2016 10th: Working with the system

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Big Data Systems recommend this book when you book from Amazon. This book is suitable for a small company's boss to read, when he was busy all day to fire, it must be the company's operating system has a problem. The truth is simple, but enough to make people think. The author of the book has struggled to run the telephone answering service company for 15 years, suddenly a day of epiphany, understand that their system is out of the question, and then use a simple and practical method, step by step to reverse his career and life, the weekly work time is reduced dozens of times times, income increases dozens of times times, see here will let people have a kind of chicken blood feeling Look all the way down, what is the cow x method? It is actually discovering the system, finding the crux, establishing the normative process, and continuously implementing and improving it.

The world is full of systems, eating, driving, meeting, saving, shopping, reading and so on, everywhere is the system. These systems are not chaotic, but orderly, so that the goals of each system can be fulfilled.

The steps are simple: (1) to be enlightened, to see the system, to put itself outside the system, to examine the current system from a higher perspective; (2) to check the system in front of one another and (3) to make three important documents: strategic objectives, general operating principles, working procedures, and (4) implementation and continuous adjustment of optimization.

I think about a few things or projects that are currently experiencing problems and are systems.

One day to the meeting, found that there is no water dispenser, health no one to clean, a look at the room duty table, the original is the duty table only to the June 2016, to the beginning of July we all regardless of this small matter. In fact, the method is very simple, each team rotation duty, a total of 4 teams, 12-month Round 3 times is enough, do not write the year, every year according to this table. (Of course, if it becomes a 5-track team, it will be adjusted immediately)

Again a small thing, the power socket of the conference room hangs on the ground for 2 weeks no one tube, each meeting all saw, very small thing, a little security hidden trouble, everybody does not say also does not ask, this matter who is responsible? Room leaders need to clear this matter is the responsibility of the security officer, or the duty team duty can, from home to find 2 nails, find a small guy used less than 5 minutes to solve the problem.

Hospital travel reimbursement process is quite troublesome, please posture, print approval sheet, invoice issue, invoice, fill out the itinerary, a few attachments? How many documents? After the approval of the hospital, and then into the large system of Sinopec re-fill again, repeatedly, the examination and approval links complex, error frequency, the clerk tired of half-dead. How to improve the system? First there is a webpage, with 1, 2, 3 ... Record each step in detail so you can avoid a lot of mistakes (the page needs to be updated quickly as the financial system changes). How can we improve it? Find the information room to modify the system, you can transfer the relevant data to the Sinopec's process system, everyone will fill in a few lines of data, at least save 10 minutes. The application of copyright in the hospital, the application of Internet use and so on, there is no corresponding system to support, just the process of online access, the key is to update at any time, the waste of the process is not as good.

Once from the hospital Application conference room, fill out the list, and then call the hospital to confirm, to the meeting site, projector No, network connection is not, the problem is many, we are complaining, so simple one thing, where is the problem? The meeting of the big leaders will certainly not have such a problem, because the relevant departments have made countless telephone confirmations, and in advance to see the scene.

Project to fill the weekly, monthly, more than 10 people to modify an XLS file, responsible for summarizing the XLS people miserable, any one in the content of fine-tuning, you have to re-copy, paste. How to solve? A collaborative small page on the line, we log in to change at any time, responsible for the summary of the person to the deadline to export the content. How can we improve it? What is the purpose of filling out these reports? Is high-level managers want to understand the progress of the project, very simple, even XLS do not have to generate, just to let the system to send the final results to the relevant person's mailbox, or the content of the relevant pages integrated into the leadership of the portal also line. This year to appreciate the information center of the project run Big table, may have to go through the hand of more than 50 people to complete the summary, the key is to come once a month, too scary! People who engage in information forget to use information to manage their own information projects.

The door of the oilfield organs to be registered with the ID card, the personnel inside to call the relevant personnel's office landline to confirm, if the person is not in, then change a telephone. How to improve? Some people go to the Bureau every week, can you add a white list, ID card a hand, direct access? Can you set up a conference code, report the person's name, meeting room location, conference room organizer, direct access?


The fix for each problem is a minor improvement in a sub-subsystem that, over time, accumulates to form a solid master system.

This concept corresponds to GTD: GTD focuses on task processing, time management, and self-management, while the book focuses on the construction and optimization of workflow processes.

(1) The strategic goal corresponds to the highest point of view in the six heights of GTD, allowing you to decide what is worth the time and what can be skipped.

(2) The general operating principle corresponds to GTD in the six height of the second level, the equivalent of a person's principles, some things can not do, need to use this to develop a bottom line.

(3) Work procedures correspond to GTD in the five-step process, GTD to do things into the collection, clear meaning, collation, implementation, review, and so on several steps, a large project into a number of small tasks, according to different scenarios to find out what to do, immediately execute.

(4) The weekly review in GTD is in order to constantly update and adjust the system, found some projects in the implementation process of the problem, is not too hectic recently? Addicted to the game too much time? No reading? Constantly revised to trust their own GTD system more. The review process is also easy to diverge, making a step-by-step checklist to make the review process very fulfilling: ① looked at Evernote's main content last week, summarizing last week's work (counting the time spent on important matters) and summarizing it in the monthly personal summary. doc document. ② Empty the photos, scanner software, and tape recorder from your iphone. ③ empty u disk, work log. ④ empty the Inbox on the office computer. ⑤ Open the MacBook and sync the omnifocus. The contents of the Inbox in the OmniFocus are also emptied. ⑥ look at the schedule for the next 1 weeks to see if it needs to be prepared in advance, or if it needs to be handled in advance, or not translated into action. ⑦ look at the ' Wait ' list, is it done, or do you need to hurry up and wait for the person? ⑧ review each item in the OmniFocus (the completed tick. Some headings are not action? The order of actions between the various actions? Is the context appropriate? Need to adjust the cycle? ⑨ Review the creative section within the scope of responsibility.

Oil field recently to promote the "three volumes" (that is, basic unit management manual, grass-roots post operation manual, employee Value Points Management Handbook), found with this book is a thought. For the grassroots, is to make the position clear, step clear, and then continue to implement and improve. The job responsibilities that are written in the unit are usually furnishings, and the final step in the process of oilfield implementation is "constantly adjusted and improved", but this step may be a mere formality. Knowing that the process and procedures are not correct, is not changed, or the process of modification is too cumbersome, out of thin air to increase their workload. Value points these means are suitable for grassroots teams, but for research units? Worth exploring and looking forward to.


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2016 10th: Working with the system

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