25 years old became president of the company 14 years old first venture

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14-Year-old first venture to become president of the company 25 years old

Shu: Online games juvenile magic grew up


In recent times, Sichuan Xun Travel Network Technology Co., Ltd. founder of the "Shu" the name of several well-known investment banks in China became popular, VCs privately called him "Magic Boy."

Zhang ailing said that fame should be early. A little bit right. Not only famous, most things in life, but also the same. Shu--This young man from Sichuan Yaan, primary school third grade began to contact the computer, Junior high school through the network began the first venture, earning the life of the "first bucket of gold." High school graduation with outstanding results into the University of Computer science, but a year later Shu chose to suspend, the creation of their own company.

Today's Shu, aged 25, has become the young president of Sichuan Xun Travel Network Technology Co., Ltd., and has more than 50 employees, while other peers are still looking for internships. The company's earnings last year have been close to the gem requirements level.

Shu to CBN Reporter said: "The economy is still recovering, so I am not anxious to find a venture, nor hurry to go public." When he said this, the youthful vigor of his face was strangely folded up with the sophisticated sophistication.

  14-Year-old earns his life "the first bucket of gold"

Wearing a quite personal black frame glasses, wearing a casual T-shirt, the immediate Shu and playing games in the Internet café, "Young" is no different. However, Shu's card is a clear indication of his identity as president.

For their age and identity, Shu reluctantly smiled, "I rarely mention my real age, because I grew up with a lot of entrepreneurial partners, I think that their psychological age is very mature." ”

"I was probably the first person in China to have access to computers and networks. "When it comes to starting your own business, Shu goes back to the third grade of primary school. At that time, Shu's father's unit had a directors may exercise of 386 for other companies, "computers were very expensive at the time, and few people in China would use them." "Because no one will use it to account, so this computer is shelved in the storehouse." 10-Year-old Little Shu unconsciously on this computer, in a summer, he carried his father 386 moved back home, a whole summer vacation, he was addicted to the DOS and the Man-machine conversation.

After the Shu has been pestering his father to buy himself a computer, and the father's condition is "admitted to Sichuan Yaan the best middle school."

Primary school Graduation exam, Shu, Junior High School, the first grade, parents finally bought him a computer. At that time the interconnection is emerging things, just become junior high school students Shu again began to try "Internet."

"At that time Yaan has no network, no 169, in order to surf the internet, I have to dial Shandong long-distance internet." "Shu recalls. In just one months, Shu spent more than 2000 yuan on the Internet. At the time, it was a big household expense. At the end of the month, Shu's parents flew into a rage and began restricting Shu Internet access.

However, the virtual world of the Internet is full of infinite attraction to him, in order to be able to surf the net, Shu almost all spare time in the Internet café, for the Internet café owner to do technicians, in exchange for free network time.

At that time there is no online games, the most attractive Shu is called "Network mud" of the word mud, which is the predecessor of Internet games, through the text description of the scene to play interactive games. Advanced players can experience the joys of competition through simple programming.

1998, the 14-year-old Netizen Shu began his first "entrepreneurial"-to build his own personal web page "Sichuan Network Alliance." Although the internet was very few people, but "Sichuan Network Alliance" gathered more than 100 people, become the local hot pages.

The next year, under the economic pressure of the internet, Shu and his friends through the network opened the "River-Lake Chat room", in order to improve the interaction of chat rooms, Shu the text mud part of the function of the transplant to the "Lake Chat room", chat room characters can have their own attributes, can be virtual attack each other, Make chatting a lot more interesting.

and Shu try to sell the virtual props in the chat room, by virtue of this little creative, Shu Junior High School earned the life of "the first bucket of gold"-200,000 yuan.

  Beida, Peking University

The school day is tighter than the day, but Shu still uses all the after-school and summer vacations to "do nothing". One of the most popular games at the time was Blizzard's masterpiece, the Diablo.

"Diablo" for Chinese players, the distance from the real online game is only one step away, he can provide up to 8 people online experience multiplayer games. Shu at this moment and several pioneering partners through their own servers and genuine CDK made a "server."

At the same time, in order to persuade parents to agree to put all their spare time in the game, Shu in the classroom is still a serious class "top students."

In the summer of the senior three, Shu body has taken place 2 things in life, the first one is that he got into the computer department of Peking University with a good result, and became the envy of the "Peking University student"; The second is that he found the Internet network Netcom and interconnection contradictions are very serious, so he opened the Sichuan Yaan first double line IDC room. With this project, Shu made a second bucket of gold-about 400,000 yuan.

Summer ended, Shu came to Beijing, saw the famous North Lake. However, at the moment Shu mood is not as calm as lively water.

On the one hand, Shu's career in Sichuan, in Beijing always feel idle heroes:. On the other hand, Shu annoyed that he chose the wrong profession, and that he should choose "management" or "trade" rather than "computer science" that he had mastered.

Two kinds of ideas, one year later, through the deep communication with teachers and parents, Shu finally made a bold decision-"drop out". In order to allow parents to understand, Shu to the school to apply for "suspended."

Peking University, Peking University, such a place that countless students are haunted by, so easily with Shu body.

  The youngest company president

Back in Sichuan, Shu almost all the energy in their own dual-line IDC room, because his room than Beijing similar computer room charges nearly half, so business is very hot.

Shu's room size, from a residential two-bedroom, gradually developed into a three-storey floor, underground two-storey small building. However, the new problems ensued, Sichuan Yaan is a small city, Yaan the Internet bandwidth resources only 155 trillion, and Shu a person's room occupies 100 trillion.

"In the 2005, the number of people in the room began to grow, and for us, due to bandwidth constraints, there is no future." "This year, Shu and partners are starting to think about transformation," Shu said.

Internet games have flourished in the past few years, and the biggest problem the game faces is the "card machine", which is the biggest player in general opinion. The speed of the game is not smooth enough to affect the gaming experience.

In the operating room for several years, Shu accumulated many computer experts in the industry, several people decided after the decision, independent research and development of the "Fast Game accelerator", Qihoo Chairman Zhou

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