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2015 passed, 2016 will come, below to do a summary of this year and the outlook for the following year to do a record. Easy to see later.
let's describe the basic things by time. 2015, senior, last year, I found an internship in September 2014, has been to do now, because it is an internship status, so early leave, from February 1 to February 28, please one months. January, in a company, is basically nothing to do, so the muddle through. February, home for the new year, it is estimated that this is the next period of time, at home to stay the longest. March to work, a new year. This time the project team has a relatively large project, as an intern, this time to a small module. This should be the internship for 4 months, the first time to participate in the project development. In other words, light demand seminars have been discussed 7, 8 times, 2-3 hours each time. Every time I hear it's like sleeping. The demand has not yet been fully determined, and the small part of my responsibility can begin to do. I thought I could seriously participate in a project development, but I didn't think I ended up leaving a company. What I can say is that the part I'm responsible for is basically done before I go. But then changed the demand, I was ready to go, there is no change. I should have been leaving in mid-April. But there are a lot of things that can be recorded in this process.
at the beginning of April, the school began to prepare for the graduation project. Also began to prepare three-party agreement, signed the company. From my 2014 to find an internship in the blog will know that I am more introverted, some knowledge is understood, but the expression is not very good, no confidence, give a person's feeling is nothing (this is what I think). So I found a lot of internships, and finally did not have one. It was still frustrating at the time. Summer break for a period of time, finally find a teacher to introduce an internship (sophomore years with the teacher to do the project, are a little bit, the final graduation design is on the basis of this modification. )。 Later by the teacher introduced to a company, a start assigned to the Network Management department, later I still asked to transfer to the development post. Because is the internship ingredient, the superior also did not give too big task, basically all is oneself to look at the book, look at the company code. The superior is still good. The relationship between colleagues is also possible. The mentor who took me was also very responsible. In all aspects, give me the idea is to leave after graduation, the development team leader also basically agreed to stay after the internship. At that time also take leave back to the school took the tripartite agreement, ready to return to the company next week to sign an agreement, after graduation stay. As a general school from the ordinary family of an ordinary student, after graduation did not lose their jobs, to find a job of the professional, with the parents probably said, will stay in Zhuhai, wages will not be too much, but the work is easy (5*7.5 hours during the internship, no overtime). It's really all ready.
in mid-April, the teacher sent me a message, said there is a B company recruit, B Company's people to find the school's dean of our computer Academy, the dean to introduce several students past. The Dean found my teacher and the teacher found me and asked me what I meant. Do you want to go for an interview? Based on various circumstances, do not want to hit the wall, at the same time I do not want to move, do not want to move house. Just in QQ refused. The next day, the teacher said come out to see, talk about graduation design things, by the way to talk about work. The teacher asked about the condition of the work and the salary. I said a company is also good, work pressure is not very big. The food was also available, and all the colleagues were also able. Is that wages may be a little lower, specifically not discussed, but listen to those who have signed a tripartite agreement, said, almost 3000-3500, said to have a 16 pay, as well as project bonuses. Probably with the teacher said a bit, the last teacher still want me to B Company interview, more a choice is always good. Finally, I agreed. On the day of leave back to school to take the three-party agreement that afternoon, went to the B Company interview, this day should be Tuesday. The next day, in Wednesday, I handed over a tripartite agreement to the Ministry of Manpower at Company A. The Ministry of Manpower said it would arrange an interview for the two days. By the Friday, April 10. Morning and a company interviewed. Shop big Bully, this thought I internship here for more than half a year, internship pay is not much, but I also very serious work, especially recently this project, assigned to me that part, I also in the demand has not changed before the completion. I think my ability is still good, at least, and I went in the same time, a lot worse than I, he is not much, I taught him. A company manpower gives the condition is first trial 3 months, the probation salary is 2500, after the regularization according to the ability to give to 3000~3200. I know the pit, but I did not expect such a pit, how to say I also internship for six months, but also to me (I was expected to be, 4000, there is 15-16 salary,).
After the interview, I said I should wait until next week to give an answer. Back to the station, into a deep thinking, because there is no retreat, here this force me, but if I go out to find, too much trouble, also not necessarily interview success. Or forget it, barely stay. But the miracle was that after half an hour of thinking, I received an offer to interview with Company B. Said I had passed. Well, it seems to be the rhythm of the walk. The day of the week 6th holiday two days and home probably said a situation, decided to go to B Company. So I left company A. April mid-day rest, complete part of graduation design.
after putting off the fake after 51, came to B company reported. This part is slightly.
June 19, according to the graduation photo. June 23 Graduation reply. Graduation photo, no one to come, just a person, according to a few graduation group photos that's it. In the evening the class was unified to the school near the dinner. After this time, it was almost impossible to get together again. The school's defense mechanism is super simple, if the graduation defense application is excellent, it is necessary to prepare PPT, and stage presentation system and receive a reply. As for those of us who can live, under the Taiwan, facing two teachers, within 10 minutes to solve. Just for 10 minutes, and the defense teacher did not know that I did the specific part, I said two sentences. July 4, the graduation ceremony, the afternoon went to take a diploma, degree certificates, registration card and other things. In 4 years, it took more than 100,000 to change these sheets of paper. July 5 was ruthlessly kicked out of school. Four years of things still a little more. There are about 1000 technical books in the four-year series. Pile up is a meter high (see half, some did not see, in addition to their lazy reasons, the rest is the book is too bad or too deep). When I graduated, I was really tired.
July to the end of the company in B. Details <link>
Summary: This year, after graduating from the university, the end of the (2+6+3+3+4) years of students. The student age is over, but learning is not over. It industry, replacement or relatively fast, and now only just graduated, school learning things are not enough to use later, but also to learn a lot. University for four years, I was very serious and serious study, especially the big one semester to sophomore semester this year, I think I am more serious than the senior. The main thing is that parents spend so much money to read to me, if you take it to play it too. So the basic people go out to play, I write code in the dorm. The most relaxing way is to watch TV. See more is the Hong Kong drama, after all, to the Big Pearl River Delta, Cantonese or to understand. As a Cantonese, a little Cantonese, but to work in the Pearl River delta, or to learn a little more. Sophomore junior is not as serious as before, there is a general time to play games with the roommates. But not give up learning at the same time. It's just not as serious as before. And the big 41 went to internships all year. So I think college seniors this year seems to have no recollection of the appearance, go to work every day, evening work back to the school dormitory to sleep. 6th to sleep a lazy night, watching video, and then write the content of graduation design, a year passed. No wonder I've seen it before, someone suggested, cherish the last year of the university, basically there is no class, can be good fun, to see the world or something. But I have no regrets, too.
in talking about the roommate, may be related to their own character, or the shortcomings of their own it. My relationship with the roommate is very general, there is no communication. We are four-room dormitory, here with AA, BB, CC to express, AA, this person is three people inside I feel better heart-to-heart of a person, he is all aspects of work, I feel particularly strong, personality is also very good person, more pity is he is not engaged in technical aspects, He intends to do non-technical work after graduation, so students are rarely in the dormitory, to go outside to learn other skills. If he is going to be serious about technology, maybe we can learn to make progress together. Just a pity. Next is the BB, this person is a collection rich second generation official second generation in a person, just start school, he all aspects of performance are good, may be before at home education or restraint relatively strict. Freshman last semester, I basically with him rely on relatively close, think chat talk, all aspects are more comfortable. However, only after a semester, then slowly become lazy. I knew that I could not compare with him, so I slowly moved away from him. Maybe he's away from me. One particular is my first acquaintance with the northerners, that is, I can not bathe for one months, do not wash clothes. My clothes. The last one is CC, this How to say, is all aspects of mediocre, very common very common, is that kind of with people in that. Seems to have no idea at all. So I finally did not, regardless of all have to go to class, so together class, class, finish homework.
through the community also know some people, these people are basically have their own ideas, when together is more comfortable. Unfortunately, I did not take the initiative to find them to play, but still often in the lab to write code. The feeling is still good. But after graduation, most of the people went to Shenzhen.
at work, I initially wanted to learn C + + bias server-side development. But then came to this company B. The first three or four months, a person to write an internal use of tools, I use Linux C write server and client network connection code, with VB write Client interface. VB is my first programming language, is to build my interest in programming a language, but now the decline. This project, the intermediate demand changes several times, the procrastination is completed, but finally did not use up, a little bit of disappointment, but one thing is fortunate that this gadget is very unstable, not good. Then from September to now in charge of the company an internal process management system, set "production order-processing 1 Orders-processing 2 orders-Sales order" web system (including production, processing, sales, finance, customer service, warehouse, etc.) many aspects, the final sales also to do a user to place the order function. Most of the previous features are now complete. The last sales module, there are all kinds of report production. It will take another 2 months to complete this less. In addition to the late part of the functional modification, coupled with the system testing, I would expect to be completed by the middle of next year and online. This will be my first big project if it can be launched successfully. Now there are 40 light database tables, the number of lines of code 4-5w Java, there are a number of JS and HTML. As for stability, it is not good to know.
in general, the company is still good in all aspects, but out of the house, it is estimated that every year can only go home to the township once. And it's hard to build a home here. It is very sad that a man is drifting away from the outside. She was happy for a long time when she phoned her home last night. It's really sad to think about it. However, how to go back to the small place in the hometown, it is difficult to find a job, and the University of professional waste.
The next thing to say is the plan for next year. Recently started a Kindle, ready to start to read some books, a long time ago downloaded a MOOC app has not looked, there are no times, but also lazy. Now it's time to look back. Recently in the Zhejiang University, "Game theory", the content is still good, next year, after graduation, the first year, to develop their own reading and learning ability. In the situation can not change the situation, read more, do more knowledge reserves. The future of technical direction or mainly in the development of network programming, even if the company did not give opportunities, but also to learn. Just graduated these years is more important, hard point, tired point doesn't matter, want to stick down.

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2015 Summary 2016 Outlook

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