2016 inter-year record

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My life uttered has gone to the 28-year-old approaching. In these 28 years, nothing has been accomplished. In the 13, I was hopeful, or ambitious, to change myself at the graduate level and get a good job at graduation. Has changed? Has changed. What about work? No landing.

In the past 2015, I was most desperate for the gone of the past and the disillusionment of my dreams. Once broadcast, write fiction, even just to do the signal of this professional things, these have become a dream. After all of their own death, or to do the worst of the plan, or decide, honestly to be a programmer.

Next, I'm going to be tough on myself. Put C++primer's practice in the blog Park at a rate of one chapter per day. I think of the name, C++primer Fifth edition altogether 19 chapters, called 19 days to finish C++primer. Wish me luck.

2016 inter-year record

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