2015 market research on entrepreneurial essentials (helping those who have changed the world)

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2014 in the Internet entrepreneurship this magical camp inside, more than a few warring states color. The most mentioned is bat, 2015 will be able to create a new internet legend it? Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared; Can you play the Internet? This is my most want to ask everyone's question, a lot of people think this is the lowest cost of starting a business, make a creative, with the technology to get OK, and then on the financing, the fact that this is true? Today we want to talk about what we need to prepare before starting a business, or when we choose a project ready for a big fight, From my actual business to share a summary of some dry goods to everyone:

1th, do a comprehensive market research and analysis report

Speaking of market research and analysis, a lot of people hold, I do not know from which angle to do, these are the most important reason for the market research implementation is not going down, but also we have to go through the detour, I would like to say is "to ring the bell people" really can help you do market analysis is the market, only understand the market, You know how to do market research and analysis; that many people will ask, I do not know how to enter the market, how to understand more market information, in fact, there are many kinds of messages, a variety of means to obtain, now, information discretization, various channels of information symmetry is not consistent. These are the reasons we really need to do market research, in other words, market research analysis is to let us understand the context of a market, and the context in the digital form of abstraction. This is the market research. Here I give an example of one of our projects on how to do a market research for the initial stage of entrepreneurship:

In short, the market research on the meaning of entrepreneurs, deep understanding of the "dictionary" the profound meaning of the sentence, said the people want to explain that the new person is always brave, fearless, and ultimately to success. Of course it's a natural fit for our founders, and when you decide to start a business, you've already explained part of the meaning of the phrase-bravery. Entrepreneurs who do not do market research will say I Am "dictionary", in fact, often because of unexpected results, let the whole sand table collapse overnight.

Write here today, another day to add the following two points.

2. Is the technical team ready?

3, the funding channels, or you take what conditions to exchange funds are ready?

2015 market research on entrepreneurial essentials (helping those who have changed the world)

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