. The first project, has not formally started to give me a thing, from then on I hit the " dabbler technology " this label, after encountering some small difficulties, senior engineers have to despise me first, then not reluctant to cooperate with me to solve. At that time, because the senior engineer has been the "predecessor" of the good, causing me in front of him extremely disturbed, particularly afraid that he complained to me, let me disgraced to return to the company, then yes, cautious but still can not change what.

Some things do not want to let it happen it does not happen, so I can only do the worst of the plan, try to do my current job. During the period, the senior engineer will still say the good of his predecessor, in order to highlight my incompetence and show my superiority. But through the senior engineer's preoccupied I also more clearly found their shortcomings, and overcome.

It is strange, do the worst preparation and do not have the "scruples" to work, but slowly to the good side of the change.

Once I went to work with the senior engineer, he took the ticket (my party is the ticket operation) quickly went to the ground, he said the ticket is missing, tone and expression like he has nothing to do with. I was stunned, so near a way to hold the ticket can also lose it, really! This is a very good opportunity to taunt him, can think of even if the taunt and what can be done, I do not want to do, I why to add trouble to themselves. After a short absence, he hurried back to see if it was still left on the road. Heaven, the ticket is very innocent to stay on the ground, it seems to be complaining about the indifference of the ticket holders.

after picking up the ticket, the senior engineer had no words but looked at me, but I felt that he had changed his view of me because he had never mentioned " predecessor " before me.

It's really hard to change your view of yourself, you have to pay a lot, you have to endure a lot. Sometimes there has to be an event that is a turning point. I think about it really good coincidence, if at that time my temper again almost, senior engineer again serious point then this turning point may be without me. But I still think this seemingly coincidental thing also has a taste destined to. If there is no ordinary little bit of accumulation, the senior engineer will not because of this matter and I have a subversive change.

Parting that period of time, senior engineer and occasionally told me, can you stay for a while, can talk with the company to renew the matter. Hearing this again, and the object is no longer a "predecessor", I was relieved to hear it. Have to sigh: Senior Engineer, you finally hate!

Although he is despised by senior engineers from time to time, he is still reliable. Every time I met I can not solve, he also can not solve the matter, although inevitably he nagging a few words but he will actively find someone to help solve. Followed him for a long time, slowly also know that he this person on this character, adapt to, and he get along with much better. After the initial stage, slowly he began to hand over some things to me alone, which led to the acquaintance of the first words to me: You senior engineer, he, how to let you come? I can not avoid such a few words: Senior Engineer in the office, to the specific small things I do, the senior engineers focus on bigger picture, know, is bigger picture; senior Engineer is busy with his own business. Every day can be a little bit of ridicule under the senior engineer.

In general, senior Engineer is a good person, work is also reliable. is a little flaw, adapt to get along also will not be bad.

Again how to say also still want to thank him, if not he estimate my resentment also not so big, also will not go back every night, noon back, in the morning to keep learning, in life there are a few people who push themselves forward that person may be himself or others. And the senior engineer is one of them.

It is important to learn from the senior engineer that he is unsure of the matter must be confirmed to the relevant personnel after their own decisions. Do not own things do not take the liberty of their own decision, to obtain the consent of others.

To be Continued ...

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2015 in the run-the first project summary after entry

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