2016 China's comprehensive economic reform the most efficient way to make money in the next three years

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Give your friends a detailed share of the 2016 China Comprehensive economic reform, the next three years the most efficient way to make money.
Foreign brands will be a large number of entry into China, go all e-commerce and new models, to a very low price listing, it is all the industry in China, is a big punch. Hit.
Because according to the development speed of Chinese Internet, all business logic will be destroyed in the next three years. Destroy the reconstruction, all the traditional enterprises will start again!
Ma Yun, Ma Teng, lei June together to lock the new economy "change"!
Economist forecasts announcement:
In the next three years, China will have no jobs to play, no business to do, in the first half of 2016, China's economy will fall to historical lows, 0 points, because the traditional business is not, there is no business opportunities, traditional business is not good, there is no place to work,
In the next three years, China will have, astronomical personnel laid off, light insurance will have 3 million people, because "three horse in one" will soon be introduced, after people buy insurance, will be from E-commerce or online to buy, do not need so many people to run insurance,
Over the next three years, China will also have a 30%---45% of people, engaged in E-commerce and direct marketing, if the elderly and children, or to throw away the functional departments of the civil service, it means that every family, there will be more than 80% people, will engage in these two industries!
If one day, you suddenly discover: the market is not good, your product profit is too thin, your talent appears in the competition, your business is in trouble ... Please do not be surprised, because, this is a cross-border era, each industry is integrated, are in the intersection, are infiltrating each other, if you have been profitable products or industries, in another person, suddenly become a free value-added services, how do you compete? How to survive?
Ma Yun: "In this era of financial reform, the tide of money-grabbing, which has the kung fu and those who thought in primitive society, as long as the people who are thinking wrong directly next, see the opportunity of the person is also directly next, I want to find the right person, rather than change who into the right person, I also basically can not change who, Since China's reform and opening-up, it has been very clear that allow some people to get rich first, so most people do not understand, do not accept is very normal, I can not do to allow most people to join, and more likely to violate the development of things, whether acquaintances or strangers, good things tell them, Choose not to select their own decision! The chicken calls the sky will be bright, the chicken does not call the sky or will be bright, the dawn does not have the bright chicken to say does not calculate. The problem is dawn, who's awake? "
Please read every word attentively, don't let anyone disturb you, think hard. Because it will affect you and your family, your company, and your industry, and even affect your life ...
Very happy to share this rare news with you, along with the social progress will eliminate some, does not want to change the person, but will not eliminate is willing to change the person, wants to change the pocket, first must change the head, the change is the eternal invariable theme. Your future will reach how high and the realm, when you very carefully read this article, it is possible that your personal, family, business fate changed.
When the chance knocks on the door, you die in someone else's mouth!
1: Think of deception. (not to seriously understand, directly to the conclusion.) A hammer to death, resulting in loss of opportunity) to think carefully, what can others deceive you? Digger or cheat? What's the worst?
2: Hesitate. (The thought struggle time is too long, decides slowly, the news has become the history. This is the same as we buy clothes, today saw a piece of clothing feel very beautiful, want to buy, but too expensive hesitation, after a few days of clothing is not, or have lost the desire to buy. It is very important to iron the iron by hot.
Dear Friends and Subscribers:
Today you see this article, you are lucky, because you "see", as to whether you "can see" "understand", then look at yourself!
Ma Yun said, "The sky has changed" ...
Yes, the advent of the internet era, it really made the world a big day.
Shopping malls, shops closed, Taobao has created a day to sell 91.2 billion of the miracle;
Even Wal-Mart, the world's richest man is busy closing ...
Even China Unicom and the mobile two major charges are being "rob Money" ...
A Dangdang, forcing Xinhua bookstore busy to close the door ...
Is the bank a stable industry? The balance of the Bora, but let it also panic a little God. In the Internet age, many industries in China are facing a big shuffle.
Now, Ma Yun is trembling again!...
Ma Yun said: "I began to fear the micro-letter!" The media reported a large number of the words said by Ma.
August 18, Shanghai tax to pay the letter, rental tax first to enable the introduction of micro-letter payment Payments
August 28, Shenzhen Tax response letter, the national government rent can support micro-letter payment of tax
September 3, Hangzhou subway station began to support micro-letter payment to buy tickets
In the opening quarter of September, more than 30% of Fudan University freshmen, using micro-letters to pay tuition fees ...
The earth can no longer stop the micro-letter Footsteps
More and more brands, a strong join in ...
Since November this year, China officially ushered in a new round of wealth opportunities ...
2015, entrepreneurship is very hot, "Internet +" very fire, the new normal, new mode, changeable. The old thinking is being subverted, the "Internet +" is about to spawn new business rules! Trillion-level blank market, and so you happy rodeo!
Mobile internet has changed the way the public lives
A new internet storm is changing everything.
The digital Internet + brings what
Guide: Has found a phenomenon: the street more and more clothing store closed, or affixed to the "sublet" notice, and in previous years this time, it is the major clothing brand dealer conference, the bustling extraordinary. And this year's dealer conference unusually calm. In fact, the beginning of this year, China's FMCG enterprises face an "undercurrent" of the invasion, what is this undercurrent? How long will it last? How can China's FMCG industry change, after reading this you have the answer
Mr Li Ka-shing, the richest Chinese man, once said: "Every business age, all forge a large number of millionaires." And every rich man's forge, is when people do not understand, he knows what he is doing, when people do not understand, he understands what he is doing.
So when people understand, he has succeeded; when people understand, he is rich
In this fast-updating paradigm:
Baidu did the advertising thing!
Taobao did the supermarket thing!
Alibaba dried up the wholesale market!
Micro Bo did the media thing!
Micro-mail did the communication thing!
Not the layman to kill the experts, is the trend to kill the scale! Advanced to replace the backward!
What did you do in the age of information explosion?
How scary it is to subvert the times, you know?
Ma Yun said: "Six years ago I just got out of Taobao, I told a leather owner, put your business online to do it." He said, "I'll see." "Four years ago I told him the same thing again. He said: "Have time to talk about it." "Two years ago he asked me to say," My business has been taken away by the kids on the Internet. ”
What can I say? I hold his hand with both hands, said: "One hand is the opportunity, one hand is the method, the opportunity is the network, the method is the network marketing." ”
The traditional industry is a seniority, difficult to rush, the PC network era is not sure also immediately to the past, mobile electric business has come.
This era is not ones, but fast fish eat slow fish.
Don't miss this opportunity, what you miss is not just an opportunity, but an era.
As we all know, Jack Ma at a high cost of a stake in Sina Weibo, enough to show that MA in the grasp of mobile internet, in defense of micro-letter, because of fear, so to layout!
Because the micro-letter to do what MA can not do:
First, the micro-letter momentum is too fierce, 14 months to complete 100 million of users, now more than 900 million and daily 450 million people online!!! Over 2 hours on the micro-letter. Whether it is Taobao or Alibaba is difficult to surpass this number.
Second, Ma Yun also made a Ali Wangwang app, but the amount of download and usage can not be compared with the micro-letter.
Third, micro-letter opened a new era, micro-era, micro-marketing era. And Ma's Taobao era has been sadly, the competition pattern fission!
Did you know that a few things have happened in China recently? Have you noticed that the future world is terrible ...
Why did Li Ka-shing sell Chinese property to invest in Europe?
Why Ma Yun said: "The strength of the micro-letter so I am also afraid?"
Why movie star Chen Kun can use micro-letters in 24 hours to make a wild profit of 7 million?
Why did the Yahoo Portal shut down 2 years after the launch of the micro-letter? Why is this happening???
Have you noticed that more and more shops close to you in the last six months?
Have you noticed that people around you are saying that money is getting harder to earn?
Let's analyze:
2015 Micro Marketing as the enterprise "top strategy" nine reasons:
One, micro-letter has exceeded 900 million users, while online 450 million;
Second, micro-letter is to reach the end user the most direct, fastest and most accurate information channel;
The micro-letters aggregate the user's fragmentation time;
Four, the future mobile terminals will be at an alarming rate of popularization;
Five, can not be neglected in the future 4G network era;
Six, Tencent's mobile end strategy: Mobile Community + search + positioning + Intelligent voice assistant;
The popularization of the concept of universal electric power and the application of the mobile electric business;
Third-party payment for mobile electric operators to popularize the application;
Nine or four the "minimally invasive thinking" era of the two dials.
Wang said: "You are not lost to the Internet, is lost to do not believe the Internet." "It's not the Internet business or technology that beats you, it's whether you believe in Internet thinking."
The two major transformations that have influenced the history of mankind in recent times:
First change: Computer Internet
The emergence of the internet has achieved a number of people also destroyed a group of people! "a group of people indulge in chat rooms, QQ chat, online games can not extricate themselves. 】
Second change: Smartphone mobile interconnection
The emergence of mobile interconnection will also achieve a number of people will destroy a group of people! "There will be a group of people addicted to micro-letters, micro-blog meaningless sharing, forwarding, entertainment chat. 】
The same tools, some people are pure consumers, some people can make all the resources for their own use!
The latter is our group of discerning entrepreneurs! Everything for me, how to use, the entrepreneur's Ten Thoughts:
One, your enterprise employees spend more and more time on the smartphone every day, you can not control, also cannot control, how to convert it to the company platform, to the personal value of behavior?
Second, the difference between traditional marketing and micro-marketing?
Third, micro-marketing for the enterprise can bring the real value is what?
How do you socialize in the age of global socialization?
Five, the future is the era of mobile Internet, your company and website ready to "move" it?
The opening of the big Data age, how can you accurately marketing?
Seven, the world's third screen war, how to open your company to the consumer's mobile phone?
Eight, the consumer's habit is shifting "mobile electric quotient", your marketing custom is ready to begin to shift?
Nine, the arrival of mobile internet consumption era, will break the boundaries between time and space, your business ready?
Ten, this is a time to create a hero of the Times, the next hero will be "you"?
2016 China's largest and most practical Asian Dragon micro-marketing in the country to lift the climax of learning! You must not wait! The latest upgrade, the most subversive, the most effective, you must listen!
Recent 2016 1-March course Schedule
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To see the CCTV report, do not learn micro marketing your business in the future what it looks like
Ma Yun said in the inside: Do not know change, these enterprises are already damned!
Why the traditional way of marketing is no longer profitable, because the environment has changed, the user has changed, the traditional enterprise has not changed, no innovation!
China currently has 900 million mobile phone users, according to IRIS Statistics, China's mobile e-commerce users in 2014 more than 650 million. No doubt, mobile Internet will be a more extensive marketing platform, who master more convenient, smooth operation of mobile shopping terminals, who will rob the mobile shopping gold mine.
Micro-trust users 800 million users every 1 minutes, 100 people to join the micro-letter, micro-letter fire is a mess, the young people walk on the road, sitting in the car, lying in bed, as long as there is time, is to chat micro-letter, brush friends Circle, micro-letter has become a inseparable tool in life!
Where there are people where there is business, where there is profit space. According to the third party statistics 70% of mobile phone users opened a personal micro-letter, its age covers the primary school to the elderly, people of all ages. Up to now Tencent has 800 million of micro-credit households, 800 million of QQ users. The consumer is the enterprise pursues the goal, the person's quantity determines the wealth the quantity.
Since 2013, more and more enterprises are transforming to the mobile Internet, for the time to change the timing of the transformation of the enterprise to upgrade the ticket! For the traditional enterprises, the need for rapid transformation is not easy, at the same time the micro-marketing industry has caused many enterprises into a difficult to extricate themselves from the misunderstanding, Some even lose the patience and confidence in the marketing of mobile internet! However, the transformation is a necessary road, the traditional enterprises where to go?
The future is the era of resource integration, is the era of team cooperation! is also the era of E-commerce direct marketing, anyone to achieve their dreams are not by individuals can do. It's not easy to build a platform. The early days just work may not be able to see benefits! But in the future, this is the road that must go, otherwise very likely will be eliminated! System construction has become a major development of private enterprises need, strong enterprises are "system" to make money, the construction of enterprise management system is the only way to success of enterprises!
In the next 5 years, the self-employed will disappear. Replaced by a team and innovative business model! This is the big trend!
Alibaba's 2012 annual sales breakthrough trillion, only 2012 years 11-11 days to reach 19.1 billion. What is the trillion concept? Equivalent to the annual GDP of 17 provinces and cities in China.
Mobile Internet mode will hit all outlets and entities store business!
Li Ning physical store shut down more than 1800, the electricity dealer's sales have exceeded the physical store sales.
Nearly a 80% of the country's bookstores will close in the next 3-5 years. Nearly 30% of clothing stores and shoe stores will be closed.
So what is the business model for the next 5-10 years? That is O2O mode: Offline (Entity shop) experience, online (Factory system website) purchase, by the manufacturers personally shipped to customers. (Intelligent entrepreneur will outsource the online sales system and logistics warehousing system to the third party to solve, their own efforts to do a good job) then customers introduce customers (direct sales), manufacturers directly to the customer advertising fees will always have ... Imagine how many customers and channel resources This business model will have.
The next 5-10 years is the integration of resources, you can integrate how many resources, how many channels? How much wealth will you get in the future? Shipbuilding across the river, better to borrow a boat across the river! The trend is unstoppable!
Amoy Times missed, you will also miss the micro-era?
Future marketing may not need too many sales channels, just need your products and brands into the consumer's mobile phone, is the best marketing!
Revealing: How to use micro-letters to turn your phone into
A cash harvester that makes you lie in bed every day.
Do Business count money!
Warning: Do not close this letter at once, or it will be too much for you to lose.
Dear friends,
Do you know that micro-credit marketing is a trend that companies around you are doing and don't know how to do it?
You have set up a platform, but became a device of the empty shelf, one will not manage, two will not promote, three no fans, four did not translate into customers and sales?
Or you have now through the existing resources to obtain some fans, but do not know how to realize, can only watch every day there are a group of new attention, the elderly to cancel attention, so that you hurt the brain?
If your answer is: "Yes", congratulations, come to the right place!!
Do you want to know how to make use of micro-credit 9 business models, and a high school did not graduate in 1 years to use micro-credit entrepreneurship to earn 30 million of the secret?
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Do you want to know the 6,000 micro-credit marketing platform built by Yaron teacher, 7 months to achieve micro-credit sales of 180 million methods?
If you want to, please do not worry, slowly listen to me to your way ...
Dear friend, Hello, before I share with you, please allow me to introduce myself.
I am the Asian Dragon, micro-letter marketing expert, only to buy micro-electric platform founder.
As we all know, 2013 is the year of mobile Internet!
This year I took our team across the country 3 months swept 50 cities, 6 months swept 80 cities, at least 300 on how to use micro-credit marketing speech training, training more than 80,000 enterprises into micro-credit marketing. To help 6,387 companies build their own micro-electric business system, as of February 2014 to achieve micro-credit online sales 180 million (through micro-letter directly to the single turnover, this does not include micro-letter to understand telemarketing and offline sales).
The students as the first micro-marketing person (in fact, I do not like the students to call me, I do not like to put too many titles, as I did not tell you, I was Ali College Amba and Peking University EMBA special lecturer.) )!
The reason why I write this letter is related to you, then, I formally invite you to attend my micro-credit marketing tour in the country.
This lecture will be available at your door, because this year our team will be training in the country. 1000-field micro-credit marketing
I think the thing you're most concerned about is,
Why should I come to the Asia Dragon Micro-Credit Marketing seminar? What are the benefits of taking part in the micro-credit marketing training for Asia Dragon?
Now let's talk about why you want to participate in the micro-credit marketing training for Asia Dragon.
First ask you a question, you wake up every day
What's the first thing you do? What's the last thing you do before you go to bed every night? What were you doing when you were riding the subway every day? What were you doing when you were sitting on the toilet?
Are you playing with your mobile phone, or are you playing micro-mail?
The biggest feature of mobile Internet is anywhere!
According to the authorities, ordinary people watch mobile phones at least 150 times a day. (including now that you're reading this letter, are you still thinking about your micro-letters and tweets)?
The second micro-letter now has 900 million users,
Daily active users nearly 450 million,
It's a little overwhelming, unstoppable.
Have you noticed a few more menus under my bank card in the micro-letter? There are: mobile phone recharge, financial management, tick-tock taxi, select goods, today's food, film tickets ...
Do you know what Ma's ambition is? He wants to let you at any time with micro-letter chat, work with micro-letter taxi, work with micro-letter to enjoy food, micro-letter shopping, with micro-letter to see the film, with micro-letter play games, with micro-letter investment finance ... In short, play mobile phone, micro-trust one is enough.
Ma recently incorporated the public comments, tick-tock taxi pk Quick Taxi, give up their children Ishun to join the Jingdong Mall, these are why, the United States is the name of the mobile Internet layout, rather than to let us live without him.
In front of the micro-letter Ma is the most nervous, Ma Yun's recent movements are frequent, personally in line with the crowd, 1.1 billion U.S. dollars wholly-owned acquisition of Gold map, Sina Weibo investment, open micro-bo pay, together Ctrip, investment 1 billion hit fast taxi, including investment in Tintin, the United States Regiment, Mo Mo and so on, this is why? No doubt, Sniper micro-mail To grab the mobile internet.
If Horse and Ma Yun in front has already sounded the horn to you, can you still be able to sit? 10 years ago you were wrong Taobao and QQ, today must not miss the micro-credit marketing.
As an entrepreneur, you should understand that if you miss this trend, you will miss out on not just a group of customers but a 10-year, or even an era, of your career.
In this letter, I am ready to uncover the secrets of how to quickly build your micro-mail automation Money machine ... And more importantly ... I will show you how to
2013, earn 30 times times more ... 50 times times ... Even 100 times times ... Even if you know nothing about micro marketing ...
But I want to stop here, you should have a basic understanding of me:
Though I didn't realize it, but I could be,
The only one in China that can help you
In the shortest time to create a micro-credit automated money-making system
and immediately converted to considerable cash, money, and wealth.
Micro-Credit Marketing hands-on mentor! "
I am really excited when I share this information with you, and I firmly believe that if you are willing to read through all the methods and strategies of this letter carefully, your life will change from now on, and you will make everyone around you envy you.
Now what I'm going to share with you is some of the micro-credit tips that will give you immediate access to wealth, so even if you're in touch with it 3 years later, you're sure to be able to make a huge amount of money from the marketing strategy.
The thing is this:
(900 million business opportunities behind the micro-letter)
I think 99% of the people know that micro-marketing is a trend is also a gold mine! But unfortunately, most people do not know the micro-credit business opportunities and profit model! I don't know how to get a micro-letter, how to convert it into cash and money!!
What do we do then??
Now, would you please pour a cup of coffee, close the door gently, sit in the comfortable chair, close your eyes, relax the tense nerves, and ask yourself silently in your heart:
Want to know how to use micro-bo + micro-letter + two-dimensional code to sell their products crazy?
Want to let your micro-trust friend explode 10 times times more in 5 minutes?
Do you want to use the micro-letter in your mobile phone to carry out viral marketing for your products?
Would you like to have 100,000 people receive your company's product information in 3 seconds without spending a penny on it ...
Wise and wise, please think again:
Why is the 7-day chain hotel using micro-letters to be able to multiply the membership from 300,000 to 1 million in one months?
Why is Cadillac's 30-day campaign for the public platform to attract nearly 370,000 precision fans, easily eliminating the traditional 10 million promotion fee?
Why a "student" of the students through micro-BO micro-credit selling fruit, in a no shop, two no shop assistants, how to achieve a monthly income of 80,000 miracle?
Do you really want the hard products to accumulate in the warehouse and become the exhibits?
I don't know if you remember that Homer's Odyssey has this maxim: "There is nothing more intolerable than waiting in a destination!"
A new round of trillion wealth wave opportunity has come, if you miss Taobao 10 years ago, then today must not miss the micro-marketing!!!
If you have a bit of a heartbeat, don't stop, now let's take a look at:
Micro-letter Daily free access to 3 million traffic, save at least 20 million advertising fees!
Do a good job of micro-marketing, is equal to free use of CCTV random advertising!
Recently our company partners, only one day, micro-letter platform has more than 3.7 million people read, the number of new 13701,
Yesterday and the creation of a miracle, reading as high as more than 4.7 million, there are 620,000 people to help him forward! 1 days New number: 4410 people. (see chart below)
Imagine, if you add 4000 or even 20,000 customers a day, more than 600,000 people to help you forward, so that nearly 5 million people to see your products or ads, then your sales will be?
is not dare to imagine! But we did!
Marketing must have a way to find the mystery, you can make more effort, sales increase!!
Don't stop! Let's take a look at it again.
Open your shop to the customer's phone, leading your peers to build a micro-electric business system!
Even underwear can be in the micro-letter every month crazy sell 7,300! Your product can be easily done!
(Open your store and corporate website directly to the customer's phone)
Make every employee's mobile phone into a cash harvester, and make him pay a daily salary from a monthly wage!
Why do you want to learn "micro marketing"?
To bring you more than 500,000 sales opportunities per month, 1 years at least more than 5 million sales opportunities!
In 1 months to help you set up an independent micro-marketing sales platform, the monthly performance of at least 300% increase
Can save you 200,000 of the promotional costs per month, 1 years to save 2 million promotion costs (Baidu bid too much money to burn)
In 2 months you become a well-known brand in the industry, 1 years to accumulate at least 1 million prospective customers! (no exaggeration at all)
In 1 months you can easily set up a nationwide marketing channel!
You will learn 5 ways to micro-blogging marketing, micro-credit marketing 8 big tips ...
。。。。。。 Whether you want to start a business or run your own company, I promise you this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! (I am sincere, without any other attempt)
You see is not wrong, I will help you achieve the above dream, you will ask, I really can learn??
Don't worry, let me tell you,
You don't have to invest in any money, you don't have to have any luxury office, you don't have to have a highly educated staff, you don't even have to have your own clients (it's all over the Web), you don't even have to own a company ...
Even more incredible is that you only need a few computers, a few mobile phones, only 2 hours a day to work, you can choose to work anywhere, you can choose to work at any time, you absolutely do not need at a fixed time to appear in a fixed location.
If this is the goal you're dreaming of,
The next message will make you upsurge!
The thing is this ...
In the past April 29, 2013, China's internet has been a major event, Alibaba Jack Ma invested 586 million U.S. dollars in the renminbi 3.6 billion to buy Sina Weibo 18% of the shares ... This action will secretly change the world ... The future of Taobao will again change people's shopping habits, from computer shopping transfer mobile phone shopping!
(Mr Ma buys Sina Weibo)
Now, imagine, why Ma Yun to spend 3.6 billion to buy Sina Weibo 18% of the shares, he crazy? According to the truth, should not, the answer is actually very simple, Ma Yun in the next trend to embrace the arrival of mobile internet shopping ...
Imagine, if you did not follow Ma's footsteps 10 years to do E-commerce missed, regret also let him past it, but if you do not see Ma Yun next 10 years to do micro-marketing, then you really want to regret dead ...
Now, the 2nd 10 just started, mobile internet began, many people have started to pay through mobile phone shopping, began to sell products through the mobile network!
I by the way in my Sina Weibo search for merchandise, since then I micro Bo right at the bottom of the continuous emergence of such merchandise directional advertising, really convenient, indeed powerful.
And the big retailers are worried about how you can compete with others now if you don't do mobile internet.
Micro-letter + micro-bo + public platform,
A new era of marketing has come,
Don't catch you will regret life ...
2013 Weibo registered users more than 500 million, micro-letter registered users over 600 million, 2 super mobile platform monopoly China Mobile Internet more than 95% of the end customers, the current mobile internet era, who has a terminal customer who is now the winner!
As an entrepreneur, you should understand that if you miss this trend, you will miss out on not just a group of customers but a 10-year, or even an era, of your career.
China Micro Marketing First person Asia Dragon teacher for enterprises to do micro-marketing planning Program
(Yaron is a micro-marketing program for Qi Ding Catering)
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Do you have a heartbeat, you should ask: How will that begin??
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If you come to the scene, I will give you all
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How to use micro-letters to make money in 9 big business models! (I guarantee the first announcement, absolutely shocking)
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5 Steps of how to build a micro-credit sales platform
How to promote the 11 Secrets of two-dimensional code
How to get the super secret of 10 million traffic in 30 days FREE!
How to not spend a dime 30 days to increase the magic strategy of 30,000 fans!
How to carry out micro-letter Mass 7 tips!
How to write micro-letter sales copy of the 3 strategies!
How to create a micro-trust public platform with payment function!
How to build a Gongwubuke micro-credit Marketing team!
In this course meeting, I will also engage in a large number of combat cases and you share how to do micro-credit marketing landing!!
I will also reveal to you:
One of my students from Guangzhou, after learning the Asian Dragon Micro-marketing, the first month through the micro-letter sold 7,300 cases of underwear.
I help a catering company to use micro-letter investment, 3 months to develop 257 of the successful way to join the store.
I helped a 4s store for six months, a micro-credit campaign to sell car 8 million method.
I helped a beauty salon in Sichuan to do 60,000 micro-followers for 5 months, through a follow-up sales of micro-credit activities to generate 1.5 million turnover method.
I have a 14-year insurance students, after listening to the Asian Dragon Micro-marketing training, the transformation to do micro-credit marketing, 1 years to do 130,000 fans, a net gain of 2 million success stories.
How to make use of micro-letter day to earn 3000 yuan, daily day to take a wonderful case.
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I help a catering company, 1 months to build the secret of 100,000 databases.
I helped a student advertise 50 million fans, earning 6 million of the case.
Finally, I'll share with you how I helped 6,000 companies build micro-credit sales platforms, and how to help them generate 180 million of their experience in micro-mail transactions. (180 million does not include, micro-letter to understand, through telemarketing and offline sales)
Of course, there are more ...
Frankly speaking, I can list more ...
Pro, what I want to say to you is: please leave all your questions and worries to me, let me help you build a super powerful micro-marketing system! To provide you with a set of perfect solution! Pro, if you want to learn these, I guarantee 100% can do, please register immediately
2012 we have a city every day (the field is full, many students can not arrange the next issue, the next issue, the next issue ...) Speed in the country to impart micro-marketing methods, strategies and tips, no one in Chinese history a training organization can do! This is the power of our micro-letter combat operation!
These prove that we have enough micro-credit marketing experience and perfect micro-credit marketing strategy!
At the same time also proved that we can teach you 100% of micro-credit marketing practical operation methods, strategies and secrets! will also give your business tailored to the perfect micro-credit marketing strategy!
Dear friend, I'd like to ask you a question: Do you like good news or bad news? Of course it's good news! Bad news is fine!...... But it doesn't matter, because ... I have both.
First bad news: "Micro Marketing Combat President Class" is not free, not only that, relative to the market in other training courses, the price is not low, RMB 6,800 (¥6,800), and does not contain food and lodging ... But what I have taught you, these unknown tips for making money, if you grope yourself, will cost you 10 times times, 20 times times, or even 100 times times the price. And, I'm sure, 99.98% of the possibilities, you'll never know these secrets for life.
I really ... How should we price it??
I want to ask you a question: "If I can help you earn 100,000, 500,000, 1 million a year, how much would you like to invest?"
Not counting your time cost, no matter how much you have to pay for the emotional cost of life's endless struggles and pains, and the cost of learning you can save in a year, you will easily gain more than 10,000 yuan by using these methods in advance to gain your wealth.
In other words, you earn 10,000 more for yourself in the first year.
, the second year 10,000 Yuan, the third year 10,000 yuan, five years ..., the tenth year ... It is no exaggeration to say that ... The benefits of your life will be staggering over 100,000 dollars,
Even 1,000,000 yuan "if I draw your personal value of 10%, at least you should give me 10,000 yuan bar." However, I will not be priced at 10,000 yuan ...
This time our promotion, mainly through the micro-letter, network, publicity costs relatively low, we have the ability to allow more price-sensitive customers to participate in training. But...... I also don't want those who only care about the price, but not really determined, want to completely change the fate of the people, appear in our marketing Combat President Class course, because after all this is
"The secret to making money is the first big public" ...
So, the final price is 398 dollars, and I'm in
"Micro Marketing Combat President Class" in the course of the site revealed the value of money-making tips, there is no doubt that this is a veritable "white send" price.
This is one of the cheapest in our business school's many sequence courses.
If...... You really want to get a grip on the Micro marketing Executive class
The secret of sharing, enjoy the freedom and joy of life, this will be a rare opportunity for you, because I expose the business of wealth and the secret of company development and core technology, you can not be anywhere (at any price) to get, but also because this opportunity only for 300 of the most fortunate
Partners Open.
The good news: because after a 27-day frenzy last month, training took form to effect,
Not only is it beyond the wildest imagination of all the students, even ... Also beyond my imagination, this is definitely a world of training as a pioneer of the shocking!
At the scene, I like a runaway volcano, endless eruption of micro-credit tips to make money ... Micro-Credit Marketing strategy ... Public Speaking skills ... Micro-Credit Marketing equation ... Micro-letter Copy writing skills ... Micro-letter grasping strategy ... Micro-Credit transaction mechanism ... Micro-credit strategy to pursue and eliminate ... Micro-Credit President Thinking mode ... Micro-Letter Universal Replication Technology ... And so on and so on and so on and so on, and the students are like a super high-powered vacuum cleaner, through a tube of up to a few centimeters in diameter to connect to my brain, until I suck my last drop of wisdom ...
The students used my site to impart methods, tips and strategies, and went back to have produced an incredible result.
The old students not only consult the company frequently, but they start the next time. Crazy Rob Free Training places, and also desperately for the Asian Dragon Teacher to introduce, not only this but also directly to family, friends, classmates, company vice-president, staff packaging scraping division in the course of each class only a few places. Because our course is worth a lot of things.
Because I said I'm going to serve every student for 20, out of a strong sense of responsibility and mission, as well as the pious entreaties of new and old students and the strong demands of the entrepreneurs, a generous heat flow strikes every nerve in my brain, because I am moved every day for our old students. I am determined in the Saturday Sunday "micro-marketing combat President class," the top 100 per person only charge 398 yuan (including teaching materials and venue fees.) The training fee, the service charge and so on all give you to provide free
, which is one of the craziest deals ever!) You only need to invest 398 yuan/person, each city in the country has only 150 places.
2016 China's largest and most practical Asian Dragon micro-marketing in the country to lift the climax of learning! You must not wait! The latest upgrade, the most subversive, the most effective, you must listen!
Recent 2016 1-March course Schedule
January 19 Hangzhou January 21 Shanghai
January 23 Beijing January 24 Shenyang
February 20 Shanghai February 21 Hangzhou
February 22 Nanjing February 27 Shenzhen
February 28 Guangzhou February 29 Changsha
March 1 Wuhan
March 3 Zhengzhou March 4 Shijiazhuang
March 5 Beijing March 6 Shenyang
March 10 Shanghai March 12 Chengdu
March 13 Chongqing March 14 XI ' an
March 15 Taiyuan March 19 Guangzhou
March 20 Shenzhen March 21 Xiamen
March 22 Wenzhou March 25 Shanghai
March 26 Jinan March 27 Beijing
Register NOW: Top 30,
Only need to invest 398 yuan
(Opportunity only once)
(including service charge, venue fee, information fee)
Please pick up your phone immediately and call for 24 hours.
Service Tel 138-8022-0920 Ms. Liu enrolled
(Please pick up your phone immediately, call me now, yes, right now)
Or: Please take out your phone immediately, open your micro-mail add:
138-8022-0920 for your micro-letter as a friend, enroll in!!!
Asian Dragon Micro Marketing official application designated Remittance account:
Company's account for the revolution: Sichuan Global Vertical Education Consulting Co., Ltd.
Bank: China Construction Bank Limited Chengdu Chun Hee Branch
Account Number: 51001446438051508714
Alipay: dly820924@163.com
User name: Ding green capacity
Agricultural Bank of China (Chengdu North Branch)
6228 4804 6899 6533 971
User name: Ding green capacity
China Construction Bank (Chengdu Xinhua Branch station North Road Sub-branches)
6227 0038 1375 0203 321 user name: Ding green capacity
Warm tip: After the transfer, please take screenshots or small ticket to your study counselor, the financial audit will send verification code to your mobile phone, verification code as a national entry voucher, please properly save, thank you
I am waiting for you at the classroom scene, see not to scatter!!
Asian Dragon
Micro Marketing hands-on expert
Alibaba distinguished Lecturer
China Micro Marketing First person
Special Reminder #: 398 yuan training fee into the above account, please call immediately: 138-8022-0920 (Teacher Liu), notify our staff (your name, cell phone, remittance time and remittance bank), thank you!
PS 1: Do not hesitate, now pick up the phone, immediately reply to the name + mobile phone or call 138-8022-0920 (teacher Liu), rob the last 18 discount places! Even more shocking to you is that there are 8800 yuan worth of mysterious gifts, you only need to invest 398 yuan in the venue fee!
PS 2: Because the venue is limited, so I have to limit the number of places, only the last 18 places! Let's do it! allow you to easily learn the latest micro-credit marketing tips, methods, tips and tricks within 8 hours!
PS 3: Yes, time is 9:30 minutes to start, allowing you to easily learn the latest micro-credit marketing tips in 8 hours, methods, techniques and means---places are extremely limited, and even more shocking to you, at the same time give you the value of 8800 Yuan of mystery gifts you can still continue to use free! You only need to invest 398 yuan in the venue fee!
PS 4: In the past we are 300 people per game, 500 people, now to ensure your learning effect, we now have a limit of 150 people, once the seat is full, immediately stop registration!
Register NOW: Top 30,
Only need to invest 398 yuan
(Opportunity only once)
(including service charge, venue fee, information fee)
Please pick up your phone immediately and call for 24 hours.
Service Telephone 13880220920 teacher Liu Registration
(Please pick up your phone immediately, call me now, yes, right now)
Or: Please take out your phone immediately, open your micro-mail add:
13880220920 for your micro-letter for friends, enroll in the!!!
Well, the above information is small series to bring to your friends in the detailed 2016 China's comprehensive economic reform, the next three years the most efficient way to make money to share the full content of all, my friends now see here, small series believe that everyone now that is very clear it, I hope that the small series above to share the content can give you want to start a business or are starting a friend to bring useful help.

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