2016 49th Sunday

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Sunday at noon at home unconsciously put 150 minutes of the day of the dragon, the impression is Zhang Mowgli even big moved, in the light of the Mediation Ming party and six great noble faction between the contradictions, there are a few details, Zhang Mowgli because the practice of nine Yang Martial arts and in the cave to win in a short period of time to learn the big move beyond the majority of ordinary people, master Bo see him Kung Fu so high-strength said he has experienced a lot of wind and rain is indeed suffering tempered people ah. The scene of the fight has many special effects, although it seems that there is no technology, but can make the effect of the cast is more diligent.

Not sure of a rush of time, just relax, just to let the present oneself not so ashamed uncomfortable. All right, imagine the goal, constantly decomposition, and constantly materialized, dare to challenge and overcome their own.

2016 49th Sunday

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