2016-8-4 Learning Regular Expressions

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2016-8-4 Learning Regular Expression Programming the second chapter simple pattern-matching regular expressions The only purpose is to match and look for patterns in the text to match string literals by using normal characters. The third chapter boundary asserts the bounds, but does not consume characters. Fourth Chapter Select, Group and back reference Select a Create sub-pattern in two or more optional modes to capture a grouping so that subsequent references to the combined pattern use an action (such as a quantifier) to use a non-capturing grouping atomic grouping (Advanced) the 5th character group character groups are also called square brackets Expressions The 6th chapter matches Unicode and other characters representing more than 100,000 characters in the Unicode standard seventh chapter quantifier with *,+ and? To match the eighth chapter surround view is a non-capturing grouping that matches other patterns based on what was before or after a pattern. Look around is also known as 0 width assertion Surround includes: positive forward looking; anti-looking back; Nineth chapter using HTML markup document to add HTML5 tags to plain text with regular expressions

2016-8-4 Learning Regular Expressions

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