2016 National Provincial College Entrance examination of the top detail summary list

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2016 National Provincial College Entrance examination of the top detail summary list 
Area Science Champion School Scores Liberal arts champion School Scores
Beijing Zhou Zhenping People's Congress 715 min Huli Beijing Four Middle Scores
Shanghai Li Hanfei Fudan Secondary School 557 min Xu Yi-hin Hua ER Humanities class 700 min
Zhejiang Chang Chen Huzhou Changxing Middle School 749 min King to Pure Zhenhai Middle School 733 min
Jiangsu Wu Day Yi Taixing Secondary School 436 min Weisslen Jiangyan Middle School 427 min
Hebei Mengxiangxi Hengshui Middle School 724 min Shang Hengshui Middle School 706 min
Henan Liu Yunpeng Nanyang in one 709 min Liu Kaixiang Nanyang in one 660 min
Shanxi Wang Yuqing Changzhi Second Middle 696 min Zhou Shi da Kangjie Secondary School 634 min
Anhui Lin Tai wo One middle 703 min Wang Chengko Hefei 168 Middle School 657 min
Sun Yong Inaction Secondary School 703 min
Hubei Mei Know the Rain Wuhan Third Middle School 707 min Cao Jieyi Wuhan Second Middle School 652 min
Jiangxi Ji Yixiong Pro China 700 min Hu Yu Xinyu Yi Zhong 643 min
Guangxi Shing Liuzhou High School 708 min Meng Shaw Gongcheng Secondary School 680 min
Fujian Huanghao Xiamen Foreign Language School 701 min Mr. Chen Fuzhou One middle 651 min
Hainan Yunwen Hainan Middle School 939 points (college entrance examination combined with 900 points + HKCEE 39 points) Song Yuan-ai Hainan Middle School 931 points (college entrance examination combined with 892 points + HKCEE 39 points)
Yunnan Shen Paohan Qujing in one 713 min Mother Chang Cheng Qujing in one 713 min
Jilin Ma Cheng Jilin University affiliated Secondary school 652 min Liumeihan Northeast Normal University affiliated high school 708 min
Guizhou Pan Danyang Guiyang one middle 717 min Lin Chinese Guiyang one middle 704 min
Sichuan Shei Deyang Shifang Secondary School 709 min Liudailei Mianyang Middle School 663 min
Inner mongolia Zhu Jinghuan Hohhot Second Middle 702 min Zhang Likun Hohhot Second Middle 646 min
Gansu Hu Mingyuan, Victoria Wang Yi Middle School of Northwest Normal University 690 min Li Xiaotong Silver 10 in 638 min
Fan Lu Tongwei in one 690 min
Shaanxi Wang Yu ru NPU Affiliated 721 min Chen Zhuo Xi ' an iron Yi Zhong 691 min
Into Tai Li NPU Affiliated 721 min
Ningxia Xu article Yinchuan Second Middle 696 min Tianrun Hui Yinchuan Second Middle 669 min
Chongqing Zheng Yaven Chongqing one Middle 720 min Tang Howen Jia Chongqing one Middle 661 min
Tianjin Aggravate Jixian Yi Zhong 707 min Ma Ningyan
Heilongjiang Wang Triumph Hegang in one 709 min Cutiene Daqing Experimental High School Cutiene

2016 National Provincial College Entrance examination of the top detail summary list

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