20150307 sending mail using the SMTP protocol

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20150307 sending mail using the SMTP protocol

2015-03-07 Lover Snow Child

One, SMTP anonymous e-mail


Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]

Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.






Non-authoritative Answer:

qq.com MX preference = $, mail exchanger = mx2.qq.com

qq.com MX preference = $, mail exchanger = mx1.qq.com

qq.com MX preference = ten, mail exchanger = mx3.qq.com


C:\users\administrator>telnet mx2.qq.com 25


newmx74.qq.com MX QQ Mail Server

Helo Lover


Mail From:<[email protected]>


RCPT To:<[email protected]>



354 END data with <CR><LF>.<CR><LF>

Subject:test for the SMTP Mail




Hello,this is the test mail for the smtp!




simple. SMTP Command

Response code


Second, anonymous e-mail

For this, we can refer to the blog http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_6dbfc2a901014yqx.html

The contents are as follows:

Let's briefly introduce the next SMTP

SMTP uses commands and answers to transmit messages between the client and the server. That is, the client issues a command, and the server returns an answer. The sender and the receiver make a one-to-one interaction, and the sender controls the conversation.


Under XP system point ' start '-' run ', enter cmd, go to command Prompt window.

The first step is to telnet to the SMTP server

????? In the Command Line window, type telnet smtp.163.com?25??? And then enter.

???? (This is the case of 163 mailbox, QQ mailbox can input smtp.qq.com. 25 indicates the port number of the connection being established)

????? At this point the message appears, this is a welcome message, each mailbox is different

The second step, the user login

????? Input helo?163.com?? Enter, which is to indicate your user identity to the server

(Note: The letter at this time can not be wrong, because each of your keystrokes has actually been transferred to the server, so input errors can not use backspace key to delete, only newline re-input)

???????? OK?? A confirmation message returned by the server stating that your identity was recognized by the server

Input auth login?? Enter, this is telling the server that you want to enter the user name (that is, the user name when you log in to the mailbox), the server will return a confirmation message 334


?? At this point you can enter the user name, note that the user name needs to be encoded in order to recognize, that is, if your user name is [email protected] then you need to fatbear base64 encoding, the results of the code into the Command prompt window. The Base64 encoder can be used on the Internet and is a simple gadget.

????? After the user name has been entered successfully, the server returns a 334 confirmation message.

????? After the user name is entered successfully, then enter the password, the password also needs to be Base64 encoded and then input. After the input is successful, the server returns a message with ' successful ' indicating a successful login.

Step three, write a letter

????? Enter mail from:< > return??? <> fill in the sender's mailbox, which is your own mailbox name

????? Enter RCPT to:< >??? Enter??? Fill in the recipient's mailbox in <>

????? Enter the data carriage return and you can start to write the contents of the message.

The following options are available under data:

????? Enter from: Sender name??, this item can be filled in, will be displayed in the Inbox ' from ' column

????? Enter to: Recipient name??, can be filled in, will be displayed in the Inbox ' Recipients ' column

????? Enter Subject: A letter subject???, displayed in the ' Subject ' column of your inbox

????? A blank line is required, that is, a direct carriage return in a blank row, indicating the beginning of the body part

????? Enter the body content of the letter after a blank line.

????? Enter one at the end of the body input. (Full period under English Input method) Enter, which indicates the end of the body part. This will display the message that was sent successfully.









20150307 sending mail using the SMTP protocol

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