3. Car Repair master

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3. Car Repair master

This poor car repairer certainly does not know that we are talking about him behind the scenes. : P

The "perfect waste Man" on the ABP has an impressive signature:

C ++ is just a language I have learned! I used to waste a year studying it, but now I feel a little guilty. I hate it more and more! I will switch to Java tomorrow. What do you want!

It reminds me of the following words:

"……" It's just a lie I told you! I used to say this only to ask you to learn "blue-collar software" from us. I want to lie to your money, but now I feel a little guilty. I rely on it to make more and more money! I will propose a new concept tomorrow. What do you want!

About this "...", There is a classic question: "Can you accept the management of a person whose technology is not as good as yours ?", And this "..." The content is: "excellent project managers can not understand the technology ."

It should be admitted that this is a very successful advertisement plan.

But it is ridiculous that two years after the blue-collar joke of the software program had been dressed up for a long time, some people turned this sentence to a standard joke.

Continue to talk about things with the car repair master:

Suppose that one day, the car repair shop was acquired by a car repair group. In order to control the car repair shop, the group moved the master and arranged for a senior friend (who did not agree) to manage it, although he knows nothing about car repair, his graduation School and major are known to be equivalent to Harvard's MBA (of course not the monk Behavior Analysis fellow _^ of Harbin Buddhist Institute, so he will bring the two apprentices to work.

For car repair shops, It is a project for every customer to repair a car once. For this elder brother, the management of this small project is of course nothing. At this moment, two customers are coming. One is to replace all the spools of the rear wheel, and the other is to replace the tires. The dear friend, this is simple. He will list the project plan immediately:

Apprentice a will change the spoke. It is estimated that it will take less than one minute to change the spoke. It should be half an hour before the change is complete, so give him a deadline of half an hour (according to the Parkinson's Theorem in management science, it takes the shortest time for a project to run out. To improve efficiency, it takes the shortest time, to prevent the disciples from being lazy ).

Apprentice B needs to make up his child. It's easier. Give him ten minutes.

OK, the incident started to go on in an orderly manner. This elder brother made a regular inspection and the disciples also worked very hard. Soon both projects were completed on schedule, and Harvard's MBA was indeed extraordinary. The customer pays for the customer with satisfaction.

Wait. The customer will complain in a short time:

It's easy for Customer A to ride his car, but it takes a long time to patiently and meticulously correct the spoke. However, in order to catch up with the progress, apprentice A can only do it.

Customer B's car ride is not far away and it leaks again ---- because the benzene rubber solution used for tire supplement needs to be dried and then bonded with pressure. If it is not dry, it is easy to be separated due to extrusion during driving.

However, people say they are also project management experts. He only needs to report to the group company that the two apprentices are not skillful in learning, which leads to project failure. The above people do not know much about the project.

However, the problem is that it is impossible for the Group to continue for a long time. Therefore, the group held a meeting with the old master and this old man-in-law:

The Master said: According to our practice of car repair shops, a car repair master will bring apprentices. The master will not only manage the shops, but also work. The man in charge does not know this.

Said Ren Xiong: I don't know what I don't know. I don't know much about your car repair! However, management and car repair are two different things. Otherwise, the repair and management of a car shop in novogene will be concentrated on one person, so the risk factor is too high!

Project management, especially the management of car repair projects, cannot be implemented without grasping the progress. However, such a grasp can be obtained through communication and coordination with the vehicle repair personnel, instead of adding the repair components to management practices.

Social division of labor is a trend, but there are different views on the process of car repair, management and car repair, but it is not a healthy idea to emphasize which one is important. Project management is far beyond the scope of vehicle repair management. Good project managers can have no vehicle repair skills.

BTW: this old man was still thinking: I have been studying Project Management for four years in college, and I have also managed n projects in this group, what qualifications do you have for a farmer who will repair just a few broken cars to talk to me about Project Management.

I am also a car repair farmer. I will not talk about project management, but I will talk about car repair ...... Oh, software development.

Social division of labor does not mean a one-size-fits-all approach, but focuses on each other. Taking Progress Management as an example, "(grasp the progress) can be obtained through communication and coordination with developers, how do you know that the schedule provided by developers is not lazy?

For example, in the previous example of car repair, apprentice B told you that he had to wait for the glue to work. I guess all people who do not know how to repair the car will think that this is an excuse to jump up: what else do you need to fill in the glue! But the problem is that the correct use of rubber water is like this.

Even if developers are honest and kind and don't lie to you, there are two problems: 1. Can you accept the schedule provided by developers? 2. If developers have such management capabilities, what else do you need to do with this project management?

I can also say:

Development Management is far beyond the scope of project management, and good developers do not need project management. Pai_^

It is also easy to give a bunch of examples to prove that, for example, Linux, Linus itself is not only the core developer of Linux, it also manages the Linux Project (that is, the Administrator in Agile mentioned by Ling HU ). Well, let's talk about it with facts.

Finally, let's look at another practical case: I know a cool man who is nearly 40 years old and has more than 10 years of project management experience in the steel and machinery industries, I have also studied in Japan and the United States, and I am very familiar with TQM and ISO9000. Later, I decided to enter the software industry. I once worked as coo in a software company and led the company to obtain ISO9000 Certification. However, unfortunately, he had to leave behind months after he had to use that mechanical management method in the software industry.

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