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Reading must have a center to maintain interest or goals, the center can be a subject, or a problem. Taking the subject as the center, it is necessary to select the classic books of that section, one to read from beginning to end, in order to have a general understanding of the Section and prepare for further advanced research. Reading works is centered on writers, and historical works are centered on the times.

This is the "how to read a book" In the Advanced Reading section, with questions or subject-centered topics to read. Take a topic as the center, carry on the study and research of related books.

Problem-centric, there must be a problem to be studied, and then take the relevant books to read, in order to obtain information and the opinions of the family on this issue, for their own balanced thinking. Important books still need to see the whole, the other here to see a chapter there to see a section, get the collection of information can be releasing!

This is the key to intensive reading, and Su Shi and Wanglang mentioned that juveniles are scholars and each book is read several times. When there is a sea-going department store, the human energy cannot be collected, but the desired person's ear. Therefore, every time a scholar is willing to make a request. such as mountaineering, a collection of herbs, a collection of minerals, a study of temperature, a study of water quality, each time to study a certain angle of things, rather than study all, to study deep depth, can develop a careful analysis of the habit. In the case of fiction, for the first time, the structure of the story, the second attention to the character description, the third attention to the characters and stories interspersed, the fourth time to pay attention to rhetoric and life attitude, etc., can be a successive study.

Books have a central theme, which makes it easy to organize the system. For example, reading the history books and studying the relationship between the military and the monarch, you can use this theme to link related events in the book. After reading other books, the relevant events and characters can be summed up under this topic.

2016022101-Hundred Celebrities reading Heart 02

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