2016-6-22 Knowledge Points Summary

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LN and ln-s

The former is to establish a hard link, timely source files deleted, linked files can be used, plus the parameter-S is a soft link, like Windows shortcut, if the source files deleted, then the connection symbol is invalid, hard link by default can not link directories, not to cross the file system, can not span the partition, Soft links do not have these restrictions, the soft link does not occupy the inode number, the hard-linked inode number and the source file.


Find a command, the basic usage is to find the directory where the file is located-name file name, enclosed in double quotation marks, such as to search for the file ABC, is FINA/-name "ABC" can also be used wildcard characters, or regular expression search, if you want to use a regular expression, To add parameter-regex, there are often also based on time search and search by type method, you can refer to Http://man.linuxde.net/find.

Three time attributes Access Modify

Atime represents the most recent access time, as long as the access to this file regardless of the way it has changed this time, Mtime represents the recent file modification time, including the addition of delete, CTime indicates the last time to modify file permissions, you can use the stat command to view three time properties, there is a special command,touch A file, the file's three time properties will become the last touch time.

DF command

View disk Usage command, can add parameter-H, increase readability,-I can see inode usage, this command does not show swap usage, if you want to see swap usage, you can use the command free

Du command

Also see the use of the command, but can be used to view the specific directory or file size, the default display of the unit is K, the last display of a row, is the sum, as well as the parameter-H, can improve readability,-s can see the sum, not the directory all the files.

FDISK command

command to partition the new hard disk, the default usage command to specify a new hard disk,FDISK/DEV/SDX If the hard disk is greater than 2TB, to use the parted command to partition operation, n create a new partition, E expand the partition, p partition, Expand the partition plus the primary partition and not more than 4.

2016-6-22 Knowledge Points Summary

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