2016 13th Friday

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A graduation ceremony, the headmaster did not say a word, but held aloft a 10-dollar bill, to more than 1000 graduates asked: "Who wants this 10 yuan?" "One hand lifted up, but the headmaster who did not give, but the money to knead into a group, and asked:" Who still want? "People still raise their hands." The headmaster threw the money on the ground, stepped on one foot, pressed hard, and then picked up the dirty and wrinkled note and raised the question again, "Who wants it now?" "Or someone raised his hand.

"My classmates, regardless of how I treat this note, you still want him, because it does not depreciate, it is still worth 10 yuan." The headmaster excitedly said: "In the future life on the road, you will be like this coin, at any time may be knocked down by adversity, even can be crushed to pieces, but no matter what, you never lose the intrinsic value."

King asked the famous doctor Flat Magpie said: "Your family brothers three people, are skilled in medicine, in the end which is the best?"

The Flat Magpie answer: "The elder brother is best, elder brothers second, I worst."

The king asked again, "then why are you most famous?"

The Flat Magpie answer: "Elder brother Cure, is cure before the illness attack." Since the general people do not know that he can eradicate the cause of the disease beforehand, so his fame can not be spread out, the elder brother Cure, is the illness in the beginning of the sickness. The average person thinks he can only cure minor diseases, so his fame is only in his own town. And I was cured when the disease was serious. Most people see me in the meridians needle tube bloodletting, on the skin and other major surgery, so I think my skill is brilliant, fame so sounded all over the country.

After the control of the matter, the control of the matter.

2016 13th Friday

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