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Css-tricks is Chris Coyier's public blog, which is devoted to the topic of CSS. But in recent years, Css-tricks has some of the following extensions:

Chris and Dave Rupert together created the Shoptalk podcast, where you can discuss the web design and development issues.

Chris has a few books, a lynda.com wordpress theme course, and he has created a lodge course to teach people how to make a modern web site.

Super cool items like Codepen,html-ipsum, quotes on. Chris is really a very thoughtful person.

Css-tricks was founded by Chris Coyier in 2007, headquartered in the United States Wyoming State Milwaukee, so far the site's monthly page visits reached 2.7 million.

Website Highlights (What is unique about this site?) :

Celebrity--chris Coyier is the spiritual leader of such a website, and his personal style runs through the project and is a model for many designers. Learn from him and take risks with him.

Fun Reading-Although Chris and I don't know each other personally, we feel like a good base friend, probably because of his openness on his website. In fact, just keep browsing css-tricks is a very good experience, for example, to see css-tricks This 6 years of design revision.

Choose your favorite way to learn Web development-video (see), recording (listening), or classic text reading. Here you can learn about the trends in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, WordPress, and the web design industry. Have to get up!

Css-tricks Related data:

Alexa Internet traffic Rankings: 1737

Google PR Value: 7

Twitter fans: 74,021

Facebook fans: 16,018

Google + fans: 15,970

YouTube Email Subscriptions: 6,177

Speckyboy Design Magazine

Speckyboy was created in Scotland in October 2007 and started as Paul Andrew's personal web design site. Along the way, Speckyboy became one of the most influential design blogs on the web, with a monthly page visit of up to 1.9 million.

The most interesting thing is that this site does not have a physical office, team members are very like this wonderful network lifestyle, no office space and what is it!

Speckyboy offers a unique and profound tutorial, time-saving skills, the latest useful resources and inspiring art, while covering web design and development, graphic design, advertising, mobile apps, and even occasional job openings.

Website Highlights (What is unique about this site?) :

Speckyboy is the first web design blog I've known to have a dedicated iphone and IPad app. If you have an Apple device, be sure to download the test.

By browsing the index, you will find that Speckyboy has published more than 1800 articles over the years.

Web design trends, a variety of cool tools and web design inspiration for easy and enjoyable reading. There are some traditional readings like weekly design news, weekly sales, weekly pages & mobile ideas.

Css-tricks Related data:

Alexa Internet traffic Rankings: 5,084

Google PR Value: 6

Twitter Fans: 50,111

Facebook Fans: 25,231

Google + fans: 5,238

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