2019 Korea intelligent robot exhibition

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2019 Korea intelligent robot exhibition
Time: October 22, March 27-29, 2019 location: Seoul township International Expo Center, South Korea

Exhibition introduction:
The one-year Korean international industrial automation project was founded in 1990 and is one of the Professional Exhibitions in Asia focusing on Automation Engineering and machine vision. The exhibition was jointly held by the fifth smart factory, the seventh robot vision, and the 29th industrial automation theme exhibition, it covers motion control, robotics, sensors, industrial software, hydraulic components, and logistics automation. During the same period, the exhibition will also hold supplier seminars, automated business seminars, international automation industry conferences, Machine Vision Technology Seminars, Machine Vision conferences, and other activities, present the latest products and information in the global automation industry to invited enterprise representatives.

The Last smart robot exhibition hall in South Korea attracted nearly 500 enterprises from 13 countries including China, South Korea, the United States, Britain, Italy, Germany, and Japan, the total number of booths is nearly 1500, and the number of audience members reaches 30000. According to the exhibition report, Audience: The number of audience members increased by 2017 compared with that of the 10% exhibition; 54.7% for enterprise department managers and above; 43.5% for smart Factory/industrial automation; exhibitors: the number of exhibitors increased by 2017 compared with the exhibition in 21%, and the number of booths increased by 18%. The 2019 exhibition is expected to open four pavilions.

With the large-scale use of industrial robots and other automation equipment, the labor productivity level of Korea's manufacturing industry has been improved synchronously, providing a strong support for the continuous expansion of production. The growth of per capita output level also exceeds the wage increase, which greatly relieves the profit pressure of enterprises. With the development of intelligent information technology, South Korea's automation industry has developed rapidly. This exhibition will be the best platform for enterprises to enter the Korean and Asian markets, and the best platform for establishing and enhancing corporate brands.

Exhibit scope:
1. Industrial Automation:
A. fa system and device: production automation, index table, coupling, bearing, shaft, lm rail, automatic nozzle, clutch/brake, change/ CER, gear, ball screw, unit, distributor, gas cylinder, compressor, control valve, actuator;
B. sensors and control: sensors, encoders, counters, instruments, indicators, timers, temperature/pressure gauges, flow meters, measurement and testing, PLC, inverters, inverters, switches, controllers, drives, numerical control, relays, temperature control device lights;
C. motion Control and robotics: servo Motor, linear motor, inverter, stepping motor, AC motor, gear motor, CNC controller, motion controller, robot controller, vertical multi-joint robot, bounce robot, palletizing robot, industrial robot, robot related equipment and components;
D. industrial Software: SCADA System, man-machine interface, automatic identification system and solution, S/W, DCs, mes, Das, process monitoring and control environment, touch panel, fieldbus, industrial computer, touch screen, embedded Solution scheme, communication board, Ethernet communication equipment, CAD/CAM, CIM;
E. Hydraulic and pneumatic components: cylinder, compressor, pump, motor, control valve, actuator, industrial pneumatic valve, vacuum system, and nozzle;
2. Robot Vision:
A. systems and devices: Machine Vision System, smart cameras, machine vision sensors, lights, lasers, optical lenses, optical filters, cameras (surface Scanning cameras, Line Scanning cameras, high-speed cameras, infrared camera, X-ray camera), contact image sensor, sensor, frame receiver processor and computer accessories, machine vision measurement system, cable and plug, accessories;
B. applications: bar code, bar code recognition, optical character recognition, security system, location recognition, sequence analysis, Volume Investigation, color phase check, integrity survey/Assembly control, printing check, texture analysis, surface check, parts, robot vision, 2D/3D robot vision, image recognition, 2D/3D Measurement and comparison, ability to transport systems (ITS), medical equipment, security;
C. Service: education, design and development, model development, research and development, consulting, and specialized books.
3. Smart Factory: industrial Software, logistics automation system, transportation robot, automatic door, elevator, transmission belt, transmission equipment, roller, transfer system, barcode system, printer, barcode scanner, handheld terminal, industry-specific TPSs/ RFID/DPS/POS, storage shelves, forklifts, commercial vehicles, cable holders, vacuum transfer systems, rollers, casters, AGV robots, sorting robots, etc.

World-renowned entertainment and entertainment exhibition-consulting service:
China Region-total exhibition unit:
Conference Level 1 agency: Guangzhou diguan Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Contact: Xiao Zhou
Mobile: 15626405967
Tel: 38993551-
Email Box: [email protected]
Address: No. 140, Zhongshan Avenue, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

2019 Korea intelligent robot exhibition

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