27Exchange Server 2010 Cross-Site Deployment-Client Access agent and redirection

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14, aboutExchange 2010Client Access Proxy and redirection

Learn about Exchange Agent and redirection for client access

1, if all Exchange servers are within one site, no need to consider

2, when a user connects to a client Access server and its mailbox is not in the same site, it needs to be proxied or redirected.

3, redirection only occurs when you access OWA and mobile clients .

4, clients that can be accessed by proxy are:Outlook Anywhere,POP3,IMAP4,OWA, ECP , Exchange Web Service,ActiveSync.

5, MAPI access in the intranet is not supported by proxies.

6, as previously demonstrated,Allen is the head of the user, when he goes to visit the branch site of the OWA host domain name, then prompted to jump, which is redirection.

7, when the branch office user Tom accesses mail.robin.com, because the record is the external access URL of the Guangzhou headquarters mail server , when Tom accesses the record opens OWA and can be landed directly, at this time is called as Agent.

8, the client Access server of the branch office must do some configuration to implement the proxy:

1: All External URLs are empty

2: Outlook Anywhere is not enabled

3: authentication for virtual directories such as OWA, ECP,and so on are Windows integrated authentication

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27Exchange Server 2010 Cross-Site Deployment-Client access agent and redirection

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