29th Beijing Olympic Games-Olympic Live Broadcast

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Friday, August 8

, 29th Olympic Games opening ceremony, cctv1, 2, Olympics, HD

Aspect Introduction 1. How to interpret Chinese elements?
2. How to ignition the main torch tower?
3. Who finally ignited the main torch tower?
4. How can fireworks make everyone better off?
5. Can theme songs recreate the myth of hand in hand? Who will sing?

6. Who will walk the Chinese flag in?


Saturday, August 9

8: 34 women's 10-meter air rifle qualifying match-HD
Women's Basketball preliminaries 1st game a group (Belarus vs Australia) -- cctv2
10: 00 women's volleyball preliminaries a group 1st games-cctv2
Women's weightlifting 48 kg finals-Olympics, HD
10: 30 women's 10-meter Air Rifle Final-cctv1
Men's Road Cycling finals-HD
12: 00 gymnastics men's qualifying round: the first event-cctv2
Women's Volleyball Team B 1st games (Algeria vs Brazil)-Olympics, HD
Women's pe personal 1/4 finals-cctv1
Rowing women's single-player semi-finals-cctv1
Women's Volleyball preliminaries a group 3rd games-cctv2
Men's Road Cycling finals-HD
Women's Basketball Team B 3rd games (Spain Vs China)-Olympic Channel
Men's 10-meter air gun finals-cctv1.
Men's Road Cycling finals-HD
Men's Gymnastics qualifying tournament-cctv1, HD
Road bike men's finals: Select departure + sprint -- cctv2
Opening video at -- Olympic Channel
Judo Women's 48 kg and men's 60 kg finals-cctv2, HD
Female Individual semi-finals-Olympic Channel
19: 45 women's football preliminaries (Canada vs. China)-Olympic Channel
Women's Basketball preliminaries (US vs. Czech) -- cctv2
Women's Volleyball preliminaries a Group 2nd games (China vs Venezuela) -- cctv1
Women's sword and bronze medal and gold medal finals-HD
Men's Sands preliminaries, group F, 6th games-Olympic Channel
Women's Volleyball preliminaries group B 3rd games-cctv2

9-day gold medal prediction 7

The first gold will appear today-Women's 10-meter air rifle. However, the women's 48-kilogram finals were also held in the morning, which is also the potential birthplace of the first gold. In addition, Chinese players are expected to hit gold medals and medals in women's pe, Women's 48-kilogram judo, and men's 10-meter air gun.
Contestant recommendation:
Women's shooting 10-meter air rifle ---- Du Li, Zhao yinghui
48 kg Women's weightlifting ---- Chen luxia, Wang mingjuan, Yang Lian
Man shot a 10-meter air gun ---- tan zongliang, pet Wei
Women's personal pe ---- tan Xue, Bao Yingying
48 kg Women's Judo ---- Wu root, peak

Sunday, August 10

, 1st men's basketball team, group B (Russia vs Iran) -- cctv2
-Olympic Games
Men's 400-meter individual medley finals-HD
10: 00 swimming finals-cctv1.
Gymnastics Women's qualifying tournament (Chinese Team)-Olympic Channel
Female hockey preliminaries (China vs. New Zealand) -- cctv2
Archery Women's Group finals-cctv2
Women's 10-meter air gun final-Olympics, HD
Chinese men's volleyball or recorded Men's Basketball Team (Angola qualifying team B) -- cctv1
Boxing at -- cctv2
Women's gymnastics qualifying round 2nd games-Olympic Channel
Road bike departure, water polo (Serbia vs Germany) -- cctv2
Women's diving double 3-meter board finals-cctv1.
Men's UFO finals-Olympic Channel
Rowing men light pair, men light four single, women light four double preliminaries -- cctv1.
Women's weightlifting 53 kg finals-cctv2, HD
Archery Women's semi-finals and finals-Olympic Channel
Men's Basketball pre-Finals 4th game a group (Lithuania vs Argentina) -- cctv1
Men's soccer preliminaries 4 select 1, women's gymnastics qualifying tournament-cctv2
Archery Women's Group finals-HD
Judo Women's 52 kg, men's 66 kg finals-cctv2
Men's weightlifting 56 kg a group finals-HD
Male preliminaries (Italy vs South Korea) -- cctv2
Male preliminaries (Belgium Vs China)-Olympic Channel
Men's weightlifting 56 kg finals-cctv1
Men's Volleyball preliminaries: China vs Bulgaria -- cctv2
Men's bronze medal-finals-cctv1.
Men's Basketball pre-Finals 6th game B group (China vs the United States) -- cctv2

14 gold medal predictions on the 10th day

Today, a total of 7 projects and 14 finals were held. The Chinese army is expected to hit gold or medals in women's 3-meter springboard diving, Women's Judo, Women's archery and other projects.
Contestant recommendation:
Women's diving double 3-meter springboard ---- Guo Jingjing, Wu minxia
Men's personal swords ---- Wang Lei
Women's archery group-Chinese women's archery team
Women's 10 meters gas gun ---- Ren Jie, Guo Wenyu
53-kg Women's weightlifting ---- Qiu hongxia and Li Ping
56-kg men's weightlifting ---- Li Zheng and Wu meijin
52 kg Women's Judo ---- Yi Dongmei

Monday, January 1, August 11

Men's hockey preliminaries (Germany Vs China)-Olympics, HD
Women's Basketball preliminaries 7th game B (New Zealand vs qualifying team e) -- cctv2
Women's 100-meter semi-finals-cctv1.
Badminton women's doubles 1/4 finals-Olympic Channel
Female sand preliminaries-cctv2
Women's Volleyball preliminaries, group B, 5th games, first round of tennis men's tickets-cctv2
Men's 10-meter air rifle finals, badminton, women's personal huajian 1/4 finals-Olympics, HD
Women's Volleyball preliminaries a group 4th games, broadcast live broadcast tennis women's singles first round (China)
Diving Men's Doubles 10 meters finals-cctv1
Women's preliminaries group A, archery men's group-cctv1
Women's Volleyball preliminaries group B 6th important tennis competitions-cctv2
14: 30 women's UFO finals-Olympic Channel
Men's Doubles, 10 meters, finals-HD
Women's weightlifting 58 kg finals-Olympics, HD
Archery men's league finals-Olympic Channel
PM 1/4 finals (Chinese Team) -- cctv1.
16: 00 whitewater kayak, insert boxing video -- cctv2
Women's Basketball preliminaries 10th game B group-cctv1
Male 62 kg a group-Olympic Channel
Men's archery finals-HD
Judo women 57, male 73 finals -- cctv2.
Men's weightlifting 62 kg finals-Olympic Channel
Badminton-Olympic Channel
Women's personal huajian semi-finals-HD
Women's Basketball preliminaries (China vs. USA) -- cctv2
Women's Volleyball preliminaries a group 5th games (China vs Poland) -- cctv1
Women's personal huajian 3-4 finals-HD
Women's personal huajian finals-HD
Women's Volleyball preliminaries a group 6th games-cctv2
Women's Basketball preliminaries 12th game a group-cctv2

13 gold medal predictions on November 11

Today, we have 6 projects and 13 finals. Chinese players are expected to hit gold or medals in projects such as men's 10-meter diving and men's 10-meter air rifle.
Contestant recommendation:
Men's 10 meters air rifle ---- Zhu Qinan, Cao Yifei
Men's diving 2-member 10-meter platform ---- Lin Yue, huoliang
Female UFO multi-direction ---- Liu Yingzi
58-kg Women's weightlifting ---- Chen Yanqing, Qiu Hongmei
Men's weightlifting: 62 kg-Zhang Xiangxiang and Zhang Jie
57 kg Women's Judo ---- Xu Yan

Tuesday, August 12

Gymnastics men's team finals-Olympic Channel
Apsaravideo live at: nvwa (Argentina vs UK) -- cctv2
Men's Basketball Pre-competition (Iran vs Lithuania) -- cctv2
10: 00 swimming finals-cctv1.
Broadcast preparation: Men's Volleyball preliminaries-cctv2
10: 00 gymnastics men's team finals-Olympics and HD
Female sand preliminaries-cctv2
Top 16 competitions for men's singles, doubles, and mixed doubles at-Olympic Channel
Men's 50-meter shoot in Slow Shooting finals-cctv2
Male preliminaries, group A, 4th games -- cctv1.
Female preliminaries or women's songs (Argentina vs UK) -- cctv2
Men's Basketball pre-Finals (Russia vs qualifying team A)-Olympic Channel
14: 00 broadcast preparation: male (China vs. France)-Olympic Channel
Diving women's double 10-meter finals, mixed badminton/Men's tickets/Double men's matches (China) -- cctv1, HD
Men's UFO double multiple finals-cctv2
Women's weightlifting 63 kg level A, kayak rapids Men Single kayak final-Olympics, HD
Men's Basketball pre-Finals 10th game a group (China vs Spain) -- cctv1.
Women's softball preliminaries (China vs. Holland) -- cctv2
Men's wrestling classical 55 kg final, canoe flux men's single kayak final,

Men's wrestling classical finals-Olympics, HD
Judo Women's 63 kg and men's 81 kg finals-cctv2, HD
Men's weightlifting 69 kg a group-Olympic Channel
19: 45 women's football preliminaries (China vs. Argentina), men's individual pe finals, and swimming preliminaries-cctv1
Men's Basketball pre-Finals 11th game a group (Angola vs USA) -- cctv2
Men's fencing all swords finals-HD
Women's song preliminaries group A (China vs South Africa), badminton (China)-Olympic Channel
Men's Basketball preliminaries (Argentina vs Australia) -- cctv2

19 gold medal predictions on the 12th

Today, a total of 9 projects and 19 finals were held. Chinese players are expected to hit gold or medals in women's-meter diving, gymnastics men's groups, and Weightlifting Men's 69-kilogram categories.
Contestant recommendation:
Men's Gymnastics group-Chinese Men's Gymnastics Team
Men's 50-meter gun shoot slowly ---- Lin zhongzai, Tan zongliang
Men's UFO dual multi-direction ---- Hu binyuan
Women's diving 2-member 10-meter platform ---- Chen ruolin, Wang Xin
Women's Judo 63 kg ---- Xu Yuhua
Man weightlifting ---- Liao Hui, Zhang guozheng, Shi Zhiyong
Women's weightlifting 63 kg ---- Liu haixia

Wednesday, January 1, August 13

-Olympic Channel
Badminton not played on (China)-cctv1
Men's 100 m freestyle semi-finals, Women's 200 m freestyle finals, men's 200 m Butterfly finals,

Women's 200-meter butterfly semi-finals, men's 200-meter breaststroke semi-finals, Women's 200-meter semi-finals,

Men's 4*200-meter freestyle race-HD
Badminton Women's semi-finals, female tickets, and double men's 1/4 finals-cctv2
10: 00 swimming finals-cctv1.
Gymnastics Women's Group finals-Olympic Channel
Men's personal huajian 1/4 finals-cctv1
Women's Volleyball preliminaries 7th game B group-Olympic Channel
Male preliminaries (China vs. South Korea) and Women's beach volleyball preliminaries E
Men's diving 3-meter board finals-cctv1.
Women's Volleyball preliminaries group A in group 9th-cctv2
Women's 25-meter sports gun final-Olympic Channel
Women's weightlifting 69 kg level a group, kayak rapids women's single preliminaries, men's double kayak preliminaries-Olympics, HD
Broadcast preparation at pm: female (China vs Angola) -- cctv2
Women's personal swords 1/4 finals-cctv1
00 tennis -- cctv2
Women's Basketball preliminaries 16th game a group (China vs New Zealand) -- cctv1.
Men's wrestling classical finals-HD
18: 00 beach volleyball -- cctv2
Women's Judo 70 kg, men's Judo 90 kg-HD
Men's personal huajian semi-finals 2 games, men's classical 75 kg finals-cctv1
-Olympic Channel
19: 00 judo Women's 70 kg and men's 90 kg finals-cctv2
19: 31 women's individual swords semi-finals-HD
Men's soccer preliminaries (China vs. Brazil)-Olympic Channel
Women's Volleyball preliminaries 8th game B group (China vs Cuba) -- cctv1
Women's Basketball preliminaries (Australia vs South Korea) -- cctv2
Men's 3-4 finals -- hd
Women's personal swords 3-4 finals-HD
Men's personal huajian finals HD
Women's personal finals-cctv1.
22:00 table tennis -- cctv2

October 13 gold medal prediction 14

There are 14 finals today. Chinese contestants will initiate an impact on gold or medals in diving, judo, archery and other projects.
Contestant recommendation:
Female 25-meter sports gun ---- Chen Ying
Women's gymnastics group-Chinese women's gymnastics team
Men's diving, double 3-meter springboard ---- Wang Feng, Qin Kai
69 kg Women's weightlifting ---- Liu chunhong
Men's wrestling: 66 kg-Li Yanyan
77-kg men's weightlifting ---- Li Hongli
Men's personal swords ---- thunder
70 kg Women's Judo ---- Wang Juan
Women's personal swords-zhong Weiping, Li Na

Thursday, August 14

Women's Hockey preliminaries group A (China vs Holland)-Olympic Channel
Men's Basketball pre-Finals 13th game a (qualifying team BVS Spain) -- cctv2
Men's 200 m breaststroke finals, Women's 100 m freestyle semi-finals, men's 200 m backstroke semi-finals,

Women's 200-meter butterfly finals, men's 100-meter freestyle finals, Women's 200-meter breaststroke semi-finals,

Men's 200-meter individual medley semi-finals, Women's 4*200-meter freestyle relay finals-HD
Badminton men's singles and mixed doubles 1/4 finals-cctv2
Four swimming competitions at -- cctv1.
Gymnastics men's individual all-powerful finals-Olympic Channel
Women's 50-meter rifle three-pose finals-cctv1, HD
2nd round for men and women in table tennis at -- cctv1
2nd rounds of Table Tennis Team (Chinese Team) at -- cctv1
Men's Basketball pre-Finals 15th game group B (China vs Angola)-Olympic Channel
Women's UFO two-way finals-cctv2, HD
Women's base preliminaries (China vs. Australia) -- cctv1
Male (China vs. Spain) -- cctv2
Decisions made by men and women at-Olympic Channel
Women's archery individual semi-finals and finals-cctv1
Men wrestling classical 84 kg finals-HD
Rowing semi-finals-cctv1
Women's sword group Bronze Medal (Chinese Team)-cctv2, HD
-Olympic Channel
19: 00 women's sword group finals-cctv2, HD
Men's Basketball pre-Finals 17th game a (US vs qualifying team c) -- cctv2, HD
3rd rounds of Group Competitions for men's and women's groups at -- cctv1.
Tennis women's double 1/4 finals, broadcast live: the second day of the Equestrian group costumes and dance finals-cctv2

17 gold medal predictions on the 14th

Today, we have a total of 9 projects and 17 finals. Chinese players are expected to experience a gold medal or medal in the women's shooting, archery, judo, pe, single kayak, 200-meter butterfly, men's gymnastics all-powerful, double kayak and other project finals.
Contestant recommendation:
Women's 50-meter rifle 3*20 ---- duli and burusi
Two-way flying saucer for Women ---- Wei Ning
Women's Team pe ---- Chinese women's team
78 kg Women's Judo ---- Yang xiuli, Liu Xia
Gymnastics men's individual all-powerful ---- Yang Wei
Men's double kayak ---- Hu Haiming, Shu junrong
Women's single kayak ---- Li Jingjing

Friday, August 15

Men's Basketball pre-Finals 18th game B group-cctv2
Men's hockey preliminaries (China vs. Spain)-Olympics, HD
Women's beach volleyball first 16 semi-finals-cctv1
Broadcast preparation: female (Kazakhstan Vs China)-Olympic Channel
Badminton men's tickets and men's doubles semi-finals-cctv2
Four swimming competitions at -- cctv1.
Men's 50-meter freestyle semi-finals, Women's 200-meter breaststroke finals, men's 200-meter backstroke finals,

Women's 200-meter backstroke semi-finals, Women's 100-meter freestyle finals, men's 200-meter individual medley finals-HD
Gymnastics Women's Individual All-Around finals-Olympics, HD
Men's 50-meter rifle shooting finals-cctv1
Women's Volleyball preliminaries 10th game a group-cctv1
Men's semi-finals -- cctv2
, The first semi-finals of the Women's table tennis team-cctv1.
-Olympic Channel
Women's weightlifting 75 kg finals-cctv2, HD
16: 00 women's doubles semi-finals, Women's base (China VS Canada), Women's sand Top 16 semi-finals (Chinese Team)-Olympic Channel
Women's Basketball preliminaries (China vs. Mali) -- cctv1.
Archery men's semi-finals, three or four competitions, finals-cctv2, HD
Boxing 60 kg pre-Finals (China), judo women 78 kg to superiors, men 100 kg to superiors finals,

-Class male competition-cctv2.
Badminton women's doubles finals-HD
-Olympic Channel
19: 50 badminton women's double 3-4, finals, men's singles semi-finals-cctv1
Broadcast preparation at: group A of Women's Volleyball preliminaries-cctv2
Women's football 1/4 finals-Olympic Channel
Women's Basketball preliminaries-cctv2

16 gold medal predictions on the 15th day

Today, there are 16 finals in total for 10 projects. Chinese players will initiate an impact on the gold medal or medal in women's gymnastics, Badminton Doubles, 200-meter breaststroke, 78-kilogram judo and Men's 50-meter rifle shooting competitions.
Contestant recommendation:
Men's weightlifting: 85 kg-Lu Yong
Women's Badminton Doubles-Yang Wei and Zhang Jiewen; Du Yu and Yu Yang; Wei tieli and Zhang yawen
Gymnastics female individual all-powerful-jianglaiyuan
Women's Judo 78 kg to superiors-yan Wen, Liu huan yuan


Saturday, August 16
Women's Volleyball Team or female blue (Chinese Team)) -- cctv2
men's 20 km competition finals -- cctv1. HD
Women's Group qijian's first 16 knockout matches -- cctv2
Men's Basketball pre-finals: 19th (qualifying team C angola) -- Olympic channel
Men's Volleyball preliminaries group B (China vs. USA) -- cctv2
10: 00 badminton women's singles, three men's singles finals, three women's singles finals-Olympics, high-definition
swimming 4 finals-cctv1
athletics Women 100 meters first round -- cctv1
Men's 25-meter Shoot Final -- cctv2
athletics men's iron cake and geek, Women's 400-meter first round -- cctv1
tennis men's Singles semi-finals- V2
Women's base (China vs. Japan) -- cctv1
Men's Basketball pre-Finals 21st game a group -- cctv1
Men's Basketball Team semi-finals 1st games -- Olympic channel
men's UFO two-way finals -- cctv2, HD
16: 00 rowing finals and women's two-member dual-paddle finals-cctv1
16: 00 trampoline men's and women's qualifying competitions-cctv2
Men's Basketball preliminaries 22nd game a (Iran vs Argentina) -- cctv2 and HD
0: 40 wrestling Women's freestyle 48-kilogram and 55-kilogram finals -- cctv1.
Venue: bike men's semi-finals, finals, and men's preliminaries (Chinese Team) -- cctv1
badminton Chinese mixed doubles semi-finals -- cctv2
Badminton men's doubles finals -- hd
Women's weightlifting 75 kg level to higher level finals -- cctv2
table Tennis men's semi-finals, Badminton men's doubles finals, men's singles bronze, Women's Singles finals,
nvqu (China vs South Korea) -- Olympic channel
Men's Basketball pre-Finals (China vs qualifying team B) athletics men's 100-meter finals-cctv1
Fencing female flower group finals-cctv2
Men's Basketball preliminaries (Spain vs the United States)-cctv2

30 gold medal predictions on the 16 th
Today, a total of 30 finals were held for 11 projects. Chinese players are expected to initiate an impact on the gold medal or medal in badminton women's singles, Women's shot put, and other projects.
Contestant recommendation:
Women's Badminton Singles-Xie xingfang, Zhang Ning, Lu Lan, Zhu Lin
Female rowing for two men and two men-Li Qin and Tian Jing
Women's wrestling-level free-of-charge-ren's snow layer, Li Xiaomei
Women's weightlifting 75 kg to superiors-mu Shuang
A 25-meter shoot for men -- Zhang penghui
Men's Badminton Doubles-Cai Yu, Fu Haifeng; Guo Zhendong and Xie zhongbo
Women's wrestling free 55 kg-Xu Li

Sunday, August 17
Women's marathon finals-cctv2 and HD
Women's softball preliminaries (China vs Chinese Taipei)-Olympic Channel
Men's 1500 m Freestyle finals, Women's 50 m Freestyle finals, Women's 4*100 m individual medley
Men's 4*100 m individual medley finals-cctv1.
Baseball (China vs. Holland)-cctv2
Women's beach volleyball 1/4 finals (China)-Olympic Channel
Women's marathon finals-HD
Women's Basketball preliminaries (Australia vs Russia) -- cctv2
-Olympic Channel
Women's Singles finals-cctv1
Men's 50-meter rifle three-pose finals-Olympics, HD
PM-15th Women's Volleyball preliminaries in Group A-cctv1
Female blue preliminaries 27th game a group -- cctv2.
-Olympic Channel
Men's rowing light-weight dual-paddle finals-HD
Rowing 7 finals-Olympic Channel
16: 00 tennis women's singles finals-cctv1
Men's rowing light-weight four-person single-propeller finals-HD
16: 30 female hands (China vs. France) -- cctv2
Women's rowing four-person dual-paddle finals-HD
Men's rowing four-person dual-paddle finals-HD
Women's eight-member single-propeller finals-HD
Men's rowing eight-member single-propeller finals-HD
Wrestling freestyle women 63 kg, 72 kg finals, venue bicycles-cctv1
Gymnastics 4 individual finals-Olympics and HD
Badminton mixed doubles, three or four competitions and finals-cctv2 and HD
19: 50 women's table tennis team finals and Badminton men's tickets finals-cctv1
20: 30 women's diving single 3-meter board finals and athletics finals-Olympic Channel
Women's Volleyball (China vs. Japan) -- cctv2
Broadcast preparation: Women's Basketball preliminaries (New Zealand vs the United States) -- cctv2

34 gold medal predictions on the 17th
Today is the day with the most gold medals. The Chinese contestants will launch an impact on about 10 gold medals in several projects, including gymnastics, badminton, table tennis, diving, shooting, and rowing.
Contestant recommendation:
Men's 50-meter rifle, 3x40 -- Jia zhanbo
Women's marathon-Zhou chunxiu
Men's rowing light-weight four-person single pulp-Huang zhongming, Tian Jun, Wu chongkui, Zhang Lin
Women's wrestling: 63 kilograms-jing ruixue and Xu Haiyan
Wang Xu
Tennis women's doubles-Zheng Jie and Yan Zi
Badminton mixed doubles-Zheng Bo and Gao Yu; he hanbin and Yu Yang
Men's Badminton Singles-Lin Dan, Bao chunlai, and Chen Jin
Women's diving 3-meter board-Guo Jingjing and Wu minxia
Chinese women's table tennis team
Gymnastics men's saddle horse -- Xiao Qin
Gymnastics Women's horse jumping-cheng Fei
Women's free gymnastics-cheng Fei

Monday, January 1, August 18
Female preliminaries group B (Germany vs Japan) -- cctv2
Athletics preliminaries-cctv1
Men's Basketball pre-Finals 25th game a (Iran vs qualifying team A)-Olympic Channel
Women's triathlon finals-cctv2 and HD
Male Sha 1/4 finals-Olympic Channel
Women's softball preliminaries (China vs the United States)-Olympic Channel
Male preliminaries 13th game B group (Germany vs Brazil) -- cctv1, HD
Men's Basketball pre-Finals 26th game B group-cctv2
Men's Basketball pre-Finals 27th game group B (China vs qualifying team) -- cctv1.
Male preliminaries 15th game a group -- cctv2
-Olympic Channel
Male hands (China vs Croatia) or synchronized swimming preliminaries Technical Selection for two persons-cctv2
Venue: two bicycle finals, 1/4 finals-cctv1.
Men's Basketball preliminaries (Angola vs Spain)-Olympic Channel
Gymnastics three individual finals, trampoline Women's Singles finals-cctv2, HD
At, the men's basketball team finals and men's basketball pre-Finals (US vs qualification Team) -- Olympics, HD
Athletics 6 finals-cctv1
Men's sandband 1/4 finals-cctv2
Men's Basketball preliminaries (Argentina vs Russia) -- cctv2

18 gold medal predictions on the 18 th
Today, there are 18 finals in total for 8 projects. Chinese players are expected to launch an impact on the gold medal or medal in Table Tennis men's groups, men's rings, men's horses, and women's high bars. The much-watched Liu Xiang will also make his debut, taking part in the first round of preliminaries for men starting.
Contestant recommendation:
Men's Table Tennis Team-Chinese Men's Table Tennis Team
Gymnastics men's rings-Chen Yibing
High barrier for gymnastics women-He Kexin and Yang Yilin
Gymnastics Men's Horse Jumping-Li Xiaopeng
Women's trampoline-Huang Shanshan

Tuesday, August 19
Male preliminaries group B (Netherlands vs Pakistan) -- cctv2
-Olympic Channel
Women's sandpair semi-finals 2 games-cctv1, HD
Female Volleyball 1/4 finals-cctv2
Diving men's single 3-meter semi-finals-Olympic Channel
Men's triathlon finals-cctv1.
Female ball 1/4 finals-cctv2
Female Volleyball 1/4 finals-Olympics and HD
14: 00 18-day equestrian group obstacle competition finals-cctv2.
, One women's basketball 1/4 finals-cctv1, HD
Synchronized swimming preliminaries (freely selected for two persons) -- cctv2
-Olympic Channel
Women's site bicycle competition semi-finals 1st group-HD
Men's site bicycle competition semi-finals 1st group-HD
Women's Basketball 1/4 finals one game-cctv1
Men's field Cycling Competition 9-12 times-HD
Women's site bicycle competition semi-finals 2nd group-HD
Men's site bicycle competition semi-finals 2nd group-HD
Canoe men's 500-meter double rowing preliminaries, canoe men's single 500-meter rowing preliminaries
-- Cctv2
Women's site Cycling Competition 9-12 times-HD
Men wrestling freestyle 55 kg finals-HD
Men's site bicycle Madison finals-HD
Male semi-finals 1 game-cctv2
Gymnastics men's parallel bars finals, gymnastics Women's balance wood finals, gymnastics men's parallel bars finals
-- Olympics, HD
Boxing forty-eight 1/4 finals 4 games-cctv2
Women's Volleyball 1/4 finals 1-cctv2
20: 15 trampoline men's single final-cctv1
20: 30 men diving single 3-meter board finals-Olympics, HD
Athletics 4 finals-cctv1
Men's 400 m semi-finals-HD
Women's Volleyball 1/4 finals 1-cctv2
Athletics Women's 400-meter finals-HD

20 gold medal predictions on the 19th
Today, we have 20 finals in nine projects. Chinese players are expected to launch an impact on the gold medal or medal in gymnastics men's horizontal bars, men's horizontal bars, Women's balancer, diving men's single 3-meter panel, Women's lawn boat laser readier level, trampoline men's individual and other projects.
Contestant recommendation:
Gymnastics men's parallel bars-Yang Wei, Li Xiaoyu, Huang Xu
Men's trampoline-ye Shuai
Men's diving 3 meters -- Wang Feng and He Chong
Women's boat laser readier-Xu Lijia

Wednesday, January 1, August 20
, Two men's semi-finals -- cctv2
Swimming Women's 10 km marathon swimming finals-HD
Men's Volleyball 1/4 finals 1 game-cctv1
-Olympic Channel
Equestrian individual dress and dance finals-cctv2
Men's Volleyball 1/4 finals: Olympics, HD
Female semi-finals seed 3-seed 4-cctv1
Men's water polo 1/4 finals 1 game-cctv2
Male 1/4 finals 1 game-cctv2
Men's Basketball 1/4 finals-Olympic Channel
Synchronized swimming finals (free for double choice) -- cctv1.
Canoe men's 1000-meter double rowing semi-finals, men's 1000-meter four-person kayak semi-finals,
The first four kayaks-cctv1
Men's Basketball 1/4 finals-Olympic Channel
17: 00 Taekwondo Women's semi-finals under 49 kilograms-cctv1.
Women's base Bronze Medal (China) -- cctv2
Men wrestling freestyle finals-HD
Venue: Male and Female competition finals at (downsizing of three groups) -- cctv1.
Taekwondo men under 58 kilograms semi-finals-HD
Men wrestling free 74 kg finals-HD
Broadcast preparation: nvwa semi-finals (China) and nvwa-cctv2
19: 00 baseball (Chinese Team) -- cctv2
19: 10 women's chain ball finals-HD
Men's Volleyball 1/4 finals-cctv2
20: 00 Taekwondo Women's finals under 49 kilograms -- cctv1.
Men's Basketball 1/4 finals-Olympic Channel
20: 11 athletics finals-cctv1
20: 45 taekwondo men's finals under 58 kilograms-HD
Athletics men's semi-finals in the 110 m column-HD
Athletics Women's 200 semi-finals-HD
Male Basketball 1/4 finals 1 game-cctv2
Athletics men's 200-meter finals-HD

11 gold medal predictions on the 20th
Today's medals are scattered in six projects: Three athletics, two freestyle wrestling, one women's 10 km Marathon Swimming, and one synchronized swimming, 2 Taekwondo and 2 sailing boats.
Contestant recommendation:
Men's final font-Zhou yuanguo
Female banner-Yin Jian
Wu Jingyu

Thursday, August 21 (110 m hurdles final)
Women's 20 km competition finals and track and field insertion-cctv1, HD
Women's beach volleyball Bronze Battle-cctv2
Men's Volleyball 1/4 finals-Olympic Channel
Table Tennis female ticket 4th Round 1 game (China) -- cctv2
Diving women's single 10 meters semi-finals-Olympic Channel
Boys' and female racing semi-finals-cctv1
10: 51 men's 10 km marathon swimming finals-HD
Women's sandplatoon finals-cctv2
Men's and women's racing finals-cctv1.
Men's 10 km marathon swimming finals-HD
Men's 10 km marathon swimming finals-HD
Women's Volleyball semi-finals 1st (Chinese Team)-cctv2, HD
Gymnastics performances at pm-cctv1
-Olympic Channel
15: 00 Taekwondo Women's 1/4-level finals under 57 kilograms-cctv1.
Male 9-10 rankings-cctv2
Kayak men's 500-meter double kayak, men's 500-meter double rowing, Women's 500-meter double kayak half
-Olympic Channel
16: 00 taekwondo men under 68 kg level 1/4 finals-HD
16: 20 female hands 5-8 Qualifying games 2-cctv2
Women's water polo Bronze Battle-cctv1
Men wrestling freestyle 84 kg finals-HD
Two finals for table tennis women's tickets 1/4-Olympic Channel
Men wrestling freestyle 96-kilogram finals-HD
Men wrestling 96-kilogram finals and 84-kilogram men's finals
18: 20 women's water polo finals --- cctv2
Men wrestling freestyle 120 Class finals-HD
19: 21 athletics Women's ins finals, men's third-level Long Jump finals, men's 400-meter finals, and Women's 200-meter finals
Competition, men's 110-meter hurdles finals-HD
Athletics -- cctv1
Women's Volleyball semi-finals 2nd-cctv2
20: 00 women's diving single 10 meters finals-Olympic Channel
Ping pong men's singles round 4th (China)-Olympic Channel
Women's Basketball semi-finals 2nd-cctv2

23 gold medals on November 21
Today, 23 finals of 13 projects are held. Chinese players are expected to have a strong impact on gold or medals in athletics, diving, Taekwondo and other projects.
Contestant recommendation:
Men's Track and Field column 110-Liu Xiang
10 meters for women's diving-Chen ruolin and Wang Xin

Friday, June August 22
Men's 50 km championship, athletics-cctv2, HD
21-day women's base finals- V2
men's beach volleyball bronze medal -- cctv1
21 men's modern five items-cctv1
Women's Singles semi-finals 2 games-Olympic channel
men's sandband finals-cctv1, HD
men's water polo semi-finals-1st men's Women's Basketball semi-finals at PM
Men's Volleyball semi-finals-games-cctv2 and HD
4 men's tickets in 1/4 finals-Olympic channel
Women's songs 5-6 finals-cctv2
synchronized swimming preliminaries (selected by Group Technology) kayak Women's 500-meter four-person kayak finals,
men's 1000-meter double kayak finals, men's 1000-meter double rowing finals, men's 1000-meter four-person kayak finals, men's 1000-meter single-person kayak final, men's 1000-meter Single Boat final, boxing
semi-final -- cctv1, HD
16: 00 women's mountain bicycle offroad final -- cctv2, HD
21 female semi-final 2 events -- cctv1.
, 21, equestrian individual obstacle competition finals -- cctv2
Women's song bronze war -- cctv2
boxing 48-kilogram semi-finals 2 events -- Olympic channel, HD
table tennis women's singles three or four competitions -- Olympic channel
athletics -- cctv1
Men's Basketball semi-finals 1st -- cctv2
Women's modern five-way running finals -- hd
2nd men's singles finals at -- Olympic Games and HD
1500 men's semi-finals at -- Olympic channel
athletics men's-meter finals -- hd
athletics men's 4*100-meter relay finals-HD
Men's Basketball semi-finals 2nd-cctv2

20 gold medal predictions on 22nd
Today, athletics exclusive 7 gold medals, followed by pihua boat/hydrostatic, contributing 6 gold. In the remaining projects, apart from Taekwondo, two gold medals will be produced. Mountain bicycles, hockey, modern five items, table tennis and beach volleyball will all have only one gold medal.
Contestant recommendation:
Women's Singles in Table Tennis-Zhang Yining, Guo Yue, and Wang Nan
500-meter Women's four-person kayak-Wang Feng, He Jing, Yu lamei, and Yang Yali

Saturday, August 23
Am 22 Men's Volleyball semi-finals-cctv2
Diving Men Single 10 meters semi-finals-cctv1, HD
Table Tennis men's singles semi-finals 2 games-Olympic Channel
Broadcast preparation: Male Soccer finals-cctv2, Olympics, HD
Women's Volleyball bronze battles-cctv2 and Olympics
Synchronized swimming finals (Free Community selection) -- cctv1.
At, 67 or more Taekwondo women, 80 male men, 1/4 finals, semi-finals-Olympic Channel
Female finals-cctv2
Men's 500-meter single kayak final, men's 500-meter Single Boat final, Women's 500-meter single
People kayak finals, men's 500-meter double kayak finals, men's 500-meter double canoe finals, women
500-meter double kayak final-cctv1
On the 22nd baseball semi-finals-HD
Women's song finals-cctv1
Artistic Gymnastics Individual all-powerful finals-cctv2, HD
-Olympic Channel
Women's volleyball finals (Chinese Team) -- cctv1. 2
Men's 10-meter runway finals-HD
-Olympic Channel
Boxing men heavyweight 91 kg finals-HD
Athletics-Olympic Channel
Women's Basketball Finals-cctv2

31 gold medal predictions on the 23rd
Today, 31 finals of 15 projects are held. Chinese players have a strong impact on gold or medals in table tennis, diving, and other projects.
Contestant recommendation:
Men's Singles in Table Tennis-Wang liqin, Wang Hao, and Ma Lin
Men's 500-meter double rowing boat -- Yang Wenjun, Meng guanliang
Men's 500-meter single boat -- Yang Wenjun
Women's 500-meter single kayak-zhong Hongyan
Female Volleyball-Chinese Female Volleyball Team
10 meters for men diving-Zhou luxin, Lin Yue, and huoliang
Women's Taekwondo 67 kg to superiors-Chen Zhong

Sunday, August 24
Men's marathon finals-cctv2 and HD
11: 00 Artistic Gymnastics collective finals-cctv2
Men's Basketball Bronze Battle-cctv2
Men's volleyball finals-Olympics and HD
Boxing 6 finals at -- cctv1
Boxing men's light heavyweight 48 kg finals-HD
Men's Basketball Finals-Olympics and HD
Men's ball final-cctv2
Closing Ceremony: cctv1, Olympics, HD

6 gold medal predictions on the 24th day
There were 6 finals on that day. Chinese players have a strong impact on medals in several projects, such as men's boxing of 48 kilograms and men's boxing of 69 kilograms. The 29th Olympic Games will end on this day, but the Olympic spirit will continue.
Contestant recommendation:
Men's boxing: 48 kg-Zou Shiming
Men's boxing: 69 kgs-haratti

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